Waterboss 950 Review {Updated June 2024}

When it comes to water softeners, it is important to do a bit of research before deciding on a unit that suits your pocket and your needs. One of the top-rated water softeners on the market at the moment is the WaterBoss 950.

The WaterBoss 950 Water Softener is recommended as the ideal unit for those that live in big cities. This model offers a 22,000-grain capacity that can soften and remove up to 35 grains per gallon. In addition to softening water, these units reduce chlorine taste and odors. This is made possible with a mixed-media bed that also functions as an effective chlorine filter. Since it reduces the taste of chlorine it also operates as an effective filter for your drinking water, which in turn improves the quality of the water supplied to your home.

waterboss 950

Reasons To Trust Water Softener Solutions

Humans need water to survive and it is vital for sustaining life. In fact, the average adult should be drinking 2 liters a day to stay healthy and alive. For this reason, it is important to consider the quality of water supplied to your home. Water Softener Solutions is one of the best sources to obtain reliable information on some of the best water softeners on the market. If you are dealing with hard water or you would like to improve the quality of water supplying your home, Water Softener Solutions should be your go-to when it comes to choosing reliable and quality water treatment products.

What You Need To Know About The WaterBoss 950

WaterBoss 950 is one of the water softeners that comes highly recommended for people living in large cities. These units are efficient when it comes to softening your water and also provide the added benefit of reducing smells and odors present in your water. If you are currently experiencing ugly lime-scale deposits, or your appliances are starting to rust, the WaterBoss model 950 may be the solution to all these problems.

As mentioned before, this system is more suitable for urban areas, while the quantity that this model provides is less when compared to other WaterBoss models. This unit provides a capacity of 22,000-grain handling, and it easily softens and treats around 36-grains per gallon.

In addition to the effective water-softening feature, these systems easily reduce chlorine levels, which helps to improve the quality of your drinking water. These systems also feature an inbuilt-filter that routinely cleans itself. This means you won’t have to worry about changing cartridges.

The WaterBoss 950 weighs in at 960 pounds, while the dimensions are 15.3 X 19.8 X 31.8 inches. These units are efficient when it comes to removing odors and chlorine from water. This is also a type of water softener that you can convert into a whole-house unit, offering you the option to extend your system at a later stage, thus saving you money over the long run. These systems also require minimal maintenance, which translates into cheaper maintenance costs.


  • User-friendly controls
  • 20-micron sediment removal
  • Low-rise compact housing
  • Includes a chlorine and charcoal filter
  • The WaterBoss 950 features a design so that it uses less water


  • Incorrect installation can cause leakage
  • These units are not suitable for larger families
  • Some customers that have purchased the unit complained that they received the product with broken or missing parts


The WaterBoss 950 provides quality filters and a water softener that can solve many water problems in your residential home. These units are an effective solution to treat hard water and they use a process known as ion exchange. The 950 model uses salt for treating hard water issues. The manufacturer recommends that you use either solar salt or pellets as your regenerant. It is also possible to use potassium-chloride pellets if you prefer not to use sodium chloride. However, if you have iron in your water, then it is not suggested to use a potassium chloride product.

WaterBoss currently offers 4 different models of water softeners which include:

The WaterBoss 74011 Water Softener 700
The WaterBoss 74016 Big Boss Water Softener 900
The WaterBoss 74011 City Boss Water Softener 950
The WaterBoss 365 36400 Grain Water Softener

If you are faced with hard water issues, the best solution is to invest in a quality water softener to lower the water hardness that supplies your home. The WaterBoss water softeners are excellent when it comes to removing visible impurities, chemical tastes, sediment, odors, and other harmful and toxic contaminants.

Final Thoughts

Unlike many other brands, the WaterBoss 950 works more efficiently to provide healthy and clean water. However, each model features a different design, grain capacity, and how much salt is required. Before you decide on a model, it is important to establish what you need, which will depend on the size, filter, and grain capacity.

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