Pelican PS80 Review: {Updated May 2024}

The Pelican PS80 is a saltwater softener that has a host of features, as well as an enhanced formula. Although there are lots of great water softeners on the market, the PS80 ranks among the best. That being said, this Pelican PS80 review will cover its pros, cons, features, and much more.

Pelican PS80 Review

The Key Features

The PS80 has a number of key features. Although there are many, let’s mention the top ones. The top features include:

. A large tank
. The flow rate of 18 GPM
. Grain capacity of up to 80,000
. Bypass valve
. One-inch fittings
. Drain line (50-feet)

Those are the key features. Besides those, the PS80 comes with an instruction manual. If at any time you have concerns about the product or you struggle with installation, then simply refer to the instruction manual.

Pelican PS80: The Pros

There are far more pros than cons. This is why it’s easy to see that the Pelican PS80 is a high-end product. That being said, a few of the top pros of the PS80 include:

Effective– Perhaps the best thing about the Pelican PS80 is its effectiveness at softening water. This particular model has a high capacity, and it is ideal for a household of up to seven residents or maybe a bit more. The bottom line is although the model is lightweight and not overly large, it is suitable for larger households. View all available Pelican water systems here.

What this means for people is their water will virtually be free of magnesium and calcium because the softener does an amazing job at removing them. The water it softens will end up being cleaner and clearer. In turn, people will find that their skin and hair feel softer, healthier and that they won’t need to use as much soap in order to feel cleaner. Even the dishes will likely come out cleaner, and they will be free of streaks that are typically found on them due to hard water.

The Design– One of the best things about the PS80 water softener is its design. It features just a single tank, which means it isn’t too large and it won’t be an eyesore. People find that they’re easily able to use the PS80 in places like their basements and garages. This is because the PS80 doesn’t take up much room, so it can be installed in such areas of the home.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Pelican PS80 was built to last. The design is very durable, and will likely last for many years to come. As it doesn’t require much maintenance, all one has to do is installed it and then forget about it.

Programmable Head– The softener is equipped with an electronic head that is extremely easy to use. Simply choose the mode of operation and follow the simple instructions. Once installed, the Pelican PS80 is very easy to operate and there is only a little bit of a learning curve.

Long-Lasting– Another benefit is its long-lasting resin. Users are often surprised at how long it lasts. Generally speaking, it lasts for an average of seven to 15 years. This means the users can enjoy softer water time after time, all without having to do any kind of maintenance whatsoever.

Various Modes Of Operation– The PS80 has several modes of operation. One of them is meter immediate, which involves a regeneration cycle kicking in once the display has reached 0 gallons. The delayed mode means the regeneration cycle will start at the time chosen during the setup phase.

There’s also a time clock delayed. The regeneration cycle will start when the valve reaches a specific day since the last time a regeneration cycle occurred. This is all set up beforehand.

Regeneration– A unique feature of the water softener is the metered regeneration. This is a useful feature because it helps saves resources. It is metered and the only time they backwash is when it’s required, which means not as many gallons are wasted. This isn’t always the case with other types of water softeners.

Battery Backup– The softener comes with a battery backup, which comes in handy in various situations. If the battery backup kicks in, then the softener will be able to stay running for up to 8 hours. If there is a power outage or some other issue that causes the electricity/gas to go off, then the PS80’s backup battery should switch on, and it will continue to work as normal.

Satisfaction Guaranteed– Another good thing about the Pelican PS80 is the brand guarantees satisfaction. In fact, they offer a no-hassle return policy. This means the brand is confident about its products, and the PS80 is no exception.

Certifications– The Pelican PS80 also has NSF/ANSI certifications. This means the water softener has meant rigorous standards. The certificate it has is the NSF/ANSI 44.

Warranty– The lifetime warranty isn’t actually for an entire lifetime of the product. It’s really a 12-year warranty or a seven-year warranty. Before you purchase the product, make sure you read which warranty you are receiving or if there’s an option to choose between the two. Don’t worry though because both lengths are good for a warranty, which covers an array of things.

Fast Results– Finally, the results will be noticed virtually right away. As long as the installation instructions are followed, the Pelican PS80 should produce fast results. This means cleaner and better-looking water soon after installation is completed.

Those are the main pros of the PS80. There are many other benefits and pros, but those are the most notable. Feel free to purchase the Pelican PS80 to experience all of the potential benefits it has to offer.

Pelican PS80: The Cons

There are a ton of good things about the Pelican PS80. However, in this Pelican PS80 review, there are a handful of cons that need to be pointed out. These cons include:

The Warranty– The brand makes claims that some of its products are covered by a lifetime warranty. This isn’t the case with the Pelican PS80. As previously mentioned, the actual length of the warranty is 12 years. It might not be a lifetime warranty, but 12 years is a very generous length of time for a warranty.

Customer Support– Another con is related to customer support, but one person’s experience with customer support could be completely different than another person’s experience. That being said, some people may struggle to get a hold of customer support when they need it. It may take multiple tries to get help, but some people might not have any issues whatsoever.

Those are the two potential cons associated with the Pelican PS80. They aren’t anything major and shouldn’t discourage someone from buying them. No product is perfect, but the Pelican PS80 is a high-quality water softener that does exactly what it was designed to do.


As previously mentioned, there is an instruction manual that comes with the purchase of the PS80. The product is easy to install, even for someone who has never owned a water softener. The chances are slim that a professional will need to be called in to install the PS80. As for how long it takes to install it, this depends on several factors but you’ll probably be surprised at how fast and easy the installation process is.


People love water softeners, but an issue they run into sometimes is maintenance. Lots of people just don’t have time to perform a ton of maintenance in order to keep their softeners working properly. Some folk is busy, and it’s too easy to forget to perform maintenance tasks.

One of the best things about the Pelican PS80 is it is completely maintenance-free. All you have to do is follow the instructions to install it, and you’re good to go. The PS80 is a “set and forget” product.


The price does vary from place to place. Some retailers sell it for more, while others sell it for less than the suggested retail price. Generally speaking, consumers can expect to pay between $1,900 to $2,000 for the Pelican PS80.

The price tag might appear to be high to some people. However, it is extremely reliable and will last for a very long time. This means users can enjoy softer water that potentially tastes better and feels better on the skin.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is the Pelican PS80 gets a perfect 10 out of 10 because it is durable, reliable, and sold at a fair price. Although there are lots of high-quality water softeners on the market, the PS80 easily ranks among the best of them. The bottom line is it is well worth the money and it’s a good investment.

The Pelican PS80 provides a lot of value for its price. Installing it isn’t that difficult and there’s isn’t much maintenance involved and there aren’t many cons. However, there are plenty of pros, which is why anyone who is on the market for a water softener should consider getting the Pelican PS80.

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