The Best Small Water Softener Guide

Small water softeners are perfect for people who live in small spaces. They offer a great alternative to whole house water softeners and don't take up much space at all.

In this article, we're going to review the best small water softeners on the market so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs. So without further ado, let's get started!

People living in RVs or small apartments will find these softeners to be the perfect solution. They're designed for small spaces, and they don't take up much space at all so it's easy to install them in any tight area.

Small Water Softener

The Best Compact Water Softeners on The Market

A normal water softener requires a lot of space to be installed in your home. Most smaller houses or apartments don't 't have the room needed for a large water softener.

That's where small water softeners come in! These are much smaller versions of normal house water softeners and offer great results with only a small footprint.

We've compiled this list to help you find the best compact water softeners on the market so that you can buy one that will work for your needs. 

1. Aquios AQFS220 Water Softener

The Aquios AQFS220 Water Softener is easy to use so people are not confused with the directions that it comes with in any way. They simply read the instructions and they can begin using it right away. It has a fantastic filtration system that really works well. People are always happy with this unit's performance. For people on a budget, they will find that the price of this unit is just right. It is very reasonable and worth the money.

2. On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable

The OTG3NTP3M portable can be installed in even the smallest apartments.  It doesn't take up much space at all and is perfect for those who want a small water softener.

This unit uses only 2 boxes of common table salt to regenerate in 15 minutes and can provide softened water for up to 20 days.


  • Grain capacity: 8000 grain
  • Generation time: 20-30 minutes
  • Dimensions: 7 x 19.5 x 7.3 inches
  • 360-degree Swivel
  • prevent rust stains and avoid scale build-up
  • Hardness Test Strip included
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Backflush adapter
  • Flow rate: 4 GPM

2. Magnetic Water Technology Water Softener

The Magnetic Water Technology is a small water softener that people with tight spaces really love. It is eco-friendly and it is also highly efficient. The technology that is used to build this model is extremely high-end. It is durable and the materials that it is made of are of the highest quality on the market. The people that use this model are always pleased with the little upkeep that they have to do for it and the excellent way that it performs. Once again, this unit is priced reasonably and people can afford it.

Small Water Softener Systems

One of the things that people need to pay attention to when they purchase a home is whether or not they have good water. If they have hard water, it can be difficult to wash dishes and clothes. They will want to get a water softener so that the water is better for them to use for cleaning purposes. Although it is not unhealthy to drink hard water, it is really a matter of convenience. They should consider getting a mini small water softener.

What Makes Water Considered Hard?

In order for water to be considered hard water, it will have at least a total of 60mg of magnesium and calcium in it. The water can be tested in order to tell for sure. There are some areas where the total for magnesium and calcium in the water can be as high as 180 mg.

The Downfalls Of Hard Water

People can always tell when they have hard water in their homes or apartments. There are some telltale signs that everyone notices. These are things that can really get on someone's nerves and they will want to change their water as soon as they can. Water softeners can help with all of these telltale signs of hard water. Here are the signs that can be seen when people experience hard water and what a water softener can do to improve on the situation:

1. Skin Problems

People can have skin problems when they have hard water. Their skin can take on an ashen look. When they get a water softener, they will notice that their skin will look a lot healthier in a short period of time. They will look better so many people want to get a unit so that they will feel more confident when they are out and about. People can feel self-conscious about their looks and for good reasons. It can make a difference in their personal and professional lives when they look good. A water softener will allow their skin to look radiant again.

2. Spotty Clothing

People that have hard water will notice that they will have spots on their clothing. It is not the best water to do the laundry with. Sometimes, people will wear their clothing and not notice the spots on them until they are out in public and someone else notices it for them. It can be a bit embarrassing. Once they get a water softener, they will notice that their clothes will be cleaner and it won't take as much detergent to get them clean.

3. Toilets And Showers

The nasty colored rings in the toilet bowl are characteristic of hard water. There can also be stains in the shower too. Many people go to great lengths and use all types of cleaners and DIY ways to get the stains off. In most cases, they do not work very well and they are stuck with the unsightly stains. It is very difficult to clean them so people know that they want a water softener so that they don't have to worry about this happening all of the time.

4. Hair Issues

Hard water can make it difficult for people to wash their hair properly. They will find that it is very difficult to style their hair when they have hard water. In many cases, their hair will lack the shine that they could have when they get a water softener. Once they do, it will be a lot easier to have the healthy-looking hair that they desire. their hair will have the bounce that it should and they will be more confident about the way that they look.

5. Water To Drink

The drinking water that people will have when they have hard water may look cloudy. This does not mean that it is unhealthy for them to drink it but it will look different. In many cases, people do not feel comfortable consuming this type of water and they will get bottled water instead. Since bottled water costs money, this can add up to an expensive way to get the fluids that they need on a daily basis. They will do this until they have a water softener that will give them clean clear water to drink.

6. Difficulties In Washing Dishes

People that have hard water will find it difficult to wash their dishes. They will have to use a lot more soap so that they can get the food particles off of the dishes and more to get the grease off of pots and pans. This makes it difficult for cleaning up after meals. Most people will see a definite improvement in the amount of time that it will take to clean their dishes after they get a water softener. Their dishes will be cleaner and they will use a lot less arm power when they are cleaning up after a meal.

Why Would People Be Interested In A Mini Water Softener?

For most people, the mini small water softener can be placed anywhere so this helps them immensely especially if their house is on the smaller side or they don't have a lot of room to put a larger water softener somewhere else. People will find that the mini small water softeners can be placed in closets or in corners of rooms and other people will barely notice that they are there. This is good for a lot of homeowners and apartment dwellers that don't have a lot of room in the first place.

Where Should A Person Look For A Mini Small Water Softener?

People will be able to find a great selection of mini small water softeners online. They will need to do a simple search for them and it will pull up all types of different models that they can choose from. They will want to comparison shop to find the one that will benefit them the most. For a lot of people, printing out the information or writing it down on a piece of paper will help them to decide which one is best for them. They can keep all of this information in a folder that they label so that they can access the information when they need it.

What Is The Price Range For A Mini Small Water Softener?

The prices will vary according to the brand that a person chooses. The general range is between $300 to $3,500. People will need to take into consideration what the unit will do for them as well as other factors when they are deciding on which one to purchase. They will need to know their budget and how much they can afford to spend on it. This will help them narrow down the various options that they will have when they are shopping around for a unit.

The Type Of Softening System That Is Used Is Important

People need to decide on the type of water softening unit that they want. If they get a salt-based one, they will need to worry about changing it when the time comes. This can mean measurements and more with the replacement of the salt. The other types are electrical and magnetic units. These are easier for most people to use because they will not be dealing with the salt. These types of units are all taken care of for the person and they are simple and easy to use at any given time. They also have a lot of additional functions in them that will make the water clean and soft for drinking purposes. People like that they don't have to do as much with the magnetic or electrical units at all and they will still reap the benefits of having soft water.

Some Different Types Of Small Water Softener

1. A Water Softener That Is Made For Going Places

This type of unit is portable and it only weighs 32 pounds. This is an ideal unit for people that want a water softener for their RV or for a cabin of some sort. It comes with a carrying handle so it is very easy to transport and small enough to fit in the tightest of spaces. This type of unit uses a salt-based system so a person will need to pay attention to when it needs to be changed. It will last for 30 minutes at a time and it uses two boxes of regular salt. It's a great unit for people that will be traveling a lot and these units are usually reasonably priced too. Here is a rundown on this type of unit:

  • Lightweight And Relatively Small
  • Can Travel With It
  • Salt-Based Filtration
  • Reasonably Priced

2. A Shower Water Softener Makes Sense

This is a unit that comes as a showerhead and works as the filtration system for the water. It is an excellent addition to any bathroom and it makes for clean and healthy hair. This unit only weighs 14.4 ounces so it is very easy to carry around and many people like to take it with on trips. It does not require any specific installation and it has a great filtration device built right into it. It is reasonably priced and people are very happy with the performance. For many people, it is the answer that they have been looking for when they want to have soft water for showers and hair washing. Here are some details about this type of water softener:

  • Small
  • Easy To Carry
  • Salt-Based Filtration
  • Reasonably Priced

3. A Watts - Portable Water Softener Technology

This is a very small unit and it is salt-based. It weighs a total of 9 pounds so it is very easy for just about anyone to carry. They can take it with them wherever they want to go so that they can have the soft water that they are looking for at any given time. Here are so the facts about this type of water softener:

  • Small And Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Salt-Based Filtration
  • Reasonably Priced

4. Magnetic Softener For Water

This is a lightweight and small unit. It doesn't use salt for filtration but a magnetic type of filter. People are pleased with this type of unit also. The price is very reasonable and they find that it gives them the ability to use it for their entire household. It can be strapped to the main water pipe and therefore, there is no need for a person to have to call a plumber for the installation as in other larger water softeners. People will be interested in these details about water softener units like this:

  • Small, Extremely Lightweight
  • Easy To Carry
  • Magnetic Filtration
  • Reasonably Priced

These Two Mini Water Softeners Are Excellent Buys

There are two that come highly recommended and that reviewers have given high scores for. They are the Aquios AQFS220 and the Magnetic Water Technology water softeners. Both are extremely good choices for people that need to get a water softener in their home or for their apartment. Here is a bit of information on each of these models:

Small Water Softeners Make Excellent Gifts 

When a person is looking for a gift to give someone, whether it be for their birthday, a holiday or another type of special event during the year, they will want to consider giving them a mini water softener. This is a gift that will work well for someone and they will really appreciate it. Since these units are not that expensive, they make an excellent gift idea. People will love that they can have the benefits of soft water and they will be very grateful to say the very least.

Once people have a water softener, they will notice all the differences that it can make for them. They will not have to put up with dirty dishes anymore and their skin and hair will look a lot better. They will love how small these units are and they can place them in their homes or apartments so that they are out of the way and don't look obvious. Mini water softeners are just what they have been looking for to make their lives so much easier. It is something that they can purchase without breaking their bank accounts too and gain a lot from.

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