Product Research Process

Our Product Research Process for Creating the Best Water Softeners Evaluations

At Water Softener Solutions we feel very strongly about pure clean water and believe that everyone will be better off with a filtered, softened and purified water supply right in the comfort of their home – as a matter of fact, clarity and purity is at the heart of business endeavors.

For this reason we go the extra mile to provide our valued audience with the precise impartial analysis and industry information needed to make an intuitive purchase. You can count on us for evaluations of a wide variety of water softener and treatments systems grounded on the hard facts and consumer reviews.

Our final goal is to ensure that you, the consumer, receive the information that will lead you to the softener or purification system you are looking for at the best prices and with no unpleasant surprises. Getting a good supply of clean and healthy water is not just important to comfortable living and improved washing experiences, it’s important to your health. After all, if you aren’t getting fresh pure water, you probably won’t be inclined to use it as often as you should.

So, in order to complete our mutually important task, we have developed a careful system of research and data collection that can help you find the product you need to improve your life. In the following article we would like to introduce you to our superior research process that provides you with valuable metrics and figures to make assiduous selections.

To create our product assessments, here are some of the practices we employ:

Product Review Websites

First stop? We begin our research by looking through the assessment and reviews websites and to learn all about each specific make and model that concerns the water softener buyer. Of course, there are plenty of disparaging reports and glistening reviews, but we are sure to sift through the hype and find the truth about each product.

Many of today’s top-reviewers are given free products as an incentive to write glowing reports in specific articles. Then, some disgruntled buyers may not have had a good experience for a wide range of reasons.

We are careful to avoid such reviews and only read the reports from knowledgeable consumers with an understanding of what is needed in a water softener. These are found in consumer reports from unaffiliated sources with an unbiased perspective.

Even still, we never take the information online at face value. We will securitize the information we find on water softeners and purifiers before we write our own reviews.

This is done to ensure that our sources are not tainted with ulterior motives or campaigning for any particular brand. It is imperative that a clear and honest review is not slanted toward any one brand or product for any other reason than it truly being a top-quality item.

Retail Product Pages

Another important source of data for a carefully crafted product information is found in the reports and reviews posted on the product pages themselves. We are especially interested in what consumers have to say on sites like Amazon and Wayfair-com. This is because the extensive service range and wide variety of top retailers make these sites a unofficial repository for the reactions a wide variety of clients have had on these items.

But, we do not neglect to investigate and provide information on the brands providing their products from physical locations, like Target, Walmart, etc. We are careful to go through a two or even three step review process to ensure that none of the comments are sponsored or otherwise biased. There are many means of sponsoring and encouraging a biased and we are on the lookout for them all. This means you are left with the clean unadulterated facts.

Discussion Boards

Another great source of reliable information on the best water softeners and purification treatments available today can be found on the many web forums set up to receive customer information and host discussion panels. We will take the considerable time necessary to collect information on each product across a wide range of forums. We collect the most pertinent details on all products from societies both small and large. Then we take the time to rank the validity of the posts, make sure what is being shared is true and important information our audience will want to know about.

Domestic Product Testing

Of course, you can research until the cows come home, but if you don’t actually have experience in using these products and facing the issues they can present, it’s all for nothing. In addition to a thorough research process, we are planning a full in-house testing facility that verify each type of product in the situations in which they will be required to perform.

We plan on including real-life customers just like you in these tests to ensure the absolute transparency and integrity of your testing program.

Publicly Accessible Information

Of course, product manufacturers and their various brands will make very impressive and sometimes even outlandish claims about their products and the performance you can expect from them. We try to avoid transmitting this hype, nevertheless, the manufacturers and brands will provide very important specifications and detailed descriptions of the product provisions that the customers need to know about.

Some of this information includes:

• Learns water usage patterns

• Product firmness (if applicable)

• Iron Ferrous Removal

• Available sizes and capacity

• Overall Efficiency

• Current price-points (for each available size)

• Country of manufacture

• Weight

• Care instructions

• Warranty info

• Removes Chlorine Taste and Odors

• Whole Home Filtration System

• Indicates when salt is needed

• Shipping and delivery policies

• Dimensions in length, width, and thickness

User-Submitted Reviews

Anyone who has ever bought a water softener or water treatment system will have a unique story to tell including important information about their needs, location and usage as well as how the product served as a solution. We gather information from all kinds of people in all kinds of places as these will hold the important insights you will need to find the best solution for your needs and know which products you should simply avoid.

Many of the details included in these user submitted reviews can be baseless and exaggerated, so we don’t use this information as the foundation of your report. Nevertheless the similarities and differences between the comments on the whole give a good idea on what to expect from an item

As much as they are invalid for reviews, according to our business code of ethics, we would know how these brands have influenced your sleeping comforts.

Constituents of Our Unique Data Set

With a passion for transparency and immaculate content as our impetus, we collect only the most essential information for our product research reports. Here are some of the components you can expect to find in our work that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our Comprehensiveness

Water Softener Solutions provides copious information on all the products you will ever need. This means we have a working knowledge of water softeners, electronic descalers, whole house filtration systems and every other water treatment system you will ever need for residential commercial or even industrial applications. These products vary greatly between manufacturers and even models made by the same producers. Different materials and designs will provide subtle differences that can change the experience dramatically. In order to arrive at efficiency, it is important to include a full review of all these figures and properly apply the information to your needs and situation.

Sometimes, we are admittedly scant on the client based information, but this is only to arrive at the most precise product evaluations. We adhere to the highest standards of quality, but uniqueness is the hallmark of our work. You can expect comprehensive information and only the finest work here.

We Are User-Friendly

In all truth, water purification and treatment is a highly developed science that is in greater demand to the everyday situation. This means that there will be many people who have little experience in water filtration, the contaminants in their water supply and how to choose the best solution for their needs.

Still, every person will have very specific needs and unless these needs are met precisely, the value of their investment may be decreased. Every home and situation will have different demands on their water supply, different levels of GPGs in their water and a wide variety of other important particulars to consider when making a smart investment.

We apply our expertise as water treatment professionals in providing the most direct and easy to understand product evaluations and provide the tools you will need to determine what the best option for your situation is. With our help, you will be able to navigate the water treatment market with confidence and arrive at the product you really needed to make your water supply a clear pure elixir you and your loved ones will enjoy for a lifetime.

No one knows the market like we do, or has the skills and experience to deliver pertinent information on such an extensive range of situations and appropriate solutions. This is why our reviews are the most effective at getting the results you truly hope for from your treatment systems.

Our Immaculate Precision

Precision in our product evaluations is our top priority and this is why [company] pulls all the stops in making sure what we provide to our customers is not only of the highest relevance to their needs but also of the most precise nature. To provide guidance and standards to this endeavor, we have developed a set of strict criteria for our ratings. To provide these ratings we must perform the following tasks.

1. Creating ratings

The ratings we provide are not some arbitrary number. They are the final product of a careful examination process that looks at important aspects of the company’s service. For example, we provide each company a starting rate based on their levels of customer experience.

We collect all the pertinent information that is needed to provide a proper evaluation of the in items. These are done in accordance to the capacity, performance and other specifications that will be essential to maintaining a pure water supply.

Once we have gathered all the information we will need from user reviews and have a basic rating prepared, we will suppress the ratings until more data is collected on the product to provide a perfect rating.

All the information on our rating process can be reviewed on our website

2. Further Examination

To provide a thorough analysis of the consumer ratings we review, we must ensure that everything meets our high demands for quality. The first step is making sure that the customer providing the evaluation actually owns the products they are commenting on. This is because only an experienced customer will be able to provide a reliable view on the performance of the device.

If manufacturers or brand owners would also like to provide some insights on their industry we would be happy for the input, but we have some requirements for their time in the industry as only this brings valuable reliable information.

3. Authentication

Finally, no information will be placed on our websites of information channels without a through authentication to ensure that all information is on point. We take this time to verify our wording as well, to make sure nothing we have said is misleading in any way.

We Are Impartial

There is nothing worse than looking for an honest opinion and being met by a sales pitch or worse, a smear campaign. We will never do anything to besmirch the good name of a company or provide misleading praise to a company who has not actually earned it.

The uninformed client relies, whether partially or impartially, on the impartiality of our product evaluations for a clear understanding of what to expect from an item. For this reason we make sure that things we say are based on nothing but our passion for excellence and the best needs of the clients.

For more information about our disdain for bias and commitment to impartiality, visit our website. We always take the time to address the questions and concerns of our audience.

We Are Here to Assist!

Information is our business and we do all we can to be the one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about water softeners and treatment systems. If you require any additional information that was not covered in our comprehensive reports, feel free check in with our contact centers. One of our representatives will respond to your queries as fast as possible.

Why is the product i need nowhere on your site or evaluations list?

Because of our precise ratings and evaluation systems, there may be a time that your preferred products have not been evaluated or rated yet. This does not mean we think the product is unimportant, only that we have not completed the process yet. We need to be sure the information we are working with is authentic and verifiable before we dare place our reputation behind our evaluation.

But, our product evaluations are constantly being updated and improved. Be sure to check in with us soon and we may have the evaluation you have been waiting for in just a matter of weeks, or days.

Final Words on Our Product Research Process for the Best Water Softeners Evaluations

As you may imagine the water that you bring into your home for daily use and consumption will play a major role in your health and well-being. We remember that 60% of our body is made of water and therefore the quality of your drinking is of the utmost importance. For this reason, many people will choose to improve the quality of the water being brought in from the city mains.

If you pour yourself a glass of tap water and are met with anything but the kind of clear and pure liquid you find in a pristine glacial stream, you are probably looking at a typical city water and it isn’t pretty. What you may not know is that the water in your cup is what is left from a long and exhaustive chemical and filtration process designed to ensure nothing dangerous affects the public water.

The water that makes it to your tap is basically dead and laden with harsh chemicals and minerals that will greatly affect your experiences using this hard water. Hard water is the term given to water that is thick with minerals and chemicals. Not only is drinking hard water almost unbearable, but washing hair, clothes and even homes is more difficult as well.

This is where getting yourself the right water softener for your home and location can change your life overnight. And we are here to help, our product evaluations will give you the perspective you need to make the most efficient selection for your home’s situational needs.

Our precise and unbiased water softener evaluations can guide you to the product you need for improving your health and water supply.


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