SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System Review {Updated April 2024}

Filtering well water can be tricky without the right equipment. The SpringWell whole house well water filter system is the perfect solution for private wells. This SpringWell system uses the latest technology in water filtration to effectively produce the best quality water from your well.

This system requires no maintenance and will be the last system you will ever need, if you’re using well water in your home.

SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System

Much of the water we drink gets supplied and treated through a public or private system, like a city or county water department. More than half of Americans receive their drinking water from public waters. These systems need to adhere to strict regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensuring that all requirements for safe drinking water get met.

While drinking from a well is generally safe, the presence of iron, manganese, and sulfur can cause water quality issues. While these imperfections don’t cause health issues, they can negatively impact the taste of water. Further, they can damage the appliances and leave permanent stains on delicate porcelain.

One way to improve untreated well water is by using a filter to remove any contaminants. Luckily, water filtering is affordable and straightforward to do! Many factors lie in deciding which whole house water filter system is the best fit for your well water. So relax; we’ve got you covered on this one!

Springwell, a US-based company, has the experience of over 20 years in solving your residential water quality problems. So let’s dive into what they have to offer you.

A Review Of Springwell Well Water Filter System

The SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System is a single tank system that removes iron, sulfur, and manganese. Similar in design to a water softener, it comes in two sizes based on the number of bathrooms in your home, and its rugged nature promotes low pressure. In addition, the robust gallon-per-minute flow rate leaves other filters behind.

This unit functions automatically and can get managed remotely. The durable digital head comes complete with Bluetooth, and this air pump is whisper quiet. It requires less compressed air than older systems which is released slowly to make it quieter comparably. If you live in a dry region, backwashing can be optimized and save thousands of gallons.

With its lifetime warranty and a risk-free satisfaction guarantee, the Springwell water filtration system is an excellent choice for your home. Poor tasting water? Get a refund!


  • Easy to use digital interface.
  • Quiet operation.
  • It doesn’t negatively impact water pressure.
  • Affordable and efficient.
  • Warranty for the lifetime of the product.


  • Do-It-Yourself Installation isn’t easy.
  • Costs more than other water filtration systems

SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System – FAQ

Q: What does the water filtration system include?

A: The SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System kit includes everything you’ll need to set up a complete and adequate water purification system, including the electronic head, filtration tank, drain line, bypass valve, and hose clamp. However, additional unprovided pipes and complimentary fittings could be necessary, depending on the configuration of your home. 

Q: Can customers DIY install the filter themselves? 

A: Whole-house filters are significantly more challenging to install. It takes a professional them several hours at least, and the work requires basic plumbing knowledge. Due to the setup process, Springwell recommends hiring a plumber if you’re not familiar with plumbing. Also, it’s hard to believe that installing a water filter system can take several hours. Still, most homeowners get frustrated at one point or another and resort to calling in professional help.

Q: Can this water filtration system get installed outdoors?

A: While this water filtration system can get installed outdoors, homeowners in colder climates may want to reconsider placement, as sub-freezing temperatures can damage the filter. For best results and to minimize the potential for damages, keep this filter indoors.

Q: How do I know if the system will fit my plumbing?

A: The Springwell water filtration system can handle a wide range of pipe diameters, so long as the pipe is 12 inches in diameter and up to 3 feet in length. These dimensions should be entirely sufficient for most residential plumbing systems.

Q: What if I have a larger pipe?

A: While most installations will find the 3-foot minimum pipe length sufficient, there are some instances where it might not be enough. For example, you may need an extended drain line for your water heater or kitchen sink(s) to accommodate the entire plumbing system.

Q: What impurities does the Springwell system filter out? 

A: The SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System is a softener designed to remove hardness minerals (SiO2) responsible for soap scum and scale buildup, iron, and manganese that can cause the water in your faucets and showerheads to look rusty, as well as other particulates that can affect how clean your dishes look after being run through the dishwasher.

Q: Is filtered water better for babies, children, and the elderly?

A: Yes. Most municipal water contains chlorine, which can make infants and toddlers sick if consumed in large amounts. Filtering your drinking water will also remove lead and other toxins from the water supply and many foul odors and tastes responsible for nausea, headaches, dry mouth, fatigue, etc.

Q: Is municipal water bad? 

A: The water coming from your faucets is considered safe and healthy for most people. However, some people are more susceptible to the impurities in their tap water than others, including those with compromised immune systems or acute medical conditions. Other users may experience dry hair, skin irritation, and other problems associated with hard water.

Although municipal water gets treated to destroy disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa, some live in sediment at the bottom of rivers and lakes. As a result, groundwater may accumulate these microorganisms over long periods. Filtering water before use should remove any remaining harmful organisms from your water supply so that you can enjoy its drinking without worrying about becoming ill.

What Are The Benefits Of Filtered Water?

Undoubtedly, fresh, clean water is the liquid of life! Water purification system brings a variety of advantages to you, including:

Cleaner water – By removing excess iron, sulfur, and manganese from your water supply, you’ll notice an increase in clarity and a significant reduction in smell.

Water safety – Many contaminants, including lead, can be removed or reduced by this system. However, not only do these elements make your water taste bad, but they also may negatively impact your appearance. 

Healthier food – Water from this system is better for cooking and preparing healthy foods, as the minerals within it will not impact taste or appearance.

Considerably less clutter – Instead of storing several bottles of water in your kitchen cabinets, use a minor pitcher to enjoy purified water on demand! 

Reliability and convenience – Let’s face it, the last thing you want to deal with is a water filter that requires constant replacement or repair. Most leading systems come with warranties that offer money-back guarantees in case of problems!

How Do I Know If This System Will Work For Me?

Truthfully, there’s a filter system for almost everyone! If you want access to purified water on demand, this is the leading system capable of providing you with precisely what you need. 

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