Pelican PSE1800 Review {Updated April 2024}

Have you been looking for a solution to improve and soften the water quality in your large house? Well, this is the right place for you! In this article, we will take a look at Pelican Water Systems’ Whole House Water Filter and Water Softener. This salt-free, whole house filtration system is uniquely designed for large households.

No matter if you need to eliminate scaling, get rid of high levels of chlorine, or condition your water without eliminating essential minerals, this Pelican Water Systems’ Whole House Filter (commonly referred to as the Pelican PSE1800) is your choice. It provides you with amazing performance, great value, with only a few minor setbacks.

Specifically speaking, large households of around 4 – 6 bathrooms, will always be well served by the 4-stage filtration system of the Pelican PSE1800. This is primarily because it is used to descale, condition, and filter tap water when it comes to large homes.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before you make that decision!

Pelican PSE1800 Review

A Comprehensive Review on Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Water Softener

Quality engineering, low maintenance, and high efficiency make this Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Water Softener the best choice for improving the overall quality and taste of your tap water. You won’t need any electricity to run the PSE1800. What’s more, the 4-stage filtration system is specifically engineered for high volume application and virtually no maintenance.

You can now get rid of the filmy residue in your hair, slime-covered soap, spotted glassware, and do away with scaling with this PSE1800 by Pelican Water. Although it is an expensive unit, it is competitively priced. The advantages to your home and general water quality over a few years will generate a return on your investment in the long run.

In this full review on Whole House Water Filter and Water Softener, we will explore the fundamental characteristics, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that you might encounter if you choose to invest in this whole house water filtration system.

What Are the Features of Pelican PSE1800 Water Softener?

This whole-home water softener typically comes with two major output capacities. We have 10 GPM, which is highly recommended for households with 1 to 3 bathrooms, and a 15 GPM water softener for households with 4 to 6 bathrooms. Although the salt-free system is usually accompanied by the valves and connectors needed for setting up the two tanks and prefilter, you will require additional fittings for connecting the system to your household’s water supply. Since the filter doesn’t need any electrical power nor drain connection, you can either set it up inside or outdoors.

The unit typically needs some routine maintenance. You will need to replace the prefilter media, the O-ring seal, and a simple cartridge-style filter every six to nine months, based on the level of application. The carbon filtration media found inside the chemical filter should also be replaced after every five years when around 600,000 – 1,000,000 gallons of water have already been treated.

When it comes to replacing the carbon media, it involves a more complex process that needs you to disconnect the filter tank and then soak the new carbon media for two days before you reconnect it to your water system. Having said that, the water softener media doesn’t require replacement.

The Pelican PSE1800 is best suited for:

· 4 -6 Bath Homes
· Whole house water softener system
· Indoor/Outdoor Installation
· Whole house water filtration


A whole house water filtration & water softener installation is a challenging process that demands time and expertise. In case you don’t have the relevant experience with water filtration or plumbing, then the device’s user manual and directions will be quite hard to follow.

The whole house water softener usually comes with all the necessary parts, such as the mounting brackets, a flexible pipe, and SharkBite connectors. You will have to follow the outlined directions keenly, but you will find the installation to be fairly easy if you have the experience.
You may expect the installation process to take around 4 hours to finish. After the PSE1800 unit is installed, you will require to spend some time to fill and flush that system before you may start using the water.

Water Filtration

Once you install the Pelican Combo Series PSE1800, the next thing would be filling the filter and letting it sit for 2 days before using it. Based on the hardness level in the water, it might take as long as four weeks to recognize a difference. Therefore, you ought to test your water before using it.

The carbon media is specifically engineered to filter chlorine, pesticides, chloramines, industrial solvents, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and hundreds of other pollutants that might be available in the water. The PSE1800 undoubtedly offers value as a water purifier, by effectively getting rid of the chlorine to improve the overall quality and taste. You will also recognize that the hardness will drop some grains.

In terms of water quality, the Whole House Filter is uniquely designed to remove chloramine and chlorine from your tap water. You’ll notice that your water will improve its taste immediately. This enables you to enjoy refreshing ice tea, a cold glass of water, or your favorite hot beverage anytime you prefer.


The PSE1800 will certainly remove any scaling problems in your pipes, water heater, dishwasher, aerators, and faucets. The sediment prefilter within the NS3 Water Softener may allow 99.6% scale reduction, making it a highly effective option.

With the Pelican Whole House Filter & Water Softener installed and fully running, your water appliances and plumbing will work more efficiently as a result and even last a long while. Your dishes will come out extra clean and unspotted, and you’ll stop complaining that laundry feels faded, discolored, or stiff.

Water Softener

In general, softening water entails the removal of magnesium and calcium ions. And as a water softener device, you might find the PSE1800 to be somewhat lacking. However, in case your water hardness is about 16 gpg or below, you will recognize a difference in the taste instantly.

Since the Pelican Whole House Filter & Water Softener is basically a natural water softener that never uses salt, it performs a perfect job of leaving healthy minerals in the water.

For instance, the PSE1800 conditions your water to get rid of that slippery feeling in your hair when you’re shampooing. It is a reliable water conditioner that offers improved quality water for your gardens, lawn, as well as enhanced drinking water for pets. However, to achieve high levels of hardness, a reverse osmosis system might be more effective.


Generally speaking, one of the considerable advantages of the PSE1800 is the overall engineering quality and construction. In fact, it is so well made such that its maintenance is practically eliminated. And considering its IAPMO R&T certification, and the NSF/ANSI 42 and NSF/ANSI 61 rating for structural integrity, you will be guaranteed that you won’t ever require to replace the device once it is correctly installed.

Typically, the water filter may handle about 600,000 gallons before its replacement. The water softener comes with unlimited gallon capacity, as well as a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer always recommends that the carbon filter needs to be replaced once every 600,000 gallons of water usage or 5 years as part of your routine maintenance. This will keep your system operating at optimum performance.

What Is the Recommended PSE1800 Filter Change?

· Softener Media: Doesn’t require replacement
· Filtration: After 600,000 gallons or 5 years
· Sediment Pre-filter: Every 6 to 9 months

What Are Some of the Benefits?

· Significantly lowers scaling caused by hard water
· Enhances the taste of water
· Produces very clean, filtered water
· No electricity needed to run or install
· Creates Zero wastewater
· No maintenance needed

Setbacks But Not Dealbreakers:

· Be aware that the sediment filter’s ventilation leaks. Therefore, you might have to tighten the spring in the filter before you can insert the filter media.

· Customer service isn’t as responsive as it ought to be. And considering the cost you are incurring, support needs to be more prompt.

· Not quite as efficient as a water softener. You will find that although the Pelican Whole House Filter & Water Softener can help minimize scaling, it isn’t as effective for eliminating high levels of magnesium and calcium above 16gpg.


In general, the PSE1800 salt-free system is specifically made for filtering and softening water for large households, and usually does this very well. You may buy the 1-3 bathroom unit or consider the 4 – 6 bathroom unit for healthier, cooking, and drinking water in your house.

Although installing the unit requires time and relevant expertise, it is fairly straightforward and consists of all the necessary parts. While quality engineering and components are evident, defects can happen. A lifetime warranty secures the water softener unit, and its quality filters reduce the need for filter replacement yearly. That means you will save a significant amount on maintenance costs, in comparison to other brands of water filtration systems.

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