Springwell Whole House Water Filter System Review {Updated May 2024}

In this SpringWell whole house water filter system review, you will learn everything you need to know before purchasing. It is very common for people to purchase a water filter for their kitchen faucet.

They may even have additional filtration systems in their bathroom. However, instead of installing individual units, you may want to consider getting a whole house water filter system that will remove contaminants from the water that you use. Some people may choose not to do this, believing that it would be far too expensive.

Fortunately, SpringWell has created a low-maintenance and affordable home filtration system that most people will be able to obtain. Here is a quick overview of this filtration system that will filter all of the water coming into your home for a very affordable price.

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Overview Of The SpringWell Water Filter System

This whole house filtration system will filter all of the water in your home, possessing a capacity for about a million gallons of water. SpringWell designed this with a four-stage filter, allowing you to get the best quality filtered water available.

It is designed to also maintain proper water pressure throughout your home, yet still, filter every ounce of water that is coming in. The initial setup process is easy and can be done in an afternoon, using this state-of-the-art water filtration system.

Top Features Of This Water Filtration System

The Springwell whole house water filter system can remove contaminants from the water that can be harmful. This will include herbicides, pesticides, chloramine, and chlorine. It is so well designed that it will last for up to six years, something that most water filtration products are not capable of doing.

It is designed to last, and also comes with an outstanding guarantee. The six-month money-back guarantee, along with this lifetime warranty, is one of the best in the industry. It also comes with free shipping, ensuring that you are paying as little as possible for this outstanding Springwell filtration system.

Combine this guarantee with its ability to maintain water pressure throughout your home, you can’t go wrong with this new system. From your kitchen to your bathroom, your water pressure will be as it always has been, yet the quality of the water will be pristine and safe.

Performance Capabilities Of This Water Filtration System

One of the reasons that the Springwell whole house water filter system is such an outstanding system is because of its four-stage filter. Once the water proceeds through the specially designed tank, over 99% of the chlorine will be removed. Any contaminants in the water that could lead to a foul odor or a bad taste will also be taken out.

Prior to this, a prefilter will be set up to eliminate sediment which is perfect for people that use well water. No extra maintenance will be necessary due to these filtration stages, and the prefilter itself only needs to be changed twice a year. The proprietary internal design flow is what enables your water pressure to remain steady.

It also allows the filters to do their job and remove most of the contaminants from your water prior to you and your family using or drinking it.

Is It Easy To Install And Maintain?

SpringWell designed this water filtration system to be very easy to install. In fact, all of the tools that you will need to install the tank will be provided. It’s important that you have some general knowledge of how your plumbing system works. If you have prior experience working with your plumbing system, you can do this on your own without any problems.

Additionally, this whole house filter system can be installed by professionals in even a shorter period of time. Simply call a plumber to do the work for you, and within hours, you will have access to quality water in your home. Maintenance is the easy part. The prefilter should be changed twice a year, but they can actually last up to nine months each.

The cost is just over $30 for each of these pre-filters, making this a very affordable way to keep your whole house filtration system functioning optimally.

Why Is This Filter System So Efficient?

The filtration system was designed to be extremely efficient. When compared to other filters on the market, it is one of the best. Part of the reason has to do with the proprietary internal design of the tank. The other is the four-stage filtration system that will purge the water of contaminants.

The very first stage of this process has already been mentioned. This is the prefilter that removes floating sedimentation. All of this happens within the tank, removing small sediments, after which the water will go through the second stage. This is referred to as the KDF bed. This portion of the filtration system utilizes a specific type of media that is capable of extracting heavy metals, lead, and even bacteria.

The third stage of this process involves the use of coconut carbon media. By combining both carbon filtration with coconut filtration, you can remove a substantial amount of contaminants. Carbon filters have been used for decades. This is because of how efficient they are at removing bad odors and materials that will create a foul taste.

However, when combined together, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, chloramine, and chlorine can be filtered out almost entirely. The fourth stage of this process, which is the final stage, is where Springwell stands apart from the competition.

The internal design of this entire system allows the water to linger longer with the filtration media. This enables the filters to extract as many contaminants as possible. By doing so, channeling within the tank itself will not occur, and you will end up with the purest water that you can imagine.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of This System

There are several benefits and drawbacks associated with using this whole house filter system. The benefits include a six-month guarantee, a lifetime warranty on some of the components, and the ability to remove over 99.5% of all chlorine.

If you are going to install this yourself, it is very easy to do so, and you only have to have one point of entry to filter all of the water.

There is a stainless steel tank that is designed with durable materials and the cost of maintenance is extremely low. These benefits alone would motivate most people to try this system out. However, there are a few things that this filtration system cannot do.

For example, the Springwell whole house water filter system is not capable of removing fluoride. It is also not capable of removing viruses. For some people, needing to change the prefilter would seem to be an unnecessary cost.

And finally, the last drawback is what may be perceived as a very high price point. This is because of how it is capable of filtering all of your water which is an expense that will benefit your entire family.

Overall, this whole house filter system from SpringWell is one of the best in the industry. It is an outstanding system that is capable of removing some of the worst contaminants from the water that you are using and drinking.

Due to the fact that it is filtering as much as a million gallons of water, it is priced to reflect this capability. Although it does not have the capacity to remove viruses or fluoride, it does remove sediment, bacteria, and many other contaminants that can lead to potential health issues.

If you have always wanted to remove contaminants from the water you are drinking throughout your entire home, consider installing this Springwell whole house filter system this year.

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