SpringWell Whole House Water Filter System Review {Updated April 2024}

Springwell is a whole house water filter system that includes reverse osmosis, carbon filters, and UV-C technology to purify your drinking and cooking water. What makes it really engaging is the modular design that allows users to choose which types of filters they would like to add or remove for their own household needs and preferences.

The unit is intended to be a long-term replacement for other well water systems that have been in use for many years. The system offers a large variety of filtering options and can be installed by homeowners with little experience.

In this review, we will explain the benefits, highlights, and components of the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System so you decide whether it is right for you.

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Why choose the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System?

There are many reasons why you should choose the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System:

1. High-quality construction that is built in the USA. The system is manufactured in Colorado and all components are third-party certified according to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53. This means that sanitation is guaranteed for your drinking water by the highest industry standards.

2. Modular design allows you to customize your system to fit your needs and preferences. The SpringWell Whole House Water Filter System comes with three filter configurations:

The most expensive would include all three filters (reverse osmosis, carbon block, and UV-C) and the least expensive would include only the reverse osmosis filter. You can also decide which type of carbon filter you wish to add or remove for your own household needs and preferences. In this way, you can customize a system that is best for you.

3. Reverse osmosis and carbon block filters reduce chlorine by 91% helping to make your water much more enjoyable. These two filters reduce taste, odor, and chlorine.

4. UV-C technology helps eliminate microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, cysts (such as giardia), and parasites that may affect you and your family’s health.

The UV-C light also makes it impossible for any biological contaminants to pass through the system before reaching the filters for purification. In this way, only clean water comes out of your faucets, showerheads, bathroom sinks, and toilets.

5. The system also includes one 1000 gallon water tank for reserving water and reuse in the future. This is a great feature since you do not have to constantly be purchasing filter cartridges or replacement filters that could cost hundreds of dollars over time!

6. You can choose your own home style with a selection of finishes which include Granite, Quartz, and Stainless steel. This is done to give you the option to match your existing décor. These finishes are also extremely durable and will not fade or crack like other materials like brass or plastic will.

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How does the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System work?

The Springwell Whole House Water Filter System is a whole house water treatment system. It includes three important components: Reverse Osmosis filter; Carbon block filter; and UV-C light. All of these components work together to clean your drinking water by removing common contaminants such as chlorine, lead, sediments, oil, and many more.

Reverse osmosis (RO) filter – removes the dissolved minerals from your water in order to clear it of harmful substances like lead, microbiological pollutants, and other contaminants caused by organic matter. RO filters are capable of reducing heavy metals such as lead by 99%.

The carbon block filter eliminates undesirable tastes and odors. It helps your water to taste great! These filters are recommended for improving the flavor of tap water as well as removing unpleasant odors from chlorine and other contaminants.

The amount of sediment and organic material would normally give your water an unpleasant taste, but these filters will greatly improve the flavor without adding any chemicals or elements.

Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light – This filter kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, cysts (such as giardia), and spores that may affect your health. UV-C light is often added to RO systems because it can help prevent certain microorganisms from contaminating your household water.

The UV-C lighting also destroys any biological contaminants that may be present in your water before it passes through the filters for purification.

Pros and cons to using the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System


• You can install the system in under an hour.

• The reverse osmosis filter is rated for 15,000 gallons which is almost 3 years of your daily water usage. This means you will not have to replace the filter until it needs to be replaced.

The carbon block filters are also rated for 15,000 gallons which means you will not have to replace these filters unless they need to be replaced. This makes this system very cost-effective especially when comparing the life of these filters with other systems that purchase a new system every 2-3 years.

• Having all three components in one system allows you to make adjustments easily if necessary.

• The system is designed to be used with well water.

• You can add as many modules to the system as you want so you do not have to purchase any additional components for your home.

For example, if you want a reverse osmosis system without UV technology or a carbon block filter, you can easily remove them and add them at a later date if you decide that they are necessary for your household.


• One customer mentioned that the UV light does not “kick on” when filling the tank for the first time. This means that some of the microorganisms may get into the tank before purification has taken place which could cause some health problems.

• One customer reported that the UV light (instead of the system) began smoking in a few months which caused an electrical fire.

• The size of the filter tanks are also larger than other systems which may be due to the fact that they use fewer filters in each system.


The Springwell Water Filter System received excellent reviews from customers who were very satisfied with their purchase. Customers felt it was easy to install and works well without having to constantly estimate how much water will be used since it does not require replacement cartridges or filters like other systems do.

The modular design allows you to customize your own system based on your needs and preferences at a relatively affordable price.

“It does what it says it will do, purify water. You can taste the difference. We bought this for our camper and now we drink purified water every day. I am so happy with it.

We are a small family and we don’t have to drink our tap water which is not purified at all. It does take a bit to get used to the taste but after a day or two, you will forget it. It is a great buy and I would buy it again for sure.”

The Springwell system can be purchased through Amazon for $199 which includes both the reverse osmosis filter and carbon block filter.

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