Pentair Water Softener – A Detailed Review

I was searching for a high-quality water softener when I stumbled upon this brand called Pentair. After researching a bit more, I came to know that Pentair is the leading water filtration and softening company in the US for over 40 years. That made me look into the Pentair Water Softener and soon, I ended up buying one. Honestly, it was the best decision ever.

Pentair is the pioneer when it comes to producing the best in-home filtration systems. You can install the water softener underneath individual sinks or your household's water supply. Its discrete solution for softening and purifying water impressed me a lot. And I have no complaints whatsoever after buying this Pentair (Fleck 5600 sxt manual). Let's take a detailed look at the Pentair Water Softener and how it works.

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Who should use the Pentair Water Softener?

pentair water softener

The high efficiency Pentair Fleck Water Softener is a blessing in disguise for anyone who has to face the effects of hard water every day. If you notice your faucets with watermarks or the color in your clothes fading quickly, then you should get a water softener immediately. My white shirts were becoming dingy day by day and that's when I decided to buy this Pentair. Soft water is so much better!

Pentair Water Softeners not only remove the water mineral ions but also eliminates bacteria and heavy metals like mercury, iron, and lead from the water. It comes with an advanced water filtration system that makes the water appropriate for washing clothes, cooking, and even drinking.

My goals were to find a whole house water system to provide better drinking water and soft water for my clothing. This thing is so good I think it works better than the commercial water system i have in some of my rental properties. The Fleck 5600 manual is easy to read and set up was pretty simple as well.

Features of Pentair Water Softener

The primary function of the Pentair Water Softener is to eliminate magnesium and calcium in the water and replace them with sodium with the help of a technique called ion exchange. I installed this high efficiency softener under my sink. You can either install it under the sink or connect it to your home's water supply, but either way it is easy to install. Here are a few more features of this water softener that I loved. For a full list check out the fleck sxt 5600 manual.

High quality-resin – The essence of this machine is its internal media. Any machine with poor quality resin can't soften the water as much as Pentair. That's where this brand makes all the difference. Usually, resins of other softeners break down at almost 20 to 30% every year. That means you may have to buy another softener in a few years. The premium quality resin used in Pentair Water Softener degrades at a maximum of 0.5% every year. You can expect it to last for more than a decade without running into any technical issues.

Upflow brining – Most softeners are popular for downflow brining. In this process, hard water passes through the softener, goes into the resin bed for the ion-exchange process, and clean drinking water flows from the other end. When this happens, hard water settles just above the resin bed. It only manages to penetrate the bed's upper layer. This means the softener isn't utilizing the resin bed's capacity to the fullest.

Pentair Water Softener comes with upflow brining. It forces hard water to reach the base of the resin bed and then flow upwards before delivering soft water through the tap.

Flow meter – The flow meter in Pentair shows your recent water usage. It also sends softener for regeneration whenever it's appropriate. Most importantly, the microprocessor in this softener determines your average water usage to maintain a standard reserve of soft water. This eventually helps to save a lot of money on energy costs.

This high efficiency commercial Water Softener ticked all the boxes that I was looking for. It is worth every penny that I spend on this device.

My first impressions of this Whole House Water System

Although I had read a lot about Pentair's products and reputation and its high-quality in-home water filtration system, I wasn't too sure about the product. I have had the bad experience of changing my water softener twice before this.

The robust construction of the softener impressed me a lot. Its corrosion-resistant fiber-reinforced polymer body is the best as it offers durability to the product. Most importantly, its low energy consumption helped me save quite a few bucks every month.

Using the Pentair Water Softeners

I did notice the improvement in the water quality within the first few days. Moreover, I also learned to disassemble the flow controls, injector, and brine valve separately. This allowed me to wash them thoroughly every month. I often notice the brownish residue that the hard water leaves in these parts.

Cleaning these parts did wonders for me. My water softener works almost like new every time I wash these parts. I would recommend you to do the same after using it for a couple of months.


Reviewing the top water softeners was a godsend for me. Thank god I found Pentair! Previously, I had to buy new clothes every few months because my old clothes got discolored due to hard water. Now, I don't have to do that. This water softener maintains the colors of my clothes and I couldn't be happier.

pentair water softener reviews

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Final thoughts

I would rate the Pentair five out of five any day of the week. This is by far the top of the line when it comes to water softeners. You should get this water softener right away if you experience similar problems as I had faced earlier. Pentair Water Softener is the best!

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