WATERDROP WD-FC-01 REVIEW {Updated June 2024}

Say hello to the WaterDrop WD-FC-01 water filter. A faucet filter can be a good way to solve your clean water problem. Rather than spending hundreds on water bottles per year and ruining the environment in the process, you could get clean drinking water directly from your faucet with one.

Waterdrop is a company that produces some of the most affordable filtration products in the marketplace. Their Waterdrop WD-FC-01 water faucet filter is a good one that is solidly priced and housed in an unassuming yet attractive all-white casing.


Key Features:

  • NSF Certifications

This filtration system has been both tested and certified by NSF International. This means that it has met the standard for reducing chlorine and lead. This means that you can count on this filter to deliver the kind of safe and healthy water that you are looking for when buying one. Having a certified filtration system can put your mind at ease because you’ll rest easy knowing it’s gone through rigorous testing and passed.

  • Long Filter Life

One thing that a lot of prospective faucet filter buyers are worried about is having to deal with the constant changing of the filter. Waterdrop’s faucet filter delivers long filtration life. Each filter is capable of providing as many as 320 gallons of clean water. This is typically going to last the average user 3 months which is much longer than a lot of the other faucet filters in the marketplace.

  • Easy Use

A faucet filter is generally very easy to use. The same is true with the Waterdrop faucet filter as it is extremely easy to use. They managed to give the faucet head a simple switch that you use to go from filtered to unfiltered instantly. This way, you can switch to unfiltered water to prolong the lifespan of your filter if you don’t need water ran through it. The faucet comes with leakproof technology that ensures you won’t have to worry about wasting water from leakage.

  • Filter Quality

As mentioned, Waterdrop uses an excellent filtration system within the faucet head. For one, it features a highly efficient ACF material that ensures you are getting no black specks coming out of the water and that you are getting the best chlorine reduction anywhere. The filter is capable of reducing lead, rust, chlorine, and more. Best of all, it retains beneficial minerals that you might have removed with other filters. Waterdrop does make filtration systems that remove these minerals, but this system is purposefully designed to retain them.


  1. Easy Installation

This faucet filtration system is as easy as screwing it on your standard faucet head. There is no complex installation process. There are no worries about getting specialized tools. You will be able to install this faucet filtration system within a matter of minutes.

  1. Save Money

Not only will this filtration system save you money in the long run by allowing you to avoid buying water bottles, but it can save you money with its efficient filtration process. Waterdrop’s filters are capable of filtering as much as 320 gallons of water. This means you won’t need to worry about replacing your filters every month or so. You will be able to go 3 to 6 months on a single filter which can save you money in the long run.

  1. Good Flow

Another issue a lot of people have with faucet filtration systems is the lack of water pressure some of them allow. Waterdrop knows what people want out of a faucet filtration system and they designed this filter to feature a 0.5 GPM Hi-Flow design. Therefore, you will be able to get a good and consistent flow out of the filer head allowing for a large amount of fresh and clean water in little time.

  1. NSF Certification

Whenever you are buying something like a water filter, you’ll want to check to ensure the product has been vetted. NSF International is an organization that you can count on to deliver you vetted products. Since Waterdrop cared enough to get their product certified, it shows you the kind of quality they are committed to delivering.


  1. Only Works With Standard Faucets

As with a lot of the other faucet filtration systems, this one only works with standard faucet heads. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it with pullout faucets nor can you use it with faucets controlled by a sensor.

  1. Cheaper Plastic Housing

This faucet filter comes with cheaper plastic housing that might not be ideal for those who want a premium aesthetic. However, it’s a modern design and it fits well with standard faucets.

Should You Buy?

Waterdrop created a very affordable yet quality product. This is a good option for those seeking a budget faucet filter that performs just as well as a lot of higher-priced filtration systems in the marketplace. If you can live with the cheaper plastic housing, this faucet filter is a good value for your money.

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