Pelican PS48 Review: {Updated May 2024}

Did you know that 89 percent of households in the United States have hard water? The debate over hard vs. soft water has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. As a result, more and more individuals around the country are realizing that softer water is better for their overall health.

Hard water gets its name from the fact that it “hardens” whatever it comes into touch with. It is harsh on domestic plumbing, chores, tiles, mirrors, and even the human body and skin. On the flip side, it contains more minerals.

Pelican PS48 water softener

All things considered, however, the negatives outweigh the positives. That’s why you should get a water softener like the Pelican PS48 salt water softener. Here’s a comprehensive review of the Pelican PS48 and our final verdict on whether it’s worth the buy:

Pelican PS48 Salt Water Softener

The Pelican PS48 is a salt-based water softener with a bright glossy exterior structure that will complement the decor of any home. If you have come across any form of the 48000 grains model, consider the PS48 an upgrade of these models, with the PS80 being a larger capacity version.

It softens water at a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute, which is ideal for 1-3 bathrooms. As such, most small and medium-sized nuclear families can use this water softener comfortably. The Pelican PS48 removes hardness minerals from water in an ion exchange process. This is a classic system that truly softens the water unlike some of the conditioners out there.

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How Does a Salt-Based Water Softener Work?

Before you buy this system, you must understand the process of water softening. As such, there are 3 Important Steps To Softening:

Phase 1: Backwashing Phase

This is part of the regeneration process and removes dirt from the mineral tank.

Phase 2: Regeneration Phase

It happens in the brine tank which contains a water-salt solution that flushes the mineral tank and replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. This is to say that sodium from the brine tank solution recharges the mineral tank, dislodging calcium and magnesium.

These are then subsequently rinsed down the drain during the Backwashing Phase. The positively charged calcium and magnesium ions are lost to negatively charged plastic beads as water travels through the mineral tank.

Phase 3: Rinse Phase:

The mineral tank is then rinsed with fresh water, and the brine tank is loaded so that the next cycle can begin. This rinse phase is vital as It thoroughly cleans the resin. A cleaner resin tank has numerous advantages. Even if the system regenerates regularly, minerals might accumulate in the resin tank.

The turbulator and twice-flushing system thoroughly clean and prevent mineral build-up in the resin tank. This water softener’s twice-flush method completely cleans the resin. Resin that has been properly cleaned can last twice as long as it normally would. Note that the meter on the top of the tank controls the recharging cycles (normally once every 7 days).

Pelican PS48 Salt-Based Water Softener – Key Features

Now that you understand how the salt-based water softener works, here are the key features of the Pelican PS48:

• Type: Salt-Based Ion Exchange – softens hard water using salt or potassium.
• Flow rate: 12GPM
• Capacity: 48,000-80,000 Grains
• Designed for 1-3 bathrooms or about 7 People (12 GPM)
• Large tank size – has a 21-inch diameter tank that is used for brining and backwash.
• Comes with a High-quality resin
• Premium 5-Button Programmable Pro Series metered Electronic Head

The Premium Programmable Electronic Head features:

• Three operating modes Time Clock Delayed, Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed
• 36 pre-programmed regeneration cycles that are easy to select
• Has a battery back-up of up to 8-hours in case of power failure
• Downflow regeneration
• Backwashes only when there is a need to
• The electronic head stores operation and configuration data in non-volatile memory

Pelican PS48 Salt-Based Water Softener – Pros

  1. Classic softening system: The PS48 salt water softener is one of the most effective water softeners for small and medium families. You can purchase this fantastic water softener if you have a medium-sized family.
  2. It has an easy-to-program electronic metered head that allows you to choose between immediate, delayed, or timed regeneration modes.
  3. If you’re going on vacation, you can use pro 2 above to put the system in standby mode.
  4. Excellent warranty: This water softener, like other Pelican water softeners, comes with a lifetime warranty on the tanks and a 5-year warranty on the control head.
  5. With the PS48, you’ll also get an 8-hour power backup battery in case of power outages.
  6. Good water flow rate for small to medium families
  7. High-powered turbulator
  8. Delayed backwashing feature
  9. The characteristic of a double backwash ensures maximum efficiency and a cleaner, longer-lasting resin.
  10. Attractive tanks that blend nicely with your home’s decor
  11. Metered regeneration saves resources
  12. Only basic plumbing skills required for DIY installation
  13. Long-lasting softening resin (7-15 years on average)
  14. NSF/ANSI 44 approved for structural integrity: The salt-based PS48 and PS80 have both received NSF 44 certification for structural integrity.

Pelican PS48 Salt-Based Water Softener – Cons

  1. Customer service can be difficult to contact.
  2. Not sufficient for large families.
  3. There is no such thing as a lifetime warranty as is constantly said. It’s for 12 years.
  4. Limiting conditions: The system must not be exposed to extreme heat or freezing temperatures. The temperatures should never be below 36 degrees or above 120 degrees.

Pelican PS48 – Installation + Startup Instructions

It’s no more complicated to install than any other normal salt-based water softener when it comes to setting up. Thanks to the easily programmable electronic head, the same can be said for system programming.

All you need to do is have basic plumbing skills and follow the pictorial steps as indicated in the manual whose link will be provided. Ensure then that you set the operating pressure within the required range of 25-80 psi.

In the PS48, the electronic head is simply impressive. We say this because of the convenience with which you may set up your system and the basic operation. You can automate the backwashing step, or you can start it manually.

There are simply just four buttons that you need to pay keen attention to and you’re good to go. From here, the system will function smoothly and quietly. If you seek optimum regeneration, you can use the Double backwash feature.

Pelican PS48 – The Contents (Parts)

Many parts come in the package inclusive of:

• 1 Bypass Valve for Electronic Head
• 2 1″ PVC Tail Adaptor for Electronic Head Bypass (Preinstalled on Bypass Valve)
• 1 PVC Tubing Drain Line (50 ft.)
• 1 Electronic Head
• 1 Brine Tank
• 1 Softener Tank
• 1 Non-Abrasive Auto Wax 4 oz. Bottle

The bypass valve is one of the best features of this package. You won’t have to rush to the store to get it. There are also 1-inch fittings, but if they don’t fit, you’ll need to replace them with ones that are the right size.

You also get a brine tank, which has a float and a drain line, as part of the system. The drain pipe is a 50-foot (3/4-inch) drain line that’s completely free. Last but not least, the instruction manual is included in the bundle.

Pelican PS48 – Programming, Settings & Maintenance

Pelican’s salt-free softeners require no maintenance at all. It’s a set-and-forget situation. Furthermore, they are frequently DIY-ready. However, unless you are an expert plumber, installing a water softener yourself, whether salt-free or salt-based, is no easy task.

It’s not impossible, though. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do this if you are handy around the house and have the necessary time and patience, in our opinion. That said, in the manual, the instructions from Pelican are quite well written, so installation will not be a burden.

Pelican PS48 – Manual

To access the Pelican PS48 Salt-Based Water Softener Manual, follow this link:

Pelican PS48 Review: Our Verdict

All factors considered, we arrive at our final verdict: This is a great saltwater softener with new features and a better formula. How so? The PS48 flow rate, at 12GPM, is much higher than that of other water softeners in the same class. In addition, the system is smarter because it only backwashes when necessary. As such, you conserve more water than most of the other systems available in the market.

Note however that the PS48 salt-based water softener is a water softener, so no pollutants will be removed. It is perfect for softening water for other domestic uses apart from drinking. When it comes to removing water hardness, because it is a salt-based system, it will soften your water by removing the excess calcium and magnesium.

This is extremely good not just for your skin and body, but also for your household appliances. There will be less limescale on your faucets if any at all. All of the terrible build-ups on your plumbing, mirrors, tiles, and sinks will also come to an end. That said, the Pelican PS48 is definitely worth the buy!

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