Nuvo H2O Home System Review {Updated June 2024}

Looking to never carry heavy salt bags again? TheNuvo H2O Home System is one of the salt-free softening systems. These systems use chelation, which is a scientific process that changes or alters the pH of water. In this process, the chelating agents will bind the minerals that cause hard water, keeping them soluble. This stops them from adhering to surfaces as limescale does.

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Nuvo H2O Home System

Nuvo H2O Home Water Softening System: Features

  • The Nuvo H2O Home System comes with a softener housing and a cartridge, plus an extra replacement cartridge.
  • Screws, a bracket, and mounting back-plate to secure the unit to a wall.
  • The system also comes with a housing-wrench used for installing the unit.
  • A bypass valve directs water into the main-pipe while changing out the cartridge.

Benefits And Performance

The Nuvo H2O Home System operates in a similar way to salt-based softeners, but it doesn’t use salt. These units are great for processing municipal water, yet they are not able to handle the sediment typically present in well water.

These systems also do not regenerate, which means you won’t be waiting for water during cycles. These units perform efficiently and reliably until the cartridge needs to be changed. This is why it is important to stick to the changing schedule recommended in the user instructions.

The Nuvo H2O Home System units also do not need electricity to operate, nor do they need waste-water or salt top-ups while the unit is running. The system features flow rates of 12 to 15 GPM, which is standard for most softeners, which makes the unit ideal for average-sized households.

Maintenance And Installation

The Nuvo water softeners are supplied with everything that is needed for a quick and easy installation. The screws, bracket, and mounting gear that comes with a backplate are clearly defined making it easy for owners to set it up.

The bypass valve that is installed at the main-water pipe, allows for a way to direct water away from your Nuvo H20 Home Softener when you need to change the cartridge or perform maintenance.

These units use salt-free cartridges to soften water. This is rare since most of the saltless systems are not able to remove hardness-causing minerals. Once your water passes through the unit your shampoo and soaps will lather better. Your skin and hair will also feel less dry, and there will also be no deposits left on surfaces such as your bathtubs and sinks. Since the Nuvo H20 system does not add salt, your water won’t feel slimy, which is sometimes occurs in salt-based systems.

Nuvo H20 systems are among the few that use a chelating process to change the pH of the water. During these processes, ions that result in hard water such as magnesium and calcium bind to the chelating agent. This ensures that the minerals remain soluble, which stops them from causing common hard water issues. The chelating process is FDA-approved, which offers reassurance to anyone feeling skeptical or unsure about the way these units work.

Since there isn’t any resin or salt in a Nuvo H20 softener, the cartridge does need to be changed regularly. This is basically the only maintenance job required with these types of systems. Changing the cartridge is generally related to your household use. However, the manufacturer recommends that you should get either 4-year’s worth or 50,000 gallons of water for each cartridge.

Nuvo H2O Home System Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • These saltless systems actually soften water, rather than only conditioning it
  • The bypass valve provides convenience when conducting maintenance or changing out the cartridge
  • Ideal for anyone following a low-sodium diet
  • These units do not require electricity, wastewater, or necessitate salt top-ups
  • The cartridges last for 4 years, and the unit comes with an extra replacement cartridge
  • The softening method is both NSF and FDA-approved
  • These units are great value-for-money

The Cons

  • The cartridges only last for 4 years and usually require a replacement after 50,000 gallons of water use
  • Removes magnesium and calcium from the water, which can alter the taste of your water
  • Some users may need a plumber to install the unit
  • These units are not effective to process water from a well

Final Thoughts

The Nuvo H2O Home Water Softening System, works as advertised, providing decent value-for-money. These units are suitable for anyone in search of a salt-free softener. Anyone skeptical about the legitimacy of these units is offered reassurance since the Nuvo H2O also comes with both NSF and FDA approval. If the home is not the right fit be sure to check out the Nuvo H2O Studio.

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