Pelican Water Systems: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking to purchase a Pelican Water System? Pelican has been in the industry since 2007 and provides high quality water treatment solutions for your home. They specialize in water softeners, water filters, and UV filters. 

We have compared Pelican against some of the best water filters on the market and they always come out on the top of our review lists. If you are looking for cleaner, safer, and better tasting water than Pelican has everything you need. 

In this guide we will review Pelican's best water treatment solutions currently on the market. Pelicans products are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee and some even carry a limited lifetime warranty. Pelican's guarantee combined with this ultimate guide will provide the confidence you need to make to the best buying decision for your needs. 

Please note: This page may contain affiliate links and we can earn a commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. We aim to provide you with the best possible information and pricing and this helps support our research and content production. 

We have reviewed the best Pelican water filter systems currently on the market to help you make the best decision for your next water softener. Pelican is a staple in the industry and we love their products.

Best Pelican Water Softener Products

In a rush? Here is the list of top Pelican products: 

  • Whole House Filter & Water Softener Alternative w UV - Purchase 
  • Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water Softener - Purchase 
  • Premium Whole House Water Filter - Purchase 
  • Premium Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection System - Purchase 
  • FreshPoint F3000 Three-Stage Filtration System - Purchase 
  • FreshPoint Five-Stage (RO) Filtration System - Purchase 
  • Countertop Drinking Filter System - Purchase 
Pelican Water Systems review

Our Top Pick for 2021

Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Softener Alternative w/ UV 

After throughly testing almost every Pelican Unit this one takes the cake. The Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Softener is our top pick. See below just why we love this water treatment solution. 

A Brief Overview of the Company: About Pelican Water

Ever since it was founded in 2007, Pelican has shown to be steps ahead of its competitors when it comes to manufacturing a high-quality water filtration and salt-free softening system. Due to their innovative drive, Pelican has achieved environmentally-friendly filtration that helps in preventing the waste of water.

Why Should You Choose Pelican? 

There are a lot of water treatment companies in the market, so I bet you are asking why do we like Pelican so much.

When purchasing a Pelican Water whole house filter, water softener alternative, or NSF-certified drinking filter you help to ensure that your family is not consuming harsh chemicals by investing in cutting-edge water treatment technology. 

Pelican offers systems for every type of living arrangement - whether you're in a 4-bedroom townhouse, apartment, country farmhouse, condo, boat, or an RV.

Here are a few reasons we can confidently recommend Pelican Water Systems:

Rated America's #1 Water Softener Alternative

Pelican Satisfaction Guarantee - Pelican offers a no-hassle return policy, free shipping, product warranties, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are staffed with water specialist to ensure you are happy with the service and performance of your Pelican purchase. 

Pelican Product Performance - Most Pelican filters are tested and certified by NSF standards. This further proves the quality and performance used in these water treatment products. 

Easy Installation - Pelican filters are designed to be installed with out the need of hiring a plumber. This helps say on cost and time. 

Little to no Maintenance - Pelican products are designed to be maintenance free for the most part. They do not require any skill or expertise to maintain or operate. 

Excellent Customer Support - Pelican offers a toll free number for both sales and tech support. They are available 8am to 8pm throughout the week. They also offer LiveChat to answer your questions right away on their website. 

Pelican Water Systems Review

1. Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Softener Alternative with UV 

Pelican's Whole house water softener and filter with UV comes in two available options. The PSE1800 is designed for homes with 1-3 bathrooms and the PSE2000 is designed for homes with 4-6 bathrooms. 

The PSE1800, which is the smaller of the Pelican Combo Series, is one of the best water filter and softener with salt-free, multi-layer filtration and doesn’t have lots of sodium ions in your water. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also virtually maintenance free and ecologically-friendly.

This Whole House Water Softener adopts a 4-stage filtration process to wring out a relatively better-tasting water quality from all taps in your household.

 Typically, this unit consists of a catalytic carbon media and a micron pre-filter. Additionally, it has KDF-55 to produce delicious droplets for baby-soft skin, stronger hair follicles, and healthy diets by working to eliminate salt.

Usually, this Pelican Combo Series PSE1800 eliminates 97% of chlorine and prevents the explosion of pathogens when it comes to health-conscious families. It also gets certain maintenance errands off your chest, including salt replenishment. Outdoor or indoor installation is a breeze.

The Pelican Combo Series packs a punch to soften and cleanse water for households that have up to three bathrooms.

In general, this PSE1800 premium unit brings together all the advantages of a filtering and salt-less water softening system. The Pelican PSE200 offers the same performance, but is made for a larger home. 


  • A 5-year carbon filter lifespan or 60,000 gallons
  • Reduces chloramines and chlorine to benign levels
  • Reduces debris, sand, sediment, and silt
  • Protects pluming fixtures and appliances and improves the effectiveness
  • Traps a wide range of contaminants


  • Doesn’t remove fluorides

    Pelican PSE 1800 Specs

    System Height:


    Tank Width:


    Max Flow Rate:

    10 GPM

    Connection Size:

    ¾" and 1"

    Operating Pressure:

    25-80 PSI

    Operating Temperatures:

    36-120 F

    System Dimensions:

    49½" Height
    18" Depth
    33" Width

    Pelican PSE 2000 Specs

    System Height:


    Tank Width:


    Max Flow Rate:

    15 GPM

    Connection Size:

    ¾" and 1"

    Operating Pressure:

    25-80 PSI

    Operating Temperatures:

    36-120 F

    System Dimensions:

    59½" Height
    19" Depth38" Width

    2. Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water Softener 

    The Pelican advantage series salt water softener is available in two models. The Pelican PS48  (Pelican 48,000 Grain Salt Water Softener) designed for 1-3 bathrooms and the Pelican PS80 designed for 4-6 baths.

     If you want a solution to hard water issues, a heavy-duty and resin-based system is the only answer. Resins basically sucks up the magnesium and calcium and then replaces them all with sodium ions. In general, it’s the only sure thing that you will find for soft water, for reduced curd, for the rich lather, and for a general healthier body.

    The extreme-duty water softener is often accompanies with a sizeable tank, and a stocking high volume resin for potent desalination. Basically, Pelican addresses the cons of salt with some metered delayed backwash. 

    Usually, this allows for double backwashing and modicum water wastage, which creates optimal effects with cleaning efficiency and regeneration.

    Ionic exchange resin undoubtedly trumps water conditioning systems in the specified hardness treatment department. The major problems comes in with the high price and heaviness of these systems, which makes them uncommon with small homes and businesses.


    • Cleaner and brighter stuff
    • Eliminates water hardness with much efficiency
    • Easy programming
    • Health-friendly
    • Effective backwashing and brining


    • N/A

      3. Premium Whole House Water Filter System

      The premium whole house water filter system is one of the most popular Pelican water filters on the market.

      This unit offers 4-in-1 filtration giving you clean and tasty water. With an easy installation process and minimal maintenance required this is a great solution for your home.

      The premium whole house water filter system comes in two options: the PC600 (600,000 gallons) designed for 1-3 bathrooms and the PC1000 (1,000,000 gallons) designed for 4-6 bathrooms.    

      Top Features: 

      • Sediment Pre-filter
      • Carbon Series Filter
      • Installation connections and fittings included
      • The carbon only needs replaced every 5 years or 600,000 gallons


      • Removes 97% Chlorine up to 1.301 mil gallons 
      • Easy installation
      • 60-day satisfaction guarantee 
      • Better tasting water (better than bottled)
      • No electricity required 
      • Softer skin and hair 


      • You need to pre-soak the carbon media before using

        4. Premium Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection System

        The pelican premium UV disinfection system is one of the best ways to remove waterborne pathogenic organisms that can cause illness. 

        This NSF 55 Class B certified system kills viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens while not affecting the taste of your water.

        This Pelican disinfection system is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

         It will even alert you 30-days prior to needing to buy a new lamp. This only needs to be done once a year. 

        This system comes in two different models the PUV-8 and the PUV-16.

        The Pelican UV disinfection system has a 4.8 rating on the official site and comes with factory direct savings. Make sure to click the orange button above to purchase from the official site. 


        • Easy To Maintain
        • No disinfection by-products 
        • Lamp Age Display 
        • NSF 55 Class B Certified
        • Effective against a broader range of organisms


        • Fan can be noisy

          5. Pentair FreshPoint F3000 Three-Stage Filtration System

          The Pentair FreshPoint F3000 is one of Pelican/Pentair's best selling products. This maintenance free system will reduce 60+ contaminates in your water and fits right under your sink. 

          Each of the 3 filters focus on filtering different contaminants to give you cleaner water. 

          This system is easy to install and even easier to operate. This is truly one of the easiest ways to get clean and healthy water in your home. 

          The FreshPoint series 3-stage filter is available in two different models. The F3000 base model and the F3000 with monitor. For the minimal difference in cost we recommend going for the version with Monitor. The FreshPoint meets NSF standards 42 & 53 to reduce contaminants in your water. 


          • 5-10 times less cost than drinking bottled water 
          • 675 gallon life
          • Easy to replace cartridge
          • Leak protection seal
          • Backed by Pentair Warranty 


          • cost of replacement filters (although its still significantly cheaper than bottled water)

            6. Pentair FreshPoint GRO-575 Five-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System

            The Pentair FreshPoint GRO-575 is another one of Pelican/Pentair's best selling products.

            The GR0-575M is NSF 42, NSF 53, and NSF 58 certified and uses a TDS monitor to track the quality of water it creates. 

            This system fits right under your counter and the mechanical assist design allows for easy click-in installation. 

            The FreshPoint series 5-stage filter is available in two different models. The GRO-575B base model and the GRO-575M with monitor. For the minimal difference in cost we recommend going for the version with Monitor. 


            • Reduce over 80% of 70 plus contaminants 
            • 3.2 gallon tank capacity
            • both 6 or 12 month cartridges
            • TDS monitor to test quality 
            • Fits under sink 


            • cost of replacement filters (although its still significantly cheaper than bottled water)

              7. Countertop Drinking Filter System

              If you want the absolute simplest way to get clean drinking water in your home without sacrificing quality then the Pentair Countertop drinking filter system is the one for you. 

              Measuring at just 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide, this small but effective filter is great for smaller homes. 

              This state of the art system is also the most cost-effective way to combat common contaminants in your water. 

              Filter over 60+ contaminates including: Chlorine, Chloramines, Lead, Cysts, Mercury, and more. 

              The Pelican countertop drinking filter system provides the convenience and flexibility to make this by far the easiest way to get high quality drinking water in your home. If you decide you don't like keeping the unit on your countertop, Pelican offers an under-counter conversion kit for an additional charge. 


              • Filter over 60+ contaminates
              • Healthier better and tasting water 
              • Easy Install 
              • Compact Design 
              • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 


              • water flow can be slow

                A Guide To Choosing the Best Pelican Water Filter

                If you really want to know what will indeed work best for you, then you need to make sure that you test your specific water hardness level. With this, you will have a clue of which device will work best to get rid of undesirable properties specific within the water. The severity of such water hardness has a huge impact on your shopping since it decides the most effective approach. If you want to make a well-informed choice, take a close look at the following factors:

                Water Hardness Level

                Water that’s loaded with dissolved materials that are exceeding 1 GPG, then it’s considered hard. But, if your water scores falls below 3.5 GPG, then it’s rated soft. While extremely hard water is rated 10.5 GPG. A tough resin-based water softener will undoubtedly do the trick in these situations. Besides, salt-free units provide a much better option for homeowners worried about salt consumption.

                Features and Controls

                It’s recommended that you purchase a unit that’s equipped with important features and controls, which include demand-initiated regeneration, look-ahead technology, and timer controls. Automatic systems generally make the equipment maintenance-free and much easier to operate. For a heavy-duty water softening treatment system, it needs metered delayed backwash to avoid waste water. Besides, programmable systems make the entire operation seamless.


                Homeowners who even have the slightest insight into soft water and its advantages might unknowingly select a bad bargain. If you don’t know your issue, it’s easy to lose your direction in this crowded marketplace. Understanding the impurities and contaminants in your particular water sample makes sure that you’re going for a full house system that catches every culprit, or at least minimizes them. For example, water loaded with carcinogenic or chromium six substances needs the Reverse Osmosis. Typically, UV disinfection annihilates fungi, bacteria, and viruses.


                Hopefully, this water softener buyer’s guide will serve as your reference during entire your research and shopping experience. As of now, the ideal Pelican water softener in the market adopts a salt-less mechanism. However, you can also find a heavy-duty ionic-exchange tank.

                Although salt-free systems have versatile, cost-efficient, and more eco-friendly solutions, they don’t remove hardness. Instead, they only condition that water. Conversely, salt-based water softeners often have more plaguing issues such as maintenance and brine effluents. You’ll have to strike the balance between your specific household’s requirements and the trade-offs available withing every product.

                Keep pursuing better and healthier water solutions. If you’re a well-read homeowner, you can keep your family informed and in great health by being eager to better alternatives.

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