PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter {Updated June 2024}

We love the Pur FM-3700 water filter. If you need to purify the water that you are drinking, you may want to consider getting the PUR FM-3700 water filtration system. This is an advanced system, designed to purify your water easily, helping you to stay healthy. There are many benefits associated with using this particular product. However, as with any product, there are some difficulties that you may encounter. Overall, it is a wonderful investment if you are conscientious about the water you are drinking. Here is a quick overview of how you can benefit from using the PUR FM-3700 water filter system.

PUR FM-3700

PUR FM-3700 Overview

In our world today, it is becoming very apparent that the water that we drink can affect how we feel. Part of the reason has to do with contaminants that can be found in the water. This is true for well water or the water that you get in the city through the water system. You may not like the taste of the water, or even it’s now, which is why using one of these water filters is so important. This particular unit, the PUR FM-3700, has many benefits that will motivate you to try it out.

The Benefits Of The PUR FM-3700 Water Filter

Most water filters today use some type of carbon filtration system. However, with some types of water, due to their contaminants, you will need something more. This particular system uses an ion exchange layer that can help with the filtering process. This can manage the pH level of your water, making sure to bring it to balance without removing all of the iron that can be helpful for your body. By leaving essential ions and minerals, yet also purifying the water simultaneously, can give you the best results. Additionally, it is capable of removing chlorine, lead, and 70 other contaminants that can be found in most water that is going through your tap today. It uses a very reliable system, one that can attach directly to your faucet, which makes this entire process so much easier.

Drawbacks Of The PUR FM-3700 Water Filter

This water system does have a few drawbacks. First of all, it’s not going to fit on every single faucet that is made today. If it has a spring mechanism at the top, there is no way that it can fit, yet this is one of the few circumstances where this will be an issue. There are some that have reported a small amount of leakage coming from the cartridge once the initial one is replaced. After replacing it, several months after you have installed it, you may notice this issue which will resolve itself shortly after the installation. The only other problem that people have reported is customer service issues. They may not have received a call back from the customer support desk immediately, yet they will do their best to contact you as soon as possible.

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Advanced Features On This Water Filtration System

There are so many benefits associated with this water filter system. We have already mentioned that it’s easy to attach, and is compatible with most faucets that are produced today. If you ever need to replace it, it’s going to be easy to do, and the installation process is also simplistic.

The great filtered water that you will be drinking through this NSF-certified filtration system will be the best that you have ever experienced. Cleaned satisfying water will be at your disposal on any faucet where this is installed. Some of the advanced features have to do with its ability to filter the water properly. The advanced filtration system, called the MineralClear base, is why this system is so much better than its competitors.

The water will seem more crisp and refreshing than normal due to its ability to remove chemicals, chlorine, and other contaminants that other standard carbon filtration systems will not. Additionally, due to the way it is designed, and the attachments that come with it, you can connect this to virtually any faucet.

Finally, it will be able to filter about 800 water bottles of water for you, saving you hundreds of dollars by comparison to purchasing bottled water at the store.

How Do You Install This?

The PUR FM-3700 is very easy to install due to its patented design. Additionally, the filter will not require any special tools once you need to replace it. After it is attached to your faucet, you will simply need to address the setting to run the water through the filter system.

Keep in mind that due to the quality of the water, it may take a little bit longer than normal to get adequate pressure to go through the filter. This simply shows you how good your water filter system is operating by forcing water through the filter to deliver exceptional water that you can drink every day.

How Much Water Can It Actually Filter?

The amount of water that it can filter is about 100 gallons of water. This is typically over three months if you are drinking about a gallon a day. If you are drinking more than that, such as 3 gallons of water, you will get a month’s use out of each of the filters.

Although other systems may filter more water than this, the quality of the water will not be as good. Either way, you will be saving hundreds of dollars over the cost of obtaining filtered water at the store which is something that you will no longer have to do.

Top Features On The PUR FM-3700

One of the best features of this filtration system is its ability to remove 99% of the lead that you will typically find in unfiltered water. Additionally, it has the ability to remove nearly 70 other contaminants. This is going to include pesticides and the dangerous element mercury.

By having all of these safeguards, you can always feel confident about the quality of the water you are drinking. After spending about 15 minutes installing the system, this is what you can expect from every lesson water that you drink.

Why You Should Get This Advanced Water Filtration System

First of all, this comes from the leader in the water filtration industry PUR, a well-known name worldwide. Second, it is the most affordable advanced water filter on the market, and finally, it is one of the easiest to install. Whether you decide to purchase this at a local store or order it online, you will find the same quality in each of the filtration systems that you are using. You will no longer have to worry about consuming contaminants that could be harmful by using this advanced water filtration system.


Why The Ion Exchange Layer Is Important

There are a variety of water filtration systems that can take what is called hard water and convert it into soft water. When doing so, and ion exchange is happening. If you have minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water, these can build up in your pipes.

However, since you are placing this on your faucet, you will not benefit from how it can create soft water for you. However, what it does is neutralize these minerals, without taking them out of the water, so you can still benefit from them every time you get a drink.

Why The PH Of Water Is Important

If you have water that is balanced, with the proper pH levels, this can assist you with regulating your metabolism. Most people that consume high quantities of LDLs, sugar, and foods that are highly acidic may find themselves becoming less healthy. It can also lead to problems such as a slower immune system response, weight gain, and you may become sick on a regular basis.

However, if you can balance the pH levels, without making the water over the alkaline, you will then have the perfect glass of water to drink. That’s exactly what the PUR FM-3700 is able to do for those that install them on their faucet. It is an automatic part of the ion exchange and filtration system.

Do You Really Need This Advanced Water Filtration System?

For most people, it is advantageous to drink clean and purified water at all times. However, what you may find is the minerals that you need in the water are often removed making it less healthy. When you are using an advanced system such as the PUR FM-3700, you will know that each and every glass of water will be calibrated properly. It is designed to give you that balance of healthy minerals, and the absence of contaminants that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

If you are concerned about contaminants in your drinking water, certainly consider getting this water purification system. The PUR FM-3700 is designed for those that are looking for that perfect balance of purified water at the proper pH levels.

Using this filtration system on each faucet in your home, everyone that drinks water from the tap will have access to the same high-quality water. Although it is slightly more expensive than the standard units, the health benefits alone should motivate you to acquire at least one for your household.

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