Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionzier Review {Updated June 2024}

If you didn’t already know, tap water is filled with tons of contaminants that are often easily overlooked. Due to the high bacteria content, pesticides, chlorine, and other junk, you should think about investing in a convenient solution that provides your family with clean, great tasting water. So, read on as we dive into a complete review of the Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer, one of the best on the markets.

Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionzier

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Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer

The Tyent H2 Hybrid stands above many other ionizers and have been deemed as the best among others. The Tyent has a dual filtration system and tons of smart features that easily eliminates 99.9% of contaminants in your tap water. It also self-cleans to ensure that your family will always have great tasting water at any time.

The H2 was also fitted with state-of-the-art touch tech, and even SMPS Plus tech that manages energy consumption regularly. Another amazing feature is the fact that it even allows you to easily alter the alkalinity for full control of your drinking water. The H2 also allows the creation of acidic water for all your cleaning purposes.

According to users worldwide, the H2 is one of the most versatile since it has the capacity fit anywhere. It can even be taken to every location that you go due to its portability. Unlike many other ionizers, the H2 is fitted with hydrogen water generators that produce more hydrogen. If you didn’t already know, this creates more antioxidants within each glass of water.

Tyent is one of the most innovative companies within the United States. With the H2 you can easily alter your tap water for just about every task in your home. With Tyent, you’ll be able to get perfectly filtered water from the comfort of your home. Each filter has a life of 6 months or 950 gallons and removes contaminants like no other.

The H2 also comes fitted with 11 plates to produce the highest pH. It’s easy to install and comes fitted with two faucets to increase the efficiency. When compared with others, the Tyent Hybrid takes only a couple of minutes to setup and requires the least storage.

How Does The H2 Hybrid Ionizer Work?

Hybrid ionizers were built to sit on your countertop or even under your sink where they filter your water. These state-of-the-art ionizers were designed to filter tap water via a two-step process. The first step removes sediment, chlorine, bad tastes, bacteria, foul odor, and any other harmful component in your water.

In the second step, the water undergoes electrolysis that changes the pH of the water. It should be noted that some ionizers will allow users to determine the pH of their water. Hence, lower or high pHs can be used for cleaning purposes.

Lcd Display and Touch Screen

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The Benefits Of Buying The H2 Hybrid Ionizer

Several sources of information have revealed that ionized water improves your overall health, your skin, and even any ongoing stomach problems that you may have. However, it should be noted that since there haven’t been extensive studies on the effects, these benefits may not be the same for everyone.

  • Improves Your Immune System
    Ionizers provide several benefits besides those mentioned and regular consumption will boost your immune system. When your body is in an alkaline state, you reduce the free radicals within your system. This ensures that the toxins are easily cleansed from within your body leading to better health.
  • Better Hydration
    Alkaline water allows your body to reach it’s optimum level of hydration faster when compared to tap or other sources of water. In 2010 the Society of Sports and Nutrition conducted a study which resulted in them learning that even a pH as high as 10 provides the maximum hydration that the body needs. When you purchase an ionizer, it is able to provide the same effects and more.
  • It Provides Another Source Of Antioxidants
    Another favorite of many people is the fact that alkaline water provides them with an additional natural source of antioxidants. Ionizers usually come with a hydrogen boost that ensures that your water is even more rich in antioxidants. All you need is the Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer and your home will be a private antioxidant oasis.
  • Helps Combat Acid Reflux
    If you suffer from acid reflux, alkaline water can help soothe the effects and reduce discomfort. According to Daniel P. Heli, this occurs since alkaline water balances the acid. In the instance of tap water, this doesn’t happen.

So, if you’re suffering from acid reflux, an alkaline ionizer is a perfect solution to help your stomach. Additionally, due to its ultra-hydrating properties, your condition will improve in just a couple of minutes.

  • Reduces The Rate At Which Bone Loss Occurs
    Most people flock to alkaline water for this reason. Studies have indicated that alkaline water reduces the rate of bone loss. However, further studies still need to be conducted but those conducted thus far has generated these results.

Why Should You Buy One?

As previously mentioned, you can easily alter the settings on the all new touch panel. The touch panel has just about every setting that you need to start producing any type of water that you might need. The best part is that it’s self cleaning so you’ll always have great tasting water. Unlike others, this is truly the first smart filter.

Most devices on the markets need to have their filters changed every three months, with the H2 you’ll get twice as much usage. When it comes to buying new products, most people prefer to buy products that come with warranties. When you buy with Tyent, they provide a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.

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If you’re looking for the best water Ionizer, the Tyent H2 Hybrid is the one for you. You’ll be able to benefit in so many ways and you’ll have better looking skin from your alkaline water. With this ionizer, you’ll also be able to create water to suit any situation in your home all at the touch of a screen!

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