Sawyer Gravity Filtration System Review {Updated May 2024}

Outdoor activities like camping or hiking mean one thing: Thirst. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, physical outdoor activities lead to sweating, which makes people want to replenish their fluids. As such, it is important to have an adequate supply of clean water at all times.

Unfortunately, most natural water sources like rivers or lakes do not contain clean water that is safe for human consumption. Luckily, with a Sawyer gravity filtration system, people can enjoy clean water anywhere and anytime.

Sawyer Gravity Filtration System

What is The Sawyer Gravity Filtration System?

The Sawyer 1 Gallon Gravity System is a type of gravity filter that purifies contaminated water on the go. It is a quick and easy way to filter enough water in a base camp or a remote backcountry location. Since it weighs only 8.3 oz., carrying it outdoors is quite easy.

The Sawyer gravity filtration system package contains a 1-gallon water reservoir, hose, adapters, Sawyer micro water filter, and a syringe for cleaning the filter. Surprisingly, even with all these amazing features, this filtration system costs only 40 dollars.

About Gravity Filters

A gravity water filter uses gravity to filter polluted or contaminated water. There are two chambers in the filter, the top chamber, and the bottom chamber. The upper chamber is where dirty water is put for filtration. On the other hand, the lower chamber serves as the finish line, where the contaminated water will be transformed into filtered water.

The gravity water filter’s upper chamber contains an element that handles the filtration of your contaminated water. That element is made up of minute pores that prevent impurities and other pollutants from passing through, leaving only water to pass through to the lower chamber. After this process, clean water that is free from residues is generated.

A gravity filtration system has the advantage of not requiring any pumping, squeezing, or waiting time to obtain filtered or treated water. Simply fill the dirty reservoir with water and let gravity pull it through the hose. Because of this, the filtration system is perfect for filtering water for a large number of people. Additionally, it perfectly saves time during camping creating time for other activities such as setting up a tent or making a fire.

Product Features

Sawyer’s 1-Gallon Gravity System with dual-threaded MINI filter is:

• Lightweight
• Durable option
• Filters large amounts of water
• Filtration takes as little as 7 minutes
• Excellent for emergency preparedness as well as backcountry camping and backpacking

Here are details of the system’s specific features:

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter

The Sawyer gravity filtration system included with the unit is a new type of Sawyer Mini water filter, which makes the system work even better. It is similar to the Sawyer Squeeze water filter, with threads on both sides. When travelers or hikers are done filtering water and they want to suspend the grates, they may switch off the flow using the valve on the output side of this double-threaded Mini.

The Mini is a dual-threaded micron hollow fiber filter that physically removes almost every bacteria in the water. It gets rid of all salmonella, cholera, and protozoa. The filter can do its work in under seven minutes, even though other systems in the market take a shorter time.

If the filter becomes clogged as a result of contaminants, it can be back-flushed by inserting the tip of a plastic syringe filled with water into the filter’s output side. Luckily, the plastic syringe comes as part of the package when the system is purchased. This helps to clean it out and enhance the flow rate. The Mini is rated to last long if properly cared for and cleaned regularly.

The Single Gallon Reservoir

The water reservoir for this filter system has a large aperture on one end for filling and a small opening on the other for putting in a filtration line. Moreover, the bag is made of a strong, non-pliable plastic that makes rolling it up in a backpack difficult. Because it isn’t gusseted on the bottom, it won’t stand up on a picnic bench and must be hung up or laid flat when filtering. Most importantly, the reservoir is large enough to accommodate a whole gallon of water.

While having a large hole for filling is convenient, it comes at a cost. Unlike other smaller filters, people cannot expect the reservoir to fill up by dumping the bag into a shallow water source. Because the walls are made of softer plastic, it’s not as hard as other bottle filters. The only way to fill the 1-gallon bag is to pour water into it from the top with a separate container or holding container.

Unfortunately, the reservoir is not made like those of other filters. This is because it is colored on the outside, making it hard to see through it. The fact that the reservoir is opaque and not transparent makes it hard to see how much water remains. As a result, it is hard to approximate refilling time especially when camping. Additionally, it is almost impossible to tell how clean or dirty the collected water is, and whether filtering was effective. Notably, this feature may make buyers prefer transparent filter systems over this one.

While camping or hiking outdoors, water filters are normally hanged somewhere like on a tree. Unfortunately, the Sawyer gravity filtration system does not come with hanging lanyards. As a result, it becomes hard to find a perfect place to place the filtration system. Moreover, most forests contain twigs and other objects that could ruin the system if it is not placed in a safe place. That said, this is a feature that the company should look into before developing an upgraded version of the filtration system.

Product Accessories

The Sawyer gravity filtration system comes with various accessories. These include inline hydration adapters, cleaning coupling, plastic tubing, a plastic syringe, and cleaning coupling. The plastic syringe is meant for back-flushing the system in case the filters clog with dirt. Luckily, most of these accessories come with the product, but can also be bought separately if they get misplaced.

Is the Sawyer Gravity Filtration System Recommended? Definitely. Here’s Why:

Well, this filtration system is one of the simplest ways to get access to clean water while having fun outside. Here are the advantages of having this filter system:

• It is Affordable

The gravity filtration system costs only 40 dollars which is far much cheaper than buying bottled water for a large group of people. As such, it saves on both energy and money since water filtration is faster while using it.

Perfect for Large Groups

Organizing a camp or a hike for a large group can be stressful, but this water filter reduces the planning stress by taking care of all water needs. The system can filter a whole gallon of water in only 7 minutes. This means that it is perfect for many people. Moreover, no waiting time is required, allowing extra time to have fun while outdoors.

• Durable

The problem with many water filter systems is that they get damaged fast, making them unreliable. Luckily, with the Sawyer gravity filtration system, there is a guarantee of durability. When properly used and maintained, the system can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water. Compared to other brands in the market, its durability is perfect.

• Saves on Time and Energy

With gravity water filters like this one, there is no need for pumping or squeezing. This is because the system uses the force of gravity to clean water. That said, minimum energy and time are consumed. More importantly, the filtration process takes place without the supervision of anyone which is interesting.

Final Verdict

Before purchasing any water filtration system, it is vital to understand your personal needs first. This is because different systems are made for different needs. When looking for an affordable, simple, and easy-to-use filter, however, this one is top of the list. The Sawyer Gravity Filtration System should be the ultimate choice!

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