Tyent Filters – Alkaline Water Replacement Filters {Updated May 2024}

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Tyent PreFilters

Alkaline water is undeniably valuable, but it all starts with the purest drinking water possible. Not all filtration systems are created equal. Tyent USA’s patented processes set industry standards and remove impurities at the ionization level.

Compared to other water purifiers, Tyent above-counter and under-counter ionizers have more stages of filtration and come with two filters.

Tyent Filter Options

Filter options for the Tyent MMP series water ionization systems include the one-micron or 0.1-micron alkaline filter. The standard active carbon filter filters out the large suspended matter, rust, sediment, residual chlorine, and volatile organic compounds.

The ultra-fine composite ceramic filter balances the ions, dissolves nutrients, and provides minerals to create stable water. The dual alkaline filters provide contaminants every day in your diet while also eliminating hundreds of poisonous toxins.

Tyent Replacement Filters

Replacement water filter packs for our above-counter and under-counter ionizer models are affordable and ensure the healthiest, purest, and safest water available.

As the exclusive source for water filtration, we proudly offer various filtration solutions for the home. The replacement cartridges can remove chlorine from your tap water in six months or

One of the most common problems with water filtration systems is hard water build-up, leading to health issues over time.

If you have hard water, an alkaline water purifier is a must-have. A remineralization filter neutralizes acidity by increasing the pH value of your water.

Why Choose Tyent Filters?

Tyent water ionizer machines come with the latest in technology to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. Contact one of our customer service representatives for more information about filters or any other questions you may have.

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