Pelican Water Whole House Triple-Stage 20-GPM {Updated June 2024}

Pelican’s Water Water Filtration and Natursoft Salt-Free Softener System For The Home

Looking for a Pelican Water Whole House Triple-Stage 20-GPM? Pelican prides itself on offering quality water filtration and softener systems for the whole home. The latest water filtration and salt-free softener systems will take care of up to 20 GPM in any home. This is enough to remove chlorine, bacteria, and contaminants for almost 10 people.

With the Naturseoft salt-free softener system you get filtered water from every tap. The item ships via UPS, and it is easy to install. If preferred, a plumber can do it, but most do-it-yourselfers can manage the task in a few hours. These systems are low-maintenance and excellent ways to get clean, pure water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

Pelican Water Whole House Triple-Stage 20-GPM

Pros and Cons of Pelican’s Water Filtration and Salt-Free Softener System

With a trusted name like Pelican, you get certified performance from its water softener systems. It removes 97 percent of chlorine and gets you softer skin and hair. Coffee, tea, and water taste better. The system operates without electricity so it is cost-effective and low maintenance.

THe Pelican Water Whole House Triple-Stage 20-GPM works using a micron pre-filter system which reduces sand, silt, sediment, and debris. Replace the filter about every six to nine months. The system will keep pipes and appliances in great shape. Hard water can damage both and can be less than pleasant-tasting.

The filters Pelican use are 100 percent natural. They are made of a blend of catalytic coconut shell and activated carbon. They effectively remove chlorine, herbicides, chloramines, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants from water. These systems also include a patented copper-zinc reduction oxidation element to fully eliminate chlorine which no one wants in their bath or shower.

Why You Should Invest in The Pelican Water Whole House Triple-Stage 20-GPM

Most homeowners know that they don’t need unwanted chemicals or pesticides in their whole home water supply, but how scary is it to think of cutting into your home’s water supply to install a filtration system? With Pelican systems, not only do you get the entire system shipped to your door. You can also easily follow the instructions and install the unit in about eight hours. If you are unsure about doing this yourself, you can have a professional plumber install it for you.

The Pelican Water Whole House Triple-Stage 20-GPM benefits you by providing water with essential minerals. One third-party test revealed it removed 99.6 percent of buildup. It is gentle on skin and hair. Drinking water has no added salt or potassium added. As always, the system works without electricity and it functions efficiently even in areas where salt-free water softeners are typically unapproved. The conditioner refills are affordable and easy to install.

Replacing the filter is simple. You don’t need to do any plumbing. Simply replace the media that is housed within the tank. Pelican systems offer this simplicity where other brands do not. They require that you remove the tank and install a new one to replenish the contaminant removal benefits of the system.

Is it truly beneficial to invest in a whole house or salt-free softening system? Yes, because instead of having to count on filtered water from a single faucet, the whole house system ensures that fresh drinking or bathing water is coming from each faucet in the house. Your clothes will come out cleaner from the washer, and your dishes will come out sparkling from the dishwasher.

The salt-free system comes pre-assembled. Installation is even easier than you think. The entire process can be done in less time than other systems take. You can always contact Pelican directly for help. Their customer service technicians are ready to help anyone install the system or replace the filters. These systems also reduce hard water etching. Your appliances stay looking and functioning like new for longer.

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Pelican water filtration and Natursoft model salt-free softener systems are among the best products available for providing clean water. They are affordable systems that are easy to install and maintain.

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