Pelican 48,000 Grain Salt Water Softener {Updated May 2024}

If you have never used a water softener before, you may wonder what the term actually means. These are designed to affect what is called hard water. There are an estimated 80% or more of households around the world that have heavily mineralized content in the water. There are two things that you can do about this. You can remove the mineral content or you can affect it through electronic impulses to cause it to not stick to the interior of your pipes. Let’s first discuss what hard water is, how soft water systems are beneficial, and then why you should get the Pelican 48,000 grain salt water softener.

Pelican 48,000 Grain Salt Water Softener

The Pelican 48,000 Water Softening System

This system is one of the best for affecting a change in the hard water that you have. It utilizes both salts, as well as ion-exchange resin materials, that can convert it into soft water very easily. The primary reason for using this particular one is that it is known for protecting not only your major appliances but also the pipes that will contain the flow of water. It is also very energy efficient, helping you to save money, and also prevent extra expenses including plumbers and the purchase of new appliances.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The primary benefits of this product include its ability to be very productive at eliminating the effects of magnesium and calcium in the water. It utilizes what is called a holistic approach, specifically filtering all of the water coming into your home from whatever water supply you get it from. It is because of its ion exchange resin that it is highly efficient. You will notice that you will not have streaks on your dishes, and that includes your silverware and any of your glasses. What you will notice personally is that the water is much tastier, and is going to be very beneficial for those that are concerned about the condition of their skin.

Why Is It So Efficient?

This is very efficient for a couple of different reasons. First of all, it uses a very large capacity tank. It is in this tank that this ion exchange will occur, and it is because of the resin inside that it can happen very quickly. Therefore, even if you have a very high flow rate of water coming through the system, it’s going to be just as efficient when the water is slower. It also comes with a metered delayed backwash system that is going to minimize the water waste that will occur. Another interesting feature about this system is that it uses a programmable electronic head. Essentially, it uses a microprocessor to control every aspect of the filtration system itself. You will have easy access to the control panel, allowing you to adjust the settings, to ensure that it is working at optimal levels.

The Problems With This Particular System?

There are very few notable problems with this particular system. One problem that you may have is that it only has a five year manufacturer’s warranty. It is also only capable of 36 preprogrammed and selectable regeneration cycles. There are others that may have more that you may be interested in. Otherwise, the functionality of the entire system is exceptional. Once it is installed, you will likely not know that it is there. You will certainly know, however, based upon how the water will taste, and how it will feel, plus the condition of your dishes and silverware will be much better.

Is This Something That You Will Need To Obtain?

If you do currently have hard water, and you have been using another system, this is certainly an option that you should consider. It is not only affordable but one of the most efficient systems in the country for filtering hard water and converting it into soft water. If you have been concerned about the condition of your water, and its effects on your family, as well as your pipes and appliances, this would certainly be a very positive choice. It is a system that has been designed to work at the highest levels of efficiency and is available for a very reasonable cost.

If you are concerned about the state of the water that you are drinking, or how it is affecting you are appliances and pipes, certainly consider the Pelican 48,000 grain system to filter your water for you. There are few other products from this notable company that can compare to its efficiency levels. Whether you have a large home, medium-sized house, or even a small two-bedroom household, this is going to be more than adequate. It is one of the best decisions that people can make if they are going to stay at their house for the long term. Consider speaking with representatives that can not only provide you with this system but also install it for you.

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