Waterboss 700 Review {Updated July 2024}

Interested in the Waterboss 700? One of the most precious resources on the planet is fresh, potable water. In fact, many political scientists have theorized that the next World War will be fought over access to water resources. Without access to potable water human beings sicken and eventually die – and the quality of that water can be extremely important.

In our personal lives, we use water for cooking – and drinking. In fact, the trend towards healthier living has seen many people turn away from man-made beverages in favor of water.

waterboss 700

However, sometimes the water that we obtain from either municipal sources or, in some cases wells (groundwater) is sub-standard in quality. Often the water contains dissolved minerals leading to the phenomenon known as ‘hard’ water. This water flows through rock formations such as limestone and dissolves minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are then present in our drinking water. Pipes can also provide iron which is dissolved in the water.

The presence of these minerals and other adulterants can have a negative impact on our health. They also cause a scaly buildup in the pipes of your home. heating elements of appliances and in certain circumstances even on your dishes. In short, the presence of these dissolved solids is unhealthy, unpleasant and potentially expensive in terms of home maintenance.

Benefits of The Waterboss Model 700

For many people faced with hard water problems, the solution is to purchase a water softening solution. These appliances use a variety of technologies (often ion exchange) to soften the water. They can form part of the infrastructure of the home, treating all the water that enters from a number of sources (a more common approach to the hard water issue) – or they can be stand-alone units. The challenge to the homeowner is to identify which particular water softening solution is right for their family and their lifestyle requirements.

For smaller households of up to 4 persons, the Waterboss Model 700 may just be the perfect solution to getting a regular supply of healthy water that is free from the dissolved minerals. The flow rate of 16 gallons per minute should be more than sufficient to provide for the needs of a household of this size.

This unit is a ‘whole-house’ salt water softener, using ion-exchange to capture the minerals that lead to hard water. Those minerals are trapped in a resin filter. It can easily treat water that has a hardness of up to 70 grains per gallon (if you are unsure of the hardness of the water in your home there are a number of readily available kits that you can use). This level of hardness can be classified as being between ‘hard’ and ‘moderately hard’. Aside from dissolved minerals, it will also remove 10 parts per million of iron. The Waterboss 700 will trap around 22,000 grains of dissolved material before it requires a ‘regeneration cycle’.

The unit will also remove the dirt and sediment that can be present in the water that is supplied. High levels of dirt and sediment can be a particular problem for those homes that rely on groundwater supply (such as a well). It will also deal with any of the material that can flake from the pipes that supply the water to the home or are part of the interior plumbing system.

In order for the Waterboss 700 to function, it must be connected to the wastewater system of the house and an electrical power source. Once it is time for that regeneration cycle the unit is set to get rid of the accumulated sediment in the system, along with the trapped calcium and magnesium. This process will take under 20 minutes, so will not interrupt the daily schedule and activities of the household. The cycle will also require the use of around 2.5 pounds of salt and approximately 16 gallons of water.

Ensuring that normal household activities can continue, as usual, the unit has an electronic management control system. This will allow the homeowner to set the intervals of the purge cycle – which will differ according to the individual water usage of each household. This also makes the Waterboss Model 700 less of a burden to operate. Set the window for the regeneration cycle and it will happily take care of the rest. However, there is also the option for the homeowner to start the self-cleaning cycle manually.

Why We Like This Unit

It is worth noting that the Waterboss Model 700 comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the softener media and salt tanks, as well as the cabinet that houses the inner workings of the unit. That provides peace of mind for those who will be investing in the unit.

This unit boasts a small footprint and installation is relatively straightforward – and it is perfect for those homes with extremely hard water. If there is one drawback, it is that it may not offer output that is suitable for larger homes.

Purchasing a water softener makes sense when one considers that research into the effects of high levels of dissolved minerals in the water that we use every day can be damaging to our health. This is an appliance that is more than a financial investment. It is an investment in the continued health and wellbeing of your family. We also highly recommend the Waterboss 950.

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