Northstar NST70UD1Water Softener Review {Updated April 2024}

Do you know friends or family members who say a lot of good things about soft water? Constantly hearing about them has made you curious, and you’re now inching closer toward buying a water softener for yourself.

People use hard water mainly for drinking purposes. It contains certain minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and many more. When hard water undergoes a water softening process, it becomes soft water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium get dissolved in this process. Because of this, people do their laundry or take a bath with soft water. It does not dissolve soaps fast and does not irritate your skin.

To convert hard water into soft water, you need a water softening system. Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand does this job well, and it sells like crazy on the market because of its many excellent features and benefits.

Northstar NST70UD1

Key Features of Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand

  1. Accessible Control Panel

The Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand includes a digitized control panel with an LCD. It comes with an instruction manual that provides all the vital information needed to use the control panel properly.

Upon turning on the device, it shows you a welcome screen and makes you choose different options on how you want your system to operate. You have the choice to set it on default or customize it the way you want it to work.

  1. Look-ahead setting

Only Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand has this kind of setting. It monitors the amount of water used, and then when it gets to a certain level, it automatically starts regenerating it. The look-ahead settings make this system more efficient than other water softening systems because there won’t be water wasted in the process.

  1. Has a Self-Cleaning Cartridge

If you have issues with cleaning the cartridge, then worry no more. Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand sports a self-cleaning cartridge that does the cleaning work for you. No longer will you remove the cartridge from the tank and wash it by yourself.

Just navigate through the control panel and select the clean cartridge option. It automatically washes the sediments and chemicals left inside the cartridge.

  1. It has a good warranty

When you encounter problems with your water softening system, worry not because the Northstar supports a 3-year warranty for its control panel and a 10-year warranty for the brine and resin tanks.

  1. 70000 Grain Capacity

Grain capacity means the amount of hard water your water softening system can soften. With higher grain capacity, more water softens. Not all water softening systems support this massive amount of grain capacity. Others have around 18000-grain capacity and cannot convert more soft water.

  1. Set up is an easy task

Because of its ergonomic design, you can place the Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand with ease. It fits tight places that other bulky water softeners can’t, and the instruction manual included shows an easy guide on how to set it up properly.

  1. Super Cap Time Keeper

The Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand has its timekeeper. It saves your settings for up to 72 hours in case you would halve power outages.

Pros and Cons of Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand

• It looks good and fits anywhere because of its ergonomic design.
• Easy to read the instruction manual that contains everything you need to know about the product.
• It has a self-cleaning cartridge.
• It uses its “look-ahead” technology for water regeneration purposes.
• It has an LCD screen that shows accurate information about the amount of soft water converted.
• It converts a considerable amount of hard water to soft water because of its 70000-grain capacity.
• In case of power outages, you can set its super cap timekeeper.

• Most of the time, it is out of stock on Amazon because it sells fast.
• It only comes in white color.

Expectations from this product and reasons to buy it

Expect that your body soaps and laundry soaps will last longer because of the successful conversion of hard water to soft water. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron have been dissolved because of the water softening process.

Your water pipes, tiles, and household equipment won’t be in danger as well. Soft water will not do the following: clog your pipes, destroy your washing machine, and leave streaks on your tiles. No residues would be left with the flow of soft water.

Because of these expectations, why shouldn’t you buy this product? Not only does the Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand save you money, but it saves you time as well. You won’t need to call a plumber to fix clogged pipes, nor will you call an expert to repair your tiles.

With that in mind, Northstar NST70UD1 Ultra Demand is a vital necessity to have at home. Its features help you with many things, and you won’t make a mistake with this purchase. Visit our home page for more information.

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