Pelican PSE2000 Review: {Updated June 2024}

How many different stages does this water purification system include? Is installation a difficult task? What type of filtration system is provided and what kind of results can I expect in my current source of water?

Will a 7-stage filtrations system work any better than a 3 stage filtrations system? All these questions and more are important when choosing a water filtration system that will suit you and your family’s specific needs in a water purification system.

Pelican PSE2000 Review

But even after knowing the right questions to ask there will be the matter of wading through interminable hype to find a product that suits your needs.

We are here to simplify this process. In our following review of the Pelican PSE2000 Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener, we will discuss the details and performance of this impressive product. This way you will be able to see if it is a good option for your specific needs.

Following is a short consumer report explaining how the Pelican PSE2000 Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener works and system for you

What to Expect from the Pelican PSE2000 Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener

3-Stage Filtration System

There has been plenty of debate whether the number of filtrations stages has an impact on the quality of the water supplied. The truth is that it is the quality and performance of the filters, not the number of stages that plays the biggest role in the quality of the water provided. The PSE2000 from Pelican offers a three-stage filtration system that includes the following top-quality filters.

5-micron sediment pre-filter

The pre-filter is used to remove the largest particulate matter from the water before it is passed to the filters of finer pollutants. Sand, silt and other debris removed from the water can be harmful to the other filtration systems, so this arrangement enhances the longevity of your filtration system.

Pelican PC1000 whole-house carbon filter — Rated capacity: 1,324,800 gallons.

This stage in itself is actually divided into 2-separate stages of filtration. The first stage uses catalytic carbon media and the second applies an oxidation process. Both of these stages work to remove as much as 96% of chlorine content from the water. This duo-stage also removes microscopic bacteria and algae traces from the water supply.

Additionally, this filtration stage improves the taste and feel of the water. What was once a lifeless liquid with flavors and smells that tell of a tiring trip through the very bowels of the city’s water mains and heavy chemical treatment will be transformed into a clear and sparkling elixir. It is important to note that both fluoride and lead are not effectively removed from the water supply.

NaturSoft NS6 saltless water conditioner

The combined function of these three filters ensures that all types of contaminants including organic and inorganic debris, toxins, heavy metals, and minerals are effectively purged from the water supply.

Flow Rate

At 12 gallons per minute, the PSE2000 provides a decent flow rate for the needs of a medium to the large-sized household. Pelican Water Systems claims that their system provides the heavy-duty capacity to keep a 4-6 bathroom home well supplied with soft water. In our opinion, we find that this high-performance option is sufficient for supporting the needs of a home with six members.

Required working pressure

One important thing to keep in mind is the way that a whole-house filtration system like this will affect the flow of water through the home. If your home suffers from poor water flow, this product may cause the flow to run even slower. Best for homes with a PSI of 25-80.

What We Love About the PSE2000

But by far the most impressive point about the Pelican PSE2000 is the fact that it doesn’t increase the sodium levels of your water supply as it removes the hard minerals. Most water conditioners apply salt to the water in an effort to remove high-mineral content transforming “hard” water, with calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, to “soft” water.

It also has no need for the backwashing or regeneration stage of the water softening process. A significant amount of wastewater is lost in this stage and a superior option like the Pelican PSE20000 is certainly the economic option.

The specialized system applied in the PSE2000 causes positively charged calcium and magnesium particles to attract each other. Water is softened and the essential minerals that make water healthy and suitable for all home purposes from cooking to washing are addressed.

What to Know About Installation and Setup

The Pelican PSE2000 Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener supplies water to all water outlets on your property and must be installed at the point where water enters the home. Installation is a little tricky and unless you have advanced to intermediate DIY skills.

Compared to other water filtration systems, the PSE2000 is a little more complex to install and set up. This is largely due to the various filtration processes that must be completed and in their correct stages.

However, if you have a knack for following the instructions in a manual and know your way around a toolbox, you should have no problem getting this up and running. The entire installation process can be completed in a matter of hours.

The first and most important part of the task will be to ensure that your work and the installation process are completed in accordance with your local plumbing codes. If you are not fully aware of these details, it would be wise to do some research first.

The next thing to do will be to locate the bypass valve on your home’s water supply or included it in your whole house’s water filtration system. If you can’t find this, It is a good idea to install one yourself or have a knowledgeable expert do this for you.

Installing the PSE2000 Whole House Water Filtration Unit

Before you begin the installation process, the activated carbon filter has to pre-soak for 48 hours beforehand.

Close the main water supply.

Open all water outlets in your home and allow the remaining water to drain away completely.

The pre-filter housing must be installed so that it is level with the much taller carbon filter.

Use the Teflon tape included in the package to wrap the threaded end of the 1″ male NPT connector – see the list of included items.

The thread fitting wrapped in Teflon tape must then be inserted into the inlet side of the pre-filter. Tighten this connection as much as you can with your hand then use a wrench to tighten 1-2 turns.

Next, wrap Teflon tape around the threaded end of the other Guest 1″ NPT to the stem.

The thread fitting is then inserted into the outlet side of the pre-filter and hand tightened as much as humanly possible. The final 1 – 2 turns can then be GENTLY accomplished using a wrench.

Now you can connect the prepared pre-filter section to the home’s main water supply line.

The pre-filter section can then be connected to the carbon tank bypass with the John Guest to Clack 1″ flex pipe. DO NOT USE THE WRENCH TO TIGHTEN, hand tightens only.

Now the carbon filter is connected to the softener tank with the Clack to Clack 1″ flex pipe (included). Only use your hand to tighten.

Finally, the softener’s outlet port must be reconnected to the home’s water supply with the female side threaded into John Guest 1″ flex pipe.

If you have completed all the aforementioned steps properly, you can now open the main water supply valve. Do this slowly and check for leaks.

Once completed, you will never have to worry about operations. This “set it and forget it” style filtration system. The Prefilter should be changed every 6 to 9 months depending on the amount of use you are getting from the. The conditioner should never need to be replaced and the carbon filter media should be swapped out every 5 years or so.

What you will find in the Pelican PSE2000 Package

5-micron poly-spun sediment pre-filter cartridge

Sediment filter wrench

4x O-rings

2x bypass valve

Sediment pre-filter housing (blue) + mounting kit

Salt-free water conditioner (NS3)

John Guest 1″ male NPT connector

4x split rings

3x John Guest 1″ NPT to Stem

Clack to Clack 1″ stainless flex pipe

Carbon filter (PC600)

Teflon tape

4x quick connect nuts

Female threaded to John Guest 1″ flex pipe

John Guest to Clack 1″ flex pipe

Optionally: UV filter stage (PUV-7)

Here’s what we don’t like about the Pelican PSE2000

The presoaking stage can be a bit inconvenient.

Some customers reported their product arriving with missing parts

Customer service is not as on-point as it ought to be.

Pelican PSE2000 Review: Our Verdict

There is no denying that the filtration system is far superior to most, even the overpowering taste of chlorine has been effectively lifted from the water. But the water softening itself does leave something to be desired. It could be said that its “saltless” function simply doesn’t work as well as the “salted” options.

If you are buying a whole-house water treatment system with the sole purpose of addressing hard water, we think you could find a better option.

But if your water supply is not highly mineralized and you are looking for a heavy-duty option to provide clean filtered water to your entire home, you will not be disappointed by the PSE2000 Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener.

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