Pelican PUV-8 Review: {Updated July 2024}

The Pelican PUV-8 is a water disinfection filtration system. Before buying it, make sure to read this review because it will cover its key features, pros, and cons. It’ll also go over installation, parts, and more. With that said, here is a review of the Pelican PUV-8.

Pelican PUV-8 review

Key Features

The water disinfection water filtration system has a host of features. Bear in mind there are many features. That said, a few of the key features include:

. Certified NSF/ANSI 55
. Reduce over 50 contaminants
. Stainless steel exterior
. Uses UV lighting

The certification is one of the highest accolades that a water filtration system can receive. In fact, it means that the system has undergone strenuous independent testing by NSF International. Meanwhile, UV lighting plays a role in penetrating microorganisms’ DNA. The stainless steel exterior ensures that the PUV-8 is durable, but more on that in a bit.

The Pros

There are a lot of great things about the Pelican PUV-8. Although there are many pros, let’s discuss the top ones. They include:

Destroys Contaminants– The best thing about the Pelican PUV-8 is its ability to destroy contaminants. It can destroy up to 99.9% of contaminants, as well as over 50 different types of contaminants. This essentially leads to healthier water to drink, wash clothes in, bath or shower in, and so forth.

As for the types of contaminants, it can reduce and/or destroy, there are many. This includes very harmful ones such as e.coli and giardia. Others include lead, chlorine, cysts, chloramine, and many others.

Furthermore, the filtration system doesn’t involve using any harmful chemicals. This isn’t the case with many other filtration systems out there. All users have to do is install the Pelican PUV-8, and it will start working right away.

Fast Acting– As previously mentioned, simply install the PUV-8 and it starts working right away. As long as the instructions are followed and it is installed properly, it will start working to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Best of all, no by-products are produced as a result.

Lamp Plug– Another good thing about the product is its lamp plug. It comes with a special lamp plug, which serves as somewhat of a safety mechanism. This special plug means that the UV lamp cannot be powered if it is not inside of the chamber.

Indicator Lights– The PUB-8 has indicator lights, which show people the status of the components. If something is wrong with the components, then the indicator light will reveal that. Not only that, but when maintenance is required to be done, then the warning lights will appear.

People who live busy lives, but want to still enjoy the benefits of having a water filtration system will love owning the Pelican PUV-8. They don’t have to worry about guessing when their system has undergone maintenance or when there is an issue with the components. If there is an issue that needs to be dealt with, the chances are it will be an easy fix.

Doesn’t Affect The Water– A top pro of the system is the water being filtered won’t taste any different. It will taste the same, or even slightly better due to contaminants being removed and/or reduced in the water. Not only will the taste not be affected, but the color or the odor of the water won’t be changed in a negative way. If anything, there’s a chance the water will smell better (if it currently has a foul smell) and look better.

This isn’t the case with many other water filtration systems. Some people have complained about the quality of water after using certain systems. The good news is this shouldn’t be an issue with the Pelican PUV-8.

Lamp age Display– The system features a lamp age display, which counts down in order to indicate when the lamp needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, then there are 30 days left, an alarm will sound off and the color yellow will be displayed. When this happens, it means a new lamp needs to be installed, but don’t worry because this is an easy task to complete.

Manual– The owner’s manual contains useful info. There are also detailed instructions on how to install the system. If someone has any concerns about how the system works, then they can reference the owner’s manual.

Warranty– Let’s not forget to mention that the Pelican PUV-8 comes with a very generous warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is for three years, and it covers defects related to the power supply. Also, the UV chamber comes with a 10-year guarantee, while the sensors and the lamps are covered by a 1-year warranty.

If something goes wrong with the above, then simply take advantage of the warranty. Bear in mind that users should read the warranty carefully. By doing this, they will know what’s exactly covered and what’s not covered.

UV Light– One of the most unique features that the filtration system has is UV light. This light plays a major role in reducing all sorts of contaminants, including the previously discussed ones. What the UV light does is inactivates the DNA of the microorganisms, which in turn makes them unable to reproduce and/or infected. The bottom line is if there are dangerous bacteria in the water or viruses, then they will become harmless due to the UV light.

Stainless Steel– Another good thing about the Pelican PUV-8 is its overall construction. The exterior is made with stainless steel, which means it is very durable and owners can expect to have it for many years to come. Due to it being made with stainless steel, the product is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Maintenance– Every now and then the filter will need to be cleaned out, but don’t worry because this is extremely easy to do. The lamp does need to be replaced, and so does the quartz sleeve. Both of those parts don’t need to be replaced frequently, so users don’t have to worry about constantly spending money on maintaining the Pelican PUV-8.

The Pelican PUV-8 is one of the best water disinfection filters on the market. If someone installs this, then it won’t be long until they notice the many benefits it offers. The chances are they’ll notice a difference in their water right away.

The Cons

When it comes to cons, there are only two potential cons. This includes:

The Price– It is expensive, but how much you’ll pay for it depends on several factors. This includes where you buy it from. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $1,500, but it could be a bit more or less. Some people may think this is too much money, but the truth is it is a fair price for what it is capable of doing.

Sensitive To Hard Water– The only other con is the PUV-8 is somewhat sensitive to hard water. This means from time to time the chamber might accumulate iron and hard water materials. Not only that, but the UV light could become blocked due to the sediment.

The good news is there is a solution for the above. Before you run the UV filter, you can run a sentiment filter. As for the hard water, you can have that treated.

Those are the only two potentially major cons. Although it’s expensive, the PUV-8 is worth the money. It is highly effective for filtering water, and it’s easy to maintain.


When it comes to installation, even someone who has never owned a water filtration system shouldn’t struggle too much. Generally speaking, it should only take a few minutes to install it. Here’s a tip, refer to the owner’s manual, as it clearly explains how to install the PUV-8. There’s also a number of videos that show people how to install it.


The main part is equipped with the main chamber and a filter. Other parts include the lamp and a quartz sleeve. Both of these parts do need to be replaced, but the good news is they only need to be replaced every now and then. More specifically, the lamp needs to be replaced every year, while the quartz sleeve should be replaced every two years or as needed.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is the PUV-8 disinfection water filtration system is a good investment. When used properly, it is capable of removing over 99% of viruses, bacteria, and cysts from water. As previously mentioned, it has an NSF/ANSI 55 certification and it comes with an impressive warranty. The indicator light is a nice touch, and since it is made with stainless steel, users can count on it lasting for a long time to come.

The Pelican PUV-8 does an impressive job at reducing various contaminants, and it is relatively easy to install. Although it might be considered expensive for some people, it is well worth the price tag. If anyone wants to ensure they are consuming or using water that isn’t filled with potentially harmful contaminants, then they should buy the Pelican PUV-8 disinfection water filter system today.

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