Outdoor Water Softener Systems

Water softeners are important for a variety of aspects in life. Some people need them for their own personal water consumption, but there are many who would like to have their whole family drinking water that has been softened. We want to present to you some of the best outdoor water softeners available as well as explain how to find the best ones.

Uncovering The Best Water Softeners On The Market

Quality is the name of the game when it comes to hunting down a great outdoor water softener. There are plenty of them to choose from, and the best thing to do is a bit of research beforehand to make sure the one you choose has received high marks for quality. Typically, they can be installed outside and don't absolutely need a cover or any other form of protection from the elements, but a good cover is a smart investment regardless.

Most people gravitate towards Amazon to purchase their favorite outdoor water softener products these days, and there is nothing wrong with that. The products may also be purchased directly from the companies themselves at their own websites, but most prefer to use Amazon for the sake of convenience. Check on those websites frequently to see how prices change over time and determine when the best time to make your move really is.

Check For A Valuable Cover

The water softener product you choose will likely be a rather expensive purchase. They range anywhere from $300 to $3,000 a piece, and that is why you will surely want to get a sturdy cover to protect your investment. The covers are around $200 to $1,500 and can certainly get some added protection for that expensive product.

System Capacity

What kind of value are you getting for your dollar with a water softener system? You will never know the answer to that until you go out and make the purchase. You have to look at important factors such as system capacity and the like to determine the true monetary value of what you are attempting to purchase here.

Those with larger families who will all be using the water that goes through this softening system will obviously require a system that is larger and has a great capacity to it. They are made in all sizes, so it shouldn't be too much of a concern to find one that fits the needs of your family.

Check On Those Warranties

Warranties are a standard feature in the industry, and you should insist on one when you go to purchase a machine like this. This is a large investment, and you don't want to take a chance on it being inoperative right out of the gate. There are certain repairs and issues that ought to be covered by warranty. If they are not, then you should move on to a different manufacturer until you find one that can offer it all to you in one package.

Your warranty ought to cover all typical ways that you could possibly damage the water softener system. That is just about the only way that you can rest assured that your water softener system will not let you down.

Some Of The Best Water Softener Systems

One of the most ideal water softener systems for a lot of people is none other than the On The Go system. It holds true to its name in that it is a great portable device. You can slide this machine into a vertical shed without a problem. This thing weighs only 32 pounds and that makes it easy to get it around.

There is a little handle on the top of the device to make it easier to carry around. There is a large mouth opening as well to link it up to a brine tank if you choose to do so.

You need zero electricity or tools to install this unit. It is incredibly quick and easy to get it going from the purchase of the machine to the installation of the machine. There is a 360 degree swivel on the inlet hose to make the installation that much easier.

The water is incredibly quick at softening the water as it is takes just two boxes of common salt for regeneration purposes. This means that the regeneration of the common salt can take as little as 30 minutes to do what it needs to do. This model has incredible capacity to soften water in mass quantities in a very short period of time. This unit can process up to 1,600 gallons of water and can last for up to 40 days. Those are not bad stats at all for such a small unit.

System For More People

Some households are larger and will consume more water. It is obvious that a household of six people is extremely likely to consume more water than a household of one or two. That is why sometimes it is necessary to go for the maximum capacity that you can get from your water softening system. The previous system mentioned is great for being lightweight and portable, but there are some households that require a larger capacity machine to take care of their needs.

The Whirlpool WHES40E Softener system is the one to go with for a household of up to six people. It has a high end capacity of 40,000 grains and is the right size to place in an outdoor shed. You will not regret getting this water softener if you have a larger family in need of that kind of capacity. Whirlpool is a trusted name brand in all things mechanical anyway. They are well-known for making washing machines and hot tubs, so why wouldn't you trust them with your water softener machine?

This machine is among the smartest on the market because it has a microprocessor that receives information about the water that runs through it. The built-in meter helps monitor how much water has gone through the water softener machine and keeps track of what level of capacity the water has left on it.

The meter within the machine will let the machine know when it needs to regenerate based on usage. The more usage that the machine gets, the more often it will have to regenerate. The resins in the tank are negatively charged with salt from the brine tank.

A ton of resources, including money, are saved by all of the smart technologies that come in this machine. It uses the minimum of resources that it possibly can to get the water softened for you. Every time it regenerates it will help you get better results the next time around.

There are plenty of customer-friendly features that come with this water softener device. It doesn't get much easier than this machine. It is made to keep things as easy as possible.

Whole House Water Softener

Feel free to get either of the two systems mentioned before, but you should also consider a whole house water softener system. The reason being because softened water for everything that you use for the whole house is desirable. That is when you should turn your attention to the Aquasure water softener system.

This unit has among the highest capacities of any water softener system available in the world. It is heavy at a weight of 149 pounds and can provide for a household of seven or more people. That means that it will produce massive quantities of softened water for the entire house. This also means that it won't be easy to install the system by yourself because it is heavy and bulky.

Just like the others before this is a salt-based system. It is constructed from a mineral tank with premium-grade resin, and this makes a big difference compared to the other systems out there.

This system allows the users to regenerate their system automatically with the press of one button. That will allow you to get the whole thing working to regenerate itself with ease. You can also allow it to determine automatically when a regenerate is required. Some people like to do it themselves and regenerate it more often than it would do all by itself.

Every feature of the machine can be controlled by the user as they wish. There is a control panel and an easy to under LCD interface that explains what is on the unit and how it operates. Tweak any features that you deem necessary to tweak to make it work for you.

The excellent parts on this machine are granted a five year warranty at the time of purchase, and it is amazing to know that the manufacturer is this confident in their ability to protect their parts and keep things safe for you as well. You don't have to worry about parts going bad or anything of the like. Trust in the maker of this device to get it right for you.

A Top Quality Filter And Machine

Among the best quality systems in the world is the EcoPure EPHS007 Model. It is a quality machine that gets to the heart of what you want from your water softener system overall. It weights about 110 pounds which means that it is not a light machine, but the installation is pretty simple. The dimensions are such that it can be put into an outdoor shed to make life easier than ever for you. You will likely have to buy a connection to the main water lines in your house with this one that is separate from the system itself.

The interesting thing about this system is that it is both a filtration system and a softener all at the same time. It is easy to see how this one appeals to a broader audience than just the simple water softener systems. It is easy to see why there are people interested in the filtration system as well as the softener at the same time.

The capacity of this system is great for a household of up to four people. It can run through 30,000 grains of water. Thus, there are so many people who want to check out this system because it is just the right size for an average home.

There is some smart technology on board in this machine. It contains a microprocessor that will ready the water at all times. It will determine when it needs to be regenerated. That is exactly what most of the owners of this particular device say that they need above all. They just want tone that will set itself up to be regenerated when it needs to without the owner having to do the math or calculations on it. That doesn't feel like too much to ask for, and people can actually get exactly that from this system.

Three separate warranties exist on this system at the same time. It is a one-year warranty on the parts, a three-year warranty on the electronics of it, and a ten-year warranty on the tank of it. Thus, you have some pretty solid protection on this machine for a long period of time almost no matter what goes wrong. You can be happy knowing that your water softener will continue to work for a long time to come.

An Eco-Friendly Model

Finally, we want to look at a model that is great for those who are more eco-friendly. This is the APEC Water Systems model. It is highly sustainable and only weighs about sixty pounds. Thus, it is easy to carry around and get to where you need to go.

This system is not salt-based like the others. That makes it a lot more environmentally-friendly than the others. It uses ceramic media to attract the ions from the hard water to remove them from the water and soften that water overall.

APEC Water Systems are only good for households of around 1-3 people as they don't have the capacity for a whole lot more than that. There is no electricity required for it though, so the cost is fairly contained for you as well. It remains easy to maintain and keep running the way that it should.

The device is covered by a ten-year warranty. Those who manufacture the device offer lifetime protection and support for the device. They are so happy to offer something that stands up as far as the softening of water and at the same time maintains environmental standards that are second to none.

Water Softeners Are Worth The Research

It is clear that there are a lot of water softener systems available for purchase. Those who wish to use them have a huge number to choose from, and it is obvious that doing some research on them makes a good amount of sense. You need to make sure you get a system that works for the size of your house and how much water is likely to be consumed. You need to consider how easy it is to get the machine installed. You also need to make sure that you get something that corresponds with your morals. After all, you might want to get something that is eco-friendly.

There are models that meet all kinds of different price tag levels as well. People have different budgets for this kind of thing, and the makers try to produce systems that can work no matter what their particular circumstances are a part of your life.

Most of these systems are available for purchase on the Internet. Many of them are available on Amazon and most can also be purchased directly from the makers of those systems as needed. Many people turn to Amazon to get them these days as this is the quickest way to get that system out to you. It may be the easiest way to compare the systems against one another as well. After all, the systems are all reviewed by other purchasers on Amazon.

Purchasing from Amazon makes a lot of sense, but make sure that you get someone who can also install the system for you if you are unable to do so yourself. The heavier the system, the more likely you are to need some assistance from someone else to get it installed in your home. Just prepare for that mentally and you will be alright. You can always go with a lighter setup if you feel that the installation process is going to be a stumbling block for yourself.

As mentioned above, there are some systems that are also filtration as well. That is great because it means that you can get more uses out of this purchase that you otherwise would have. Most people appreciate that and the fact that they own something that does so much for them.

Finally, it wouldn't be right to leave without mentioning once more just how important the warranties are on these devices. They are not necessarily any more prone to breakdowns than other devices, but they are major purchases. You really don't want to take a chance with losing what you have put into the device if you don't have to. Check up on the warranty of the machine and see what all it covers. You may just need to take advantage of that warranty if something does happen to go wrong with the device in the early years of ownership. Hopefully it never gets to that point, but it is always better safe than sorry with something of this size.

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