Pelican WF10 Review {Updated May 2024}

Shopping for the Pelican WF10? One of the most important minerals to remove from your water, if you have hard water, is iron. It’s also important to remove manganese as well. There are very few filtration systems that do this efficiently. One of the best is the Pelican WF 10 system.

It has been shown to filter these contaminants out, helping to make soft water very easily, and it comes at a very affordable price. It is one of the top water software is in the industry that you should consider using. However, it’s good to look at this from an unbiased perspective. Here are the pros and cons of purchasing this product, and inevitably why you will consider wanting to own this water softening filtration system.

Pelican WF10 Review

An Overview Of The System

Although Pentair has made many different water filtration systems, this is one of the top models for specifically removing water that contains high amounts of manganese and iron. By removing this from the water, you can improve the longevity of the pipes in your home, both in your bathrooms and kitchen, but also the pipes underneath your home that inevitably deliver the water.

It is very common to see stains from these contaminants in sinks, bathtubs, and it can also affect your clothes when you wash them. Therefore, it’s imperative that these minerals be removed if they are in overabundance. That’s why many people recommend this particular system.

What Are The Benefits Of The Pelican WF10

The benefits of using the Pelican WF10 include the fact that it will filter out iron which can be very problematic. If you have well water or water that has a similar origin source, it is common for iron to be in the water because of soil formations and the rocks that the water will often percolate through. It is not an exaggeration to say that iron is an abundant material, and you can certainly tell if it is in the water you are using. It will often leave a very reddish discoloration.

There is also the problem of manganese in your water as well. This is typically the result of pollution that has percolated into the ground, and although it is not as common as iron, it can still be there. The combination of these two minerals can be problematic and unhealthy, and that’s why this system was designed to remove both of them efficiently.

What Are The Negative Aspects Of The Pelican WF10?

There are really no negative aspects of this product other than the initial cost that you will have to pay for it. However, that itself is extremely reasonable. When you compare the prices of having to replace pipes that are now closing up because of these mineral deposits building up, you will see that this is an exceptional bargain.

It’s also somewhat hard to install if you are doing this on your own. That’s why you need to work with a company that can provide you with professional installation. Other than this, there are many other benefits to consider if you are looking for a water filtration system.

How This Is Able To Remove Iron And Manganese

The filtration system that comes with the Pelican WF10 is quite dynamic. In fact, the first place that you will notice it is in your clothing. You have may have noticed that, over time, the stains in your clothing are getting worse. This is because of an excessive amount of manganese and iron. This water may also contain black sediment which is often an indication that manganese concentrations are much higher.

The filtration system will handle all of this, and also remove the foul taste that can often accompany water that is filled with heavy minerals. One final test to consider is looking at the water once it comes out of the tap. If it is unfiltered, it will often be dark or even murky. Once it goes through this Pelican system, you will certainly see right through the water because it will be cleansed of all of these contaminant materials.

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Is This A Filtration System For Everybody?

The Pelican WF10 is certainly a good filtration system to have if you have done a water test which has detected high amounts of manganese and iron. The system that uses for filtering utilizes a filtration backwashing system, one that uses some of the top green sand and carbon filtration components.

By having both of these combined, you can look forward to the removal of not only these heavy minerals, but also harmful chemicals and other contaminants that could contribute to unhealthy situations. Whether you are using this for cooking, drinking, or if you are concerned about the water that you are bathing with, this will no longer be an issue.

This overview of the Pelican WF10 that is capable of filtering iron and manganese out of the water should show you why it is such a good deal. It is one of the best in the industry, specifically designed for those that do have high amounts of these minerals in the water.

Moreover, it’s going to help improve the quality of your clothing after washing them and you will notice the taste of your water will be much better. If you have not installed a system that can filter all of the water coming into your home before, consider finding a company that can install this particular system.

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