Tyent UCE 11 Review: {Updated May 2024}

If you’re on the hunt for a high-performance, water ionizer, then look no further because the Tyent UCE 11 is an extraordinary choice. However, it is more premium-priced when compared to others but still highly ranked among them and comes with a whopping lifetime warranty. So, read on as we dive into a complete review of the Tyent UCE-11.

Tyent UCE 11
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Pros Of The UCE-11

  • Delivers a range of different pH to users with its 11-plate system
  • Comes with more water settings than other ionizers on the markets
  • Fitted with an all new touchscreen panel, facilitates multiple languages
  • Dual filtration that offers exceptional performance
  • Under the sink installation
  • Lifetime warranty

Cons Of The UCE-11

  • Expensive

Product Specifications

  • Weighs just 12.3lbs
  • Installs under the counter
  • Fitted with 11 plates
  • SMPS 750 watts
  • The flow rate can be adjusted by the user
  • Self cleaning
  • pH can be adjusted from 1.7 to 12
  • Filters are activated carbon and ceramic

Ionization Performance Of The Tyent UCE 11

Unlike others this ionizer is extremely powerful and produces some of the lowest ORP values with a different ranges of pH values. The following are the main reasons why the UCE-11 outperforms other water ionizers:

  • More Plates
    The UCE has eleven plates that bumps the ionization surface area up to 385 square inches. In a comparison to several others, the UCE-11 has more surface area that significantly increases the ionization performance. Additionally, it even delivers better pH and a lower ORP.
  • More Power
    Due to the increased number of plates, the system delivers more power in order to drive its very efficient electrolysis process. The higher the wattage performance, the better the ionizer is rated. The Tyent UCE 11 has a rating of 750 watts which is almost 300 watts more than many others.

This just simply means that there is more current passing through the plates which increases the performance of the ionization process. With the increase, there is also additional molecular hydrogen that flows through the stream of water increasing the overall antioxidant content.

  • The Power Supply System Is More Efficient
    Since the UCE-11 ionizer is fitted with SMPS, the entire unit is more efficient since there is steady power being supplied to the ionizer. SMPS have been proven to significantly increase the ionization performance while using less power.
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Nine Water Settings Of The UCE-11

Due to the wider pH ranges, you can easily choose from up to 9 settings. There are three levels of acidic water to combat bacteria and it’s also great for cleaning and skincare regimes. The purified water setting is simple tap water that has been filtered. However, purified water does not undergo the electrolysis process.

When the water doesn’t undergo electrolysis, it tends to have your regular city water pH. A pH of 7 is generally good for taking medication and even making food for your baby. Just like the acidic setting, there are also three levels of alkaline water.

Any of these alkaline settings are perfect for drinking, cooking, brewing coffee, and may other applications. However, it should be noted that you should start with the first level until your body becomes more acquainted with the other levels of alkalinity. If you desire more antioxidants, you can easily set the ionizer to level 3 and enjoy.

The last of the 9 is turbo acidic and alkaline water. This variant is mainly used for cleaning and sterilizing. It can even be used for removing stains from cloth like surfaces. However, this water setting should never be consumed.

Main Features Of The UCE-11

  • Full-Screen Touch Control Panel with Dial
    Since most of the system stays under your counter, the control panel and the faucet are the only components that you’ll see. The panel is as simple to use as your smartphone and you can easily access everything with just a simple touch. Each of the previously mentioned 9 water settings can even be directly accessed since you’ll be using them regularly.

At the bottom of the screen, the UCE-11 shows how much life the filter still has in it. With just a couple more taps you’ll be able to reach the advanced settings. Some of these include voice alerts, languages, cleaning mode, time settings, and eco mode. In the instance where you cannot use the touch screen for whatever reasons, you can simply use the faucet dial instead.

In order to use the dial, all you’ll need to do is turn it in either direction to select different settings. When you push the center of the dial, you’ll be on your way to selecting any setting.

  • Customization Settings
    One of the main advanced settings is the ability to adjust the water levels. If you weren’t aware, there are 55 different levels that you can select from. If you’re not really interested in these settings, you can simply stick to the nine water level presets.

In the case where you desire more from your water, you’ll be able to customize any of the preset levels. You’ll be able to easily change the alkalinity or the acidity of each level. Thus far, there are no other ionizers that offer this level of control to its users.

  • Filtering Performance
    The Tyent UCE 11 has a state-of-the-art dual filtration system. This specially designed system removes over 200 contaminants from your tap supply. The primary filter is the activated carbon filter that removes sediments, rust, organic chemicals, and chlorine.

The secondary filter is better known as the ceramic filter. The ceramic filter was created in such a way that successfully removes cysts, bacteria, and various microbes. When combined, both filters become an unstoppable force that makes water safer for your family.

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Installation And Maintenance

Unlike other ionizers, this Tyent ionizer fits snugly under the counter. While the installation process takes a bit more time, it’s still easy enough and you don’t need a pro. Within less than an hour, you’ll be able to enjoy great-tasting water from your pipes.

When it comes to the maintenance, there isn’t much that you’ll need to do. This ionizer is self-cleaning and takes care of mineral and scale buildup on its own. All you’ll need to do is replace the filter every six months.

The Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water From The UCE-11

Simply put, when you consume alkaline water, there are several benefits that you can enjoy. Among them is cleaner and better-looking skin. Alkaline water even boost your immune system and it leaves you feeling more hydrated than regular tap water since you can adjust the pH to higher levels. Since ionizers usually have hydrogen boosts, you’ll be able to benefit from more antioxidants in your water.

Additionally, it also helps slow down the rate of bone loss and it settles acid reflux. Acid is better neutralized with alkaline water. So, if you suffer from acid reflux, it’s time to make the switch to alkaline water today!


As we conclude we have just looked at the Tyent UCE-11. While the UCE-11 is a bit more expensive, there are tons of features that you’ll find useful in your everyday life. Drinking alkaline water provides you with tons of health benefits, and you’ll save on the energy with the all new SMPS!

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