Waterboss 900 Review {Updated May 2024}

An In-Depth Review of WaterBoss Model 900

Water is an essential necessity for every living person. Not only does it quench your thirst, but it also proves useful in your cleaning routines. When you take a bath, wash the dishes, get your laundry done, you require the use of water. But do you know what kind of water you should use for these applications?

There are two types of water – hard and soft water. Hard water contains more minerals than your ordinary water like calcium and magnesium. If you want to gain more minerals from drinking water then you should go with hard water. Soft water, on the other hand, is hard water that undergoes a water softening process. It eliminates unwanted minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

To acquire soft water, WaterBoss manufactures water treatment systems that could give you this type of water. One of their top selling products, the WaterBoss Model 900 water softener, has been selling like hotcakes because of its features, benefits, and ease of use.

waterboss 900

Why should you trust this product?

Hard water has a lot of minerals that may dissolve your dishwashing soaps, laundry bar soaps, and body soaps at a faster rate. Instead of making your soaps last for a month of usage, it takes only an estimate of 2 to 3 weeks before it completely dissolves.

Not only that, prolonged use of hard water may leave residues in pipes that can cause it to clog up. Because of this, you would likely hire a plumber to get your pipes fixed which causes additional expenses and troubles in your life. It can also damage your household machinery, specifically your washing machine because of the lime scale that hard water creates.

WaterBoss Model 900 eliminates these problems because its primary function is to convert hard water into soft water. Upon the conversion to soft water, rest assured that your soaps, pipes and laundry machines will have a longer life span and could save you more money.

Features of WaterBoss 900

  1. Programmable Control Panel

The WaterBoss Model 900 has a built-in digital programmable control unit with an LCD display and four toggle switches. Included with an easy to understand instruction manual, the control panel can be customized and programmed to what you need for it to do.

Setting it on default proceeds to its six-step water softening process but you can also add delays to the program if you don’t want your machine to exhaust itself or when you just want to regenerate soft water at a specific time or day. The LCD shows the total amount of water that has been softened and the water flow through the unit.

  1. High-Efficiency Settings

Other water softening machines do not have this kind of setting. It allows your machine to use 50% less salt and 80% less water. Within 15 to 38 minutes, you have already regenerated soft water compared to the 2 hours required by other water softening machines. This would be a great help especially when you need to use soft water at an instant.

  1. Has its own Self-Cleaning Dirt and Sediment Filter

Cleaning your cartridge will never be a problem because the WaterBoss Model 900 has its own water filter cleaner. There may be cases that certain types of dirt or sediments retain inside your cartridge. Using the self-cleaning filter option in your control unit, it washes the sediments away from your cartridge

  1. Shut Off Timer

This feature is used when you want to avoid those instances that water would overflow in your brine tank. This also assures the safety of your machine.

  1. Has its own Service Maintenance option

You can select the PowerClean option in your control panel to properly maintain your machine. It shows up if your machine contains a high iron content which is bad for the water softening process. Upon turning on this setting, 5 pounds of salt will be regenerated every other day to solve this dilemma.

Pros and Cons of WaterBoss Model 900

• Pros
    ◦ It has a sleek and compact design that can fit nicely in your desired spot.
    ◦ The instruction manual is easy to comprehend and you won’t have a hard time understanding the process.
    ◦ It has its own self-cleaning sediment filter.
    ◦ A high-efficiency setting is included in this machine that others does not have.
    ◦ The LCD screen accurately shows the details like amount of regenerated soft water and the amount of iron or dirt needed to be cleaned.
• Cons
    ◦ There may be instances that chlorinated water would not be filtered properly.
    ◦ Materials that hold it like its screws are exposed to corrosion which may lead to water leakage

Why should you buy this product and what can you benefit from it?

Buying this product can help you save on two important things – time and money. With the WaterBoss Model 900, you won’t have to worry about clogging pipes and fast dissolving soaps anymore. And in the long run, it will save you more money than not having this machine.

The WaterBoss Model 900 is a flexible machine that looks compact and attractive. It comes with plenty of important features and although it has a few things to improve on, it still ranks as one of the most reliable water softening solutions on the market. You can also check out Waterboss’s 700 model as well.

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