SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener System Review {Updated June 2024}

Springwell salt based water softener system is a new innovation, which is based on breakthroughs in ionic technology and pure sodium chloride. The top water softeners are designed to be easier to maintain with low power consumption. 

The whole installation process is very simple. It only takes less than an hour to install the system by yourself. The most important part of the installation is to make sure that you clean the water until it looks like a fine white powder. The maintenance process is also very simple.

SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener
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Here are the main advantages of the Springwell salt-based water softener system:

Modular design and high-quality materials: 

The components in the system are designed by integrating advanced plastic technology and modern machinery. So you can be sure that each component will last longer than normal products. The company also uses high-quality pure sodium chloride to fill the softener. So you don’t need to worry about the quality.

Modular design reduces space requirement: 

The modular design allows customers to arrange different modules in different positions according to their own needs. The components are also easy to clean and maintain for long-term use. Moreover, they can be connected by simply fixing them together without using water hoses and faucet adapter kits for installation. This reduces the maintenance cost and makes maintenance easier.

High efficiency: 

The passivation performance is high due to the pure sodium chloride of the system. So the effective water softening capacity can be better than traditional water softeners used in modern construction projects. In addition, it could also provide better service life than around 10 years for conventional systems.

Low power consumption, and low maintenance cost: 

The salt-based system can use less energy so you don’t need to worry about high electricity bills during the winter season. The low energy consumption also means that the system will not block the water pipes. In addition, the maintenance cost is low.

Other Benefits of The SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener System? 

It is highly effective in passivating because pure sodium chloride is used as a material for softening agents in the water softener system, which has a high molecular charge. It helps to improve ion conductivity and increase water softening capacity.

Which allows the water softener system to use less salt while maintaining the water quality at a higher standard. The system can also reduce high chloride content and improve hardness reduction performance.

The maintenance is also very simple. After using a certain period of time, a layer of new material will be formed on the surface of the plate. You can remove this layer by using hot water, a cleaning agent, or detergent. Then you need to put some salt in it. It is really very easy to maintain it always in good working condition by yourself.

The system can remove heavy metals, such as lead and mercury from water. It is also suitable for the removal of turbidity in water. With the system, you can get clear and freshwater for your drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, and other activities every day.

Modern design: 

The Springwell salt based water softener system features a modern design that will easily blend with different types of kitchens nowadays. Moreover, the design will also support the environment in using water. It will not produce a large amount of waste like other products, which can be recycled to produce new products.

The company is supporting customers in using traditional softer water for washing clothes and dishes and making tea or coffee. According to the company, it is also possible to use the system with some applications of ultra-pure water.

Water storage tank:

The system features a large water storage tank, which can store around 70 gallons of water. The water storage tank is designed with a bottom compartment and top compartment. It will be easy to install the unit without any modernized plumbing equipment and pipe connections as the system only need 4 standard faucets and 4 standard hoses to be connected.

The process:

After you purchase the product, you also need to install it at your home. It only takes less than an hour to install it by yourself. After the installation, the system needs to be connected with the faucets and water pipes. Then you will need to bleed off and fill water in all the necessary components of the water softener system. The most important part is to make sure that you clean all the components with a special solution before use it. After this process is done, you can start using it at home or office.


The system consists of only a few components. There are 4 main parts in the system. The water tank, the salt chamber, the float switch, and then the float. Each one of the parts is very easy to install and maintain. The installation process is also very simple.

The SpringWell salt based water softener system allows the extra water to be stored in the top part of the water tank, which is also a kind of storage space. So you can have enough water for drinking or cooking without worrying about running out of it.

The company also uses advanced plastic technology and modern machinery to manufacture its parts. After installation, there will be enough space for you to store some dishes or other items inside it. The product is really designed for kitchen purposes and it also looks fashionable at home.

The system also features a float switch, which is very convenient for keeping it in good working condition. It can prevent the system from being damaged by preventing the tank from overflowing.

The water softener system has the ability to remove odors and chlorine from water during its normal operation. The company also provides a special solution to clean up all parts of the system. This solution can remove any impurities on different parts of the system and make sure there is no sand or dirt left in them.

High quality, durable parts:

The company applies advanced plastic technology to manufacture its parts. This ensures that the parts are resistant to corrosion and impact damage. It also prevents scratches or any other damage from being caused by accidental purposes when in use.

After installation, you will also realize that it is very durable and very easy for you to maintain it by yourself. It has a very solid and sophisticated design.

SpringWell claims that the installation process is very simple. Anyone can install this salt-based water softener system by following some instructions. The product comes with all the necessary components, so you don’t need to worry about any of them.

One of the reasons why people may dislike it is because it takes more time to soften water than other products do. It also consumes more electricity but this can be easily solved by choosing a professional and reliable company to install the system for you.

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