Best Waterboss Watersoftener: What You Should Know Before Buying

Water softeners are exactly what they sound like, devices designed to soften hard water. We know there are many brands that make softeners and a lot of types of water softeners, but we are fans of Waterboss watersoftener models. Throughout the rest of this article, we'll discuss the benefits of Waterboss water softeners, give you a few quick reviews of the best models, advice on which one you should buy and when you should consider buying a water softener from Waterboss. We'll also tell you why we think Waterboss watersoftener models are better than conventional ones.

The Benefits Of Waterboss Water Softeners

Water softeners by Waterboss are impressive. We love the many benefits they offer. However, the top benefits are:

1. The Design

One of the best things about all water softeners from Waterboss is the design. All of the appliances are compact, lightweight and are built to last. They have been built to fit into any house. It doesn't matter how much space your house has, Waterboss has the perfect softener for you.

We highly recommend softeners that have a functional design, and a design that is attractive because some softeners are too bulky and create an eyesore. Waterboss' products look great. More importantly, they are effective and the end result will be water that tastes better and isn't hard.

2. Efficiency

The models work and they work excellently. Each softener have been built and tested to perform at the very best level possible. What we like is that no resources are wasted during the regeneration process, nor does any energy get wasted. If you have a large household, then you'll definitely want to use a Waterboss watersoftener because they are ideal for large homes, but they work great for homes of all sizes.

3. The Features

Another benefit of Waterboss softeners is the features that they come equipped with. The brand makes softeners that have settings that are easily adjustable. Not only that, but some of the models can reduce the taste of chlorine, while some models can reduce iron in water.

Bear in mind that the features the softener will have depends on which one you get. Rest assure that all Waterboss water softener appliances have excellent features. What you want to do is compare a few models and decide which features you like the most.

It's also worth pointing out that softeners from Waterboss are extremely durable and reliable. They will last you a longtime. Furthermore, they don't require a lot of maintenance.

4. Extras Included

When you purchase a softener from Waterboss, then you receive a few extras. This is regardless of the model you decide to get. That said, you receive a video that shows you how to use the Waterboss you just purchased, as well as an owner's manual and a drain line. They also provide you with water test strips.

5. Prices

Generally speaking, you can easily spend anywhere from $400 to well over $2,000 on a water softener. The good news is that models from Waterboss tend to be some of the most inexpensive softeners on the market today. At the time of this writing, models go for between $400 and $600, which is very reasonable. What we like about the prices is you get a lot for your money.

6. Sold In Various Places

Let's not forger that you can find Waterboss products in many stores, both brick-and-mortar retailers and online retailers. Since they're widely sold, it's a good idea to compare a few places that carry the softeners. Different places may sell the same models at different prices, therefore you can save a bit of money by doing a bit of comparison shopping. Here's a tip, if you want to get the best price on a Waterboss model, then buy it online.

We recommend checking out several websites, as well as places like Amazon. Walmart is known for carrying Waterboss softeners too. Alternatively, you can check out Waterboss' official website, where they have a list of places that sell their models.

The bottom line is Waterboss watersoftener models offer tremendous benefits. The above are only a handful. To experience all of the potential benefits, it's a good idea to purchase and try a Waterboss softener for yourself.

waterboss water softenerwaterboss water softener

Our Top Pick for 2020

Waterboss Model 950

This model has a grain capacity of 22,000 and it's ideal for softening water that the city supplies. This specific model does an amazing job at reducing the taste of chlorine in the water, as well as reducing odor.

Quick Reviews Of The Best Waterboss Water Softener Models

Waterboss offers a number of water softener. However, we have chosen our favorite models and have reviewed them. The top models are as followed:

Best Waterboss Water SoftenerS

1. Model 950

This model has a grain capacity of 22,000 and it's ideal for softening water that the city supplies. This specific model does an amazing job at reducing the taste of chlorine in the water, as well as reducing odor. Not only that, but it does an impressive job at softening the water and filtering it out, essentially making it taste better.

The Waterboss 950 softener only takes 20 minutes to generate. In order to regenerate, you only need to use just under 3 lbs. of salt. If that wasn't impressive enough, then maybe the fact it uses as little as 19 gallons is.

Does your water supply come from the city? Do you want softer water? How about a system that can filter water? If so, then the 950 is what you should buy.

2. Model 700

The Waterboss 700 is just as good as the 950, but there are a few key differences, such as it only requires as little as 15 gallons of water. It also filters and softens water, but it also reduces iron in water. Furthermore, this may be a small softener, but it is a whole-house softener.

Another thing we like about it is it is essentially perfect for well water, which typically contains a good amount of iron. Besides that, it is equipped with a filter that self-cleans, so it's very low in maintenance. As for the regeneration process, it only takes 18 minutes for it to be completed.

3. Model 900

The Waterboss 900 is a very heavy duty softener and its grain capacity is 36,000. Like the other models, it features a filter that self-cleans and it also is capable of filtering out water. This particular model is suitable for large households because of its capacity. It does take around 26 minutes for the regeneration process to complete, but it does only use as little as 18 gallons.

4. Model 74011

The Waterboss 74011 model is extremely lightweight for a softener, as it only weighs 88 pounds, and it stands at 26-inches high. It's quite compact, and it's very easy to use, but it does come with a tutorial video that explains exactly how to use. The regeneration process takes around 17 to 20 minutes to complete, which is very quick.

It is an energy saving system too, so you don't have to worry about it using up a lot of energy. In turn, your energy bills won't skyrocket. It's a powerful water softener, but energy-friendly.

Those models are all unique in their own way. However, feel free to check out the other models that Waterboss has. The truth is that all of their water softeners are of high quality and will get the job done. The end result will be water that is no longer hard.

Which Model Should You Buy

As for which model you should purchase, it really depends on several factors. First factor is how large your house is and how many people live in your household. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the house and the more people who use the water, the more gallons of water the softener should be capable of holding.

Second factor is how fast you want the regeneration process to take. As you can see from the previously discussed models, they are all rather fast when it comes to regenerating. In fact, there's only a few minutes difference with many of the Waterboss water softeners. If you're not that fuss over the how long the regeneration process takes, then feel free to go with any model.

Third factor is energy savings. Compare the models to determine which ones are the most energy efficient. Generally, all softeners from Waterboss don't use up a lot of energy, but some do use up a bit more or less than other models.

Finally, consider your budget. As previously mentioned, the softeners start at around $400 and run up to $600, give or take. It doesn't matter what kind of budget your're working with, we bet there's a model you can afford.

When Should You Purchase A Waterboss Water Softener

We recommend buying a Waterboss watersoftener when you think you have hard water or if you want filtered water. Whether you're concerned about your water consumption or you don't want hard water, it's a good idea to install a water softener. Other than that, you should purchase a Waterboss appliance when:

. Save Money- Scale can build up as a result of hard water. In turn, it can eventually damage your plumbing fixtures and household plumbing system. You can easily spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars having such damage repaired.

. Reduce Energy Cost- You can also reduce your energy costs with a highly efficient water softener from Waterboss. In fact, a softener can reduce costs associated with heating water. As time goes by, you'll end up saving on energy usage. This is another way you'll save money, as it will play a role in keeping energy bills lower.

. Hair & Skin- Hard water isn't that good for your skin, nor is it good for your hair. By installing a Waterboss softener, you'll be doing both your hair and skin a huge favor. You may actually notice your hair and skin looking and feeling better as time goes by.

. Keep Surfaces Clean- Finally, softeners can play a role in keeping certain surfaces clean. This includes sinks and showers. This also means you won't have to keep spending money on cleaning supplies that you use to normally clean such surfaces.

Now you know when to buy and install a Waterboss softener. However, we want to point out that it might be a good idea to have a professional install your softener. They are relatively easy to install, but if you're not 100% sure about how to do it, then hire a professional.

Why Waterboss Softeners Better Than Conventional Softeners

We believe that Waterboss softeners are superior than conventional softeners. There are many reasons why. The top ones are:

. Waterboss softeners have a unique filter. As previously mentioned throughout this article, their filters are capable of self-cleaning themselves. Not only that, but the filter is built-in and is suitable to filter out water for a whole house.

. The brand has a flow screen system that has been patented. This means the softening power is superior. You will be impressed with how much softer the water is after you install a Waterboss softener.

. Fast regeneration process is another reason to consider Waterboss over other softeners. The regeneration process can take as little as 15 minutes, but on average 20 minutes is the time you'll wait for the regeneration process to be completed. It really depends on the model you decide to install.

. The prices of the softeners from Waterboss is another reason they're better than conventional softeners. Instead of spending upwards of $800 for a decent softener, you can spend around $600 for a very high quality and effective water softener.

Waterboss watersofteners are well worth the money. The bottom line is they are of high quality and work great. Trust us when we say they are far better than conventional softeners.

As you can see, we are fans of Waterboss watersoftener models because of the many benefits they offer. All you have to do now is compare the different Waterboss softeners, and then decide which one you should get. Generally speaking, you can't go wrong with any of the models they have. Just make sure the softener you choose is suitable for your needs, and you'll be fine.

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