Pelican PUV-16 Review {Updated May 2024}

The Pelican PUV-16 is a filtration system that is designed to filter all of the water coming into your home. This utilizes a technology similar to water softeners, preventing parasites that can resist chlorine from contaminating the water you are using. It is also beneficial in removing viruses that could be potentially harmful to your family, plus bacteria that can often get by standard water filters. It has been certified, tested for performance, and is very easy to install.

Here is a quick overview of the Pelican PUV-16 and why you should consider getting this water filtration system for your household.

Pelican PUV-16 Review

Pelican PUV-16 Overview

This is a UV water filtration system that is capable of disinfecting your water very easily. Through the use of ultraviolet lights and integrated technologies, you can filter your water for many years without any problems. This is a trouble-free system, one designed for minimal maintenance, as it quickly and efficiently removes contaminants. Most microbiology filtration systems are not as efficient as this one, allowing you to feel comfortable drinking and using this water in your household.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Systems

The obvious benefit of using these systems is that they are able to remove viral and bacterial contaminants through ultraviolet light technology. However, there are other benefits to consider. In regard to microorganisms, they can also reduce the amount of E. coli in the water as well.

The filtration process will also not affect the flavor of the water, its color, or the way that it smells. It is also designed to work with most homes that have a GPM peak flow of water between nine and sixteen. Finally, the benefits of the system are experienced almost instantly. As the light passes through the water, the contaminants will be affected. There is also the absence of any disinfection byproducts, allowing you to be protected against this wide range of organisms that could be permeated the water that you are using today.

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Pelican UV Disinfection Technology Overview

When you are using these systems, it’s good to know a little bit about the general product specifications. In general, the maximum operating pressure for these systems is 125 psi. The minimum amount of pressure that you can have when utilizing these systems is 4 psi which is extremely low. However, that shows the ingenuity which is still capable of reducing bacterial contaminants in the water.

Other factors to consider will be the ambient air temperature that it can operate at to get maximum results. This is typically below 122°F, and a little below freezing, with humidity being out 100%. Finally, the installation of the system can be either horizontal or vertical. It is not going to affect the UV light in any way. That is because of the VIQUA technology that is used in the construction of these labs which can efficiently remove viruses and bacteria.

VIQUA Lamp Technology

The primary reason that this is able to provide such efficient filtration levels is because of the ultraviolet light that has been developed by this business. It uses what is called VIQUA lamps which are tailored to reduce and eliminate viruses and bacteria within the water you are using. In most cases, these will have a lifetime of nearly 10,000 hours.

This is going to save you a substantial amount of money, especially in comparison to competing products. Although there are many copies on the market of this particular technology, you must always look for those that are marketing the actual Pelican PUV-16 to get access to this level of protection.

How Does It Work?

Science has shown that certain frequencies of ultraviolet light are the most efficient at reducing the number of viruses and bacteria in the water. This is something that has become much more well-known over the years copycat companies that have to produce this technology. If it is genuine, it will disinfect your water consistently and can last for several months at a time. It must also be equipped with a UV sensor for maximum detection capabilities.

It should also utilize the full spectrum of the blue light frequency to maximize its overall performance. Through strict quality testing, this land has been shown to provide the maximum level of efficiency for disinfecting water of all different types. Whether you are using water that comes from the city, or well water that is highly mineralized, you can feel confident that you will be using contaminant-free water. It is also beneficial, regardless of the flow of the water, that is coming into your home regularly.

What Type Of Water Flow Does This Work With?

The water flow for this particular model should be medium to high for it to work as efficiently as possible. It has the ability to reduce viruses and bacteria into harmless contaminants, and this will include parasites that are sometimes hard to eliminate. NSF International has rated this, specifically up against the NSF/ANSI standards.

What they have discovered is that it is a very effective system, ranking Class B, in terms of Standard 55 for disinfection performance. It is designed to work with 120 AC voltage. The stainless steel chamber in which it is housed is designed to last a lifetime. Additionally, you can track the performance of the system due to the way it is designed, especially when you are replacing these lights every 24 months to maximize your potential results.

What If You Already Have A Similar System?

Although this particular system is very efficient, it will not work with other systems that are not from Pelican directly. This disinfectant system is geared to work with the ultraviolet lights that the company develops. If it is authentic, it will last a minimum of 12 months to achieve maximum water clarity.

In addition to the lightbulb, you will also get access to a couple of O-rings which will ensure that the installation will be secure and complete. As long as you have the PC1000 system installed, it is going to fit perfectly.

How Much Will You Pay For These Lamps?

Finding a replacement lamp can be somewhat expensive. If you are just replacing the bulb, this is a couple of hundred dollars. A brand-new Pelican PUV-16 lamp will cost just over $2000.

However, there are often times where you can get discounts. However, most people are only looking for a replacement light which will only cost a few hundred dollars. By simply installing the system to filter the water coming into your home, you will no longer have to worry about contaminants that could lead to illness. It is a simple technology, despite its advanced way of filtering your water, that is something that no household should be without.

What Is The Benefit Of UV Water Filtration

The primary reason for ultraviolet water purification is for the elimination of bacteria from water. It is thought to be the most effective way to prevent these from maintaining their presence in the water you are drinking.

By using frequencies of ultraviolet light that are capable of penetrating these pathogens, it can destroy these microorganisms by directly affecting their DNA. That being said, many people feel confident about carbon-based filtration systems. They may not believe that the elimination of viruses or bacteria from their water will be of great importance. However, we live in a time where the elimination of any potential viral or bacterial contaminants is extremely vital when it comes to maintaining optimal levels of health.

How To Find A Pelican PUV-16 Replacement Lamp For Less

The best way is to search for this particular product and lamp on the web. You will find many different companies offering this product. You may want to consider the original source when determining whether or not you are getting a good deal. You need to know that you are obtaining this from a reputable dealer that is providing you with an authentic Pelican PUV-16 replacement lamp.

Tips On Using And Replacing These Lamps

When you are doing a replacement, depending upon the mineral content of your water, you may notice a buildup of mineral deposits in that area. This must be removed as it may reduce the capability of the UV light, preventing it from actually filtering the water.

In general, the sleeve where the lamp will be should be cleaned at least four times a year. As time passes, the light produced by any lamp is going to diminish. For maximum protection against bacterial and viral components within your water, replace your lamp on a regular basis.

Overall, Pelican PUV-16 is designed for anyone that would like to harmlessly and easily remove viruses, bacteria, and parasites from their water. There are certain types of parasites that are resistant to chlorine, something that you will not have to worry about due to this UV technology.

Once it is installed, you can take immediate advantage of the way that it will destroy these contaminants. To find out more, you can visit our website and discover additional benefits about the Pelican PUV-16.

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