Watts OneFlow Plus Review {Updated May 2024}

Review Of Watts OneFlow Plus Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water Filtration System

When it comes to finding an elite water softener solution that is made with care, attention to detail, and high-quality materials, there are specific names that stand out. You will want something that is going to be well-made and is going to ensure your drinking water is safe to consume year-round.

Keeping this in mind, it is time to look at the beauty of the OneFlow Water Filtration System and what it has to offer.

This review is going to take an all-encompassing look at what the water filtration system includes, how it works, and whether or not it is a valuable addition to your household.

Key Features

  • 20-Micron Water Filter
  • TAC Technology (Template-Assisted Crystallization)
  • No Backwashing
  • Durable Cartridge (3 Years)


  1. Great-Tasting Water

The first thing you are going to care about is the taste of the water.

In this case, you are getting a high-quality water filtration system that is going to deliver high-quality water. This means you are not going to be left tasting chemicals and/or anything else in the water that will take away from the overall quality of what you are drinking.

This alone is essential and goes a long way in setting the right tone for how the water filtration system functions.

By running this, you are going to feel at ease with how the water filtration system works and the water will always taste great too.

  1. Eco-Friendly

One of the key details users will think about is the amount of damage they are doing to the environment while using the water filtration system. You will want something that settles into the background and isn’t going to lead to additional electricity use and/or isn’t going to raise your bills.

This is a major concern people deal with and that is what you don’t want to have to face.

This water filtration system by OneFlow has been manufactured in a way where it is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t require electricity and will run in the background without missing a beat. This is ideal for anyone that is serious about a long-term addition to their household and wants it to work the right way.

  1. Durable

Due to its overall build quality, this refined solution is perfect for modern setups.

It is made of a robust material that ages nicely and isn’t going to start making noises after a couple of days. The filters included in the system are some of the best in the world and that is what makes the water filtration system stand out.

OneFlow has taken the time to design something that is well-made and isn’t going to disappoint when it is time to filter your water.

  1. No Salt

This is a salt-free solution, which is critical over the long haul.

Here at Water Softener Solutions, we have noticed a lot of users worry about using something that will break down because of salt development. This is a real issue due to the way a water filtration system works and the contaminants it continues to filter throughout the day.

Keeping this in mind, having a powerful water filtration system such as this is a real difference-maker. It is highly noted for doing a good job of keeping the salt out and isn’t going to break down after a few uses.

This is beneficial for those who want to invest in a proper solution and want to make sure it ages the right way.


  1. Expensive Filters

One of the issues that do crop up with this filtration system has to do with the filters. When it is time to change them, you are going to realize they are quite pricey.

However, it’s important to note these filters last for a long time and are among the best in the industry at doing their job. This means as long as you are using the filtration system safely, it is going to age gracefully and you won’t have to continuously change the filters.

Watts OneFlow Plus Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water Filtration System

Who Should Buy OneFlow Water Filtration System?

This is a good investment for those wanting a stable, eco-friendly solution that is going to produce good-tasting water throughout the year. Most people want something that is going to settle into the background and isn’t going to take away from the rest of the setup, which is what this solution has to offer.

If you are someone that doesn’t like paying a lot for filters then this might not be the right option. Otherwise, it is an effective machine and offers tremendous value.

Final Verdict

In the end, this water filtration system is jam-packed with great features and is a wonderful addition to any setup.

It is easy to use, durable and offers great-tasting water that is essential for modern users. Don’t settle for less because this is a filtration system that does pass all relevant testing when it comes to overall efficiency.

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