Best Industrial / Commercial Water Softener Reviewed {Updated May 2024}

Are you looking to invest in an industrial water softener system? Do you want to learn more about the various products available on the market? If the answer is – Yes, then you should definitely continue reading!

In this post we will review the markets best commercial water softeners and highlight their individual features, functions, designs and other specifications that may you may be interested in. You can use this information to help you make a decision on the best commercial water softener for your household.

best commercial water softener

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Commercial Water Softener

1. Where to Get the Best Industrial Water Softener?

The largest variety of models can be found on ecommerce websites like Amazon. However, you can also shop for commercial water softeners at the manufacturer’s official website. In the event you don’t wish to purchase a water softener system for industrial use on the internet, you can visit your local household appliances store and ask for commercial water softener systems.

2. Industrial Water Softener Prices

Commercial water softener prices vary based on the materials used in manufacturing the units, capacity, type of water softening system, specialized technical features, etc. The typical price range of an industrial water softener system is anywhere between $300 and $3000.

3. Capacity of Industrial Water Softener

Commercial water softener systems have high capacities that allow them to filter and process water for big households comprised of 2 or more individuals. A high capacity is also necessary for water softeners that are used in farming and manufacturing processes.

3. Extra Features

It’s common for water softeners used in commercial applications to have additional features that improve user-friendliness and efficiency. For instance, certain models come with multi-stage filtration systems that undertake numerous functions such as removing contaminants, reducing odor, retaining minerals and many others.

4. Certificates and Warranties

Commercial water softeners should come with long warranties that guarantee the units’ durability, longevity and reliability. On top of this, high-quality industrial water softeners should be made from materials that have passed various safety and health checks, and received the relevant certifications.

The Best 5 Commercial Water Softener System Reviews


Fleck commercial water softener

System Capacity

This system has a capacity to remove 48,000 grains of hardness. This is ideal for a household of about 6 individuals. It has an average flow rate of 12 gallons per minutes and a max flow rate of 28 gallons per minute.

High Capacity Resin Mineral Tank

It employs a salt-based water softening system. It has a 1.5 cubic feet mineral tank that is cross-linked with high capacity resin that mixes with hard ions like magnesium and calcium in water. The hard ions are replaced by salt ions found in the resin.

Process of Regeneration

The resin is completely used up after removing approximately 48,000 grains of hardness. Once used up, the regeneration process begins and the salt from the 2nd tank is transferred to the mineral tank where the resin is recharged by the salt.

Control Valve

This unit also comes with another amazing feature which is a dedicated metered control valve that measures the quantity of water that goes through the mineral tank. The valve includes a microprocessor that calculates the quantity of water that has been processed and automatically triggers the regeneration process. The control valve used a paddle wheel meter.

Dimensions and Warranty

The units include a 1” males threaded yoke link. The mineral tank is 54” high and 10” wide, while the brine tank is 34” high and 14” long. The brine tank includes a safety float.

Both tanks come with a 10 year warranty.

Why We Recommend the Fleck 5600SXT: Purchase Here

– high capacity 8% cross-link resin

– 10 year warranty

– metered control valve with microprocessor

– 12 gallons per minute flow rate

– 48,000 grains filtration capacity


Pentair WS48-56sxt10

High Capacity Unit

This unit comes with 1.5 cubic feet of resin. It’s 10% cross-link so it offers a higher capacity and is also chlorine resistant. This model eliminates 48,000 grains of hardness from water.

Internal Power Backup and User-Friendly LCD

This water softener is salt based and comes with a brine and resin tank with safety float that prevents overfilling. The unit works by replacing hard ions in water with salt ions. The control valve comes with a 48-hour internal power back and a back-lit LCD display.

Metered Controlled Regeneration

This unit makes use of a meter based regeneration system. The system includes control valve that has a microprocessor and meter that regulate the regeneration. The meter tracks the quantity of water being processed. The microprocessor uses the information collected by the meter to automatically start and stop the regeneration process.

Energy Saving Softening

This model has an excellent energy efficiency rating because it only regenerates when necessary. If you are not at home, the regeneration process will not initiate. The brine tank holds approximately 250 pounds of salt.

Warranty and Package Content

Both mineral and brine tanks are made from durable and high-quality poly-glass material. These tanks have a 10 year warranty. The control valve has a 5 year warranty. The unit comes with an installation kit that includes 1” male connections and a bypass valve.

Why We Recommend the Pentair WS48-56sxt10: Purchase Here

– smart back lit LCD display

– 48-hour internal power backup

– meter triggered regeneration

– Long warranties

– 10% cross-linked resin


Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series

System Capacity

This model has a 31,000 grain capacity which is not very high compared to the units mentioned above. It’s ideal for a small to medium household of not more than 4 people.

Salt-Based Water Softening

This unit uses a salt-based water softening system that allows salt ions to attach to hard ions in water. The resin in this unit is regenerated using the salt that is derived from the brine tank. 

Smart Technology Minimizes Use of Water and Salt

This particular unit comes with smart technology features for improved functionality and efficiency. A microprocessor and meter are smartly integrated into the control valve to allow the regeneration process to initiate based on the amount of water processed and hardness level of the water. This helps to save energy, salt and water.

User-Friendly Features

This water softener comes with a low-salt indicator lights that alerts you when you need to add more salt into the system. Both the brine and mineral tanks are housed inside the exterior cabinet which is both durable and compact.

Warranty, Iron Removal and Dimensions

All components in this unit are NSF certified. All parts are covered by the 1 year warranty. Tanks have a 10 year warranty while electronic parts have a 3 year warranty. The system also has a ferrous iron removal of 8 ppm. The unit weighs 112 pound and measures 48” high, 18” wide and 19” long.

Why We Recommend the Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series: Purchase Here

– 10 year warranty for all tanks

– 8 ppm iron removal efficiency

– smart technology features for regeneration

#4 Durawater Water Softener

System Capacity

This model has a capacity of 64,000 grains which is pretty huge. This unit can soften water for a large household of up to 6 individuals. It’s excellent for removing hardness from well and city water.

10% Cross-Link Resin

This is a salt-based unit. This means that water is softened through replacement of hard ions with salt ions. The mineral tank has a 10% cross-link resin that is chlorine resistant, durable, efficient and highly effective at softening various kinds of hard water.

Metered Control Valve

The control valve on this unit is metered and therefore tracks the quantity of water being processed in order to initiate regeneration. Once a certain quantity of water has been process, the brine tank is triggered to release salt into the mineral tank for regeneration.

Mineral and Brine Tank Dimensions

The mineral tank is made from fiberglass and it measure 48” high and 12” long. The brine tank has a capacity of 250 pounds and measures 34” high and 14” long. The brine tank comes with a safety float that prevents overfilling.

Installation and Flow Rate

This model has a flow rate 12 gallons per minute. The unit comes with a bypass valve and a 1” male threaded connection. An installation kit is also included in the product package. Installation is easy and only takes 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Why We Recommend the DuraWater Mechanical Fleck 5600: Purchase Here

– 10% cross-link resin

– large system capacity of 64,000 grains


AFWFIlters 64000 Grains Water Softener

Structure of the Unit

This structure of this unit features a brine tank and mineral tank with a control valve that are housed inside an exterior cabinet. The mineral tank is made from poly glass which makes it very durable. The brine tank has a safety float that prevents overfilling.

Paddle Wheel Meter

The meter is 12” long, 12” wide and 48” high. It weighs 53 pounds. This unit is extremely compact and lightweight when compared to other models. It is easy to carry and install. The control valve employs a paddle wheel meter to measure the quantity of water that has been processed.

Innovative and User Friendly Control Panel

The control valve in this unit comes with a bright LCD display that shows the status of the system as well as other important information. The touch pad control panel is both informative, easy to use and offers a lot of customization settings for users. Regeneration is only initiated when needed based on the amount of salt and water consumed.

Quality of Resin and System Capacity

This unit also comes with a 64,000 grains capacity. This means that it is suitable for large households of not more than 6 individuals. The mineral tank has an efficient and durable 8% cross-link resin.

Warranty and Package Content

The package include a 1” yoke male threaded connection and a bypass valve that allows easy in/out connection. The control valve has a 5 year warranty. The mineral and brine tank have a 10 year warranty.

Why We Recommend The AFWFilters 64000 Grains Water Softener: Purchase Here

– compact and lightweight design

– smart LCD display

– 10 year warranty for tanks

– 8% cross-link resin

– Large system capacity of 64,000 grains

Industrial Water Softener Installation

The installation process varies based on the type of water softener system. Salt-based units must be connected to the water supply using plumbing fixtures as highlighted in the user manuals.  Other types of units such as electric or magnetic softeners only need a simple connection to the main water supply.

Commercial Water Softener Companies Near Me

The major commercial water softener companies mentioned in this article are Whirlpool, Pentair, and Fleck. However, there are many other companies that make high-quality industrial water softeners such as Kinetico and Culligan.

Commercial Water Softener Sizing

Sizing is the measure of water hardness removed per day. To determine how many grains your unit needs to remove every day you need to multiply the number of people in your household times 70. This is the average amount of water consumed each day multiplied by the hardness of the water in grains per gallon.

Which Commercial Water Softener Should You Buy?

In conclusion, Fleck commercial water softener or the Pentair commercial water softener system offer the best value for money. The first unit offers the best combination of high-quality and long-lasting 10% cross-linked resin as well as a high system capacity. The second unit may not have a high capacity but it’s made from high-quality materials and features smart water and salt saving technology as well as ferrous iron removal capabilities.

Because we have only talked about salt-based system, you may be interested in checking out this review on salt-less water softener systems. If you want more information on any of the products mentioned above, read this article on top-rated water softeners. If you are looking for a multipurpose 2 in 1 unit, please read this review on whole house water filtration and softening systems.

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