Whirlpool WHESFC Review {Updated May 2024}

You can say goodbye to bad tasting water with the Whirlpool WHESFC Water Softener. This product features a single-tank system that contains ion-exchange resin along with activated carbon that traps odors and the taste of chlorine while providing superior softening. You will enjoy many advantages of softer water, and enjoy a flavor similar to some of the best-bottled brands.

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Whirlpool WHESFC

Whirlpool WHESFC Water Softener – Overview

The WHESFC Pro-Series Hybrid from Whirlpool is currently rated as one of the very best whole-house water filters worth investing in. It is packed with fantastic benefits and features. In this review, we will provide you with reasons why you may want to buy this premium water softener.

This is a water filter system that offers value for money since it’s a versatile 2-in-1 system capable of removing hard-water minerals and harmful contaminants. It also features a 3 PPM iron-removal rating and an impressive grain-capacity of 31,000. The WHESFC Pro-Series Hybrid is also NSF-certified to decrease odors and the taste of lead and chlorine from water. This system is also effective at reducing sediment.

Another stand out benefit of the Whirlpool WHESFC Water Softener is that you won’t have to replace the filter. Every 14 days, or 2 weeks, the system will automatically clean the filter. All that is needed from your side is to refer to the instruction manual to set-up and install the unit and allow the system to do what it does best.

The filter on this system is reliable, built solid, and very well-designed. This product also features regeneration technology, meaning your water starts to soften shortly after turning on one of the faucets in your home. It is similar to one of the on-demand systems, which means it provides you with purified and soft water as soon as you start to use it.

This Whirlpool Whole-House Water Filter system is also affordable. It is also very easy-to-install and effective at providing soft water.

Highlights And Features

Save Money When You Invest In This 2-in-1 System

Buying one of these units provides you with an effective method to remove harmful contaminants and hard-water minerals for a household of 5 people with a single-tank system rather than having to purchase 2 separate systems.

Premium Hardness Removal

These units are hybrid water filter/ softeners, that comes with a 31,000-grain capacity, with an above-average rating for hardness removal of 120-grains per gallon. It also provides an impressive iron-removal rating of 3 ppm, helping to reduce those reddish-brown stains in your water-using appliances and drains.

Reduce Water Contaminants

These whole-house filtration systems are effective at reducing the taste of chlorine, sediment, and any other chemical odors from your water.

Uses Salt Efficiently

The WHESFC is one of those smart water softeners since it uses an innovative demand-initiated regeneration-technology, producing soft water only when your house needs it. This will lower the cost of the salt that you use over the lifetime of the system.

Engineered, Assembled, And Designed In The U.S.

If you have any questions, need advice, or have a complaint, you can contact the Whirlpool Helpline at (866) 986-3223.

No Filters To Replace

The Whirlpool WHESFC Water Softener will clean the filter every 14 days and the filter will never need replacing.

Help And Support

Whirlpool is one of those companies that is well-known for its excellent technical support and customer service. The WHESFC comes with a standard 2-year labor and parts warranty, but you also have the option to extend your warranty to 10 years, provided you only use Whirlpool’s Water Softener Cleaner. You should be using a bottle of this cleaner every time the system requires salt which is on average between 3 to 4 months. The cleaner goes directly into the reservoir and will maximize the efficiency of the system. Most customers have agreed that this cleaner definitely helps this filter/softener to perform a lot better than competing brands.


2-in-1 softener and filter
Built-in sediment screen
NSF certified components
Space-saving footprint


To take advantage of the 10-year warranty you must use the Whirlpool Softener Cleaner every time you add salt

Why Should You Buy The Whirlpool WHESFC Pro-Series Water Softener

You may decide to purchase a separate filter and softener to reduce the taste of chlorine or fix your hard water, but you may end up spending a lot of money and experience lesser results. We suggest choosing the Whirlpool WHESFC, as an advanced and innovative solution to all your water quality issues.

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