Northstar NST45UD1 Water Softener Review {Updated June 2024}

Meet the Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand Water Softener. Most of the time, we tend to use soft water for various purposes ranging from washing clothes and cooking to drinking water without even knowing that it is soft water or what soft water is.

We just think of it as plain “water” and move on with our day. However, there are tools called water softeners that help turn “hard” water into “soft” water. For those who do not know, hard water has high levels of calcium and magnesium in it while soft water does not. While there are no adverse effects of drinking hard water on our health, hard water is often unusable for things aside from drinking such as taking a bath, cooking, and washing clothes.

This is where water softeners come in. This form of technology turns hard water into softeners by removing excess calcium and magnesium ions in the water and puts sodium ions in its place instead. Once the water has been softened, it can now be used for laundry, cooking, and even drinking. There are several water softeners available on the market. But among these water softeners that many consumers trust is the Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand. Northstar is among the most reliable manufacturers of water softeners, and this article will review one of their most popular models.

Northstar NST45UD1

Features of Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand

This water softener features two tanks that were made with fiberglass resin. It has a weight of about 118 pounds and measures about 14 x 14 x 51 inches. Therefore, this model suits well in large houses and it is the ideal water softener for large families with about five to six members.

Northstar NST45UD1 has a maximum grain capacity of about 45,400 grains and a flow rating of 11 GPM. It also has an innovative controller technology that monitors how the usage of water. This controller also has a backlit LCD display which shows time, the hardness of water, the time needed for the water softener to regenerate, percent remaining capacity, current flow, total daily usage, and average daily usage. Finally, it also has a rated efficiency of about 5,120 at 2.6 based on grains per pound at pound salt dose.

The Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand has a warranty of one year and it starts from the date when it was purchased. This water softener could also remain on and retain all data within three days in the event of a power failure. The model will then turn off after this three-day period which means you do not need to worry about turning this water softener off when you are on a vacation. Aside from these cool features, it has a lot of benefits that you and your family will enjoy when you purchase it and install it in your home.

Pros and Cons of Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand

This model has a “Look Ahead” technology which ensures that the wastage of both water and salt will be maintained at the most minimal level. This means that you will waste less water and salt with this product. Furthermore, the water softener starts the regeneration process on its own after the resin beads inside the model will reach their maximum efficiency.

However, you can also set the regeneration process manually and on-demand if in case you wish to take control of the process. Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand could also detect if you are using your water or not so it will not over-generate and it is powerful enough to manage the water usage of your entire usage.

Another major advantage of this product is that it is easy to install in your home. While you can call a plumber to have the water softener installed in your home in no time, you can also install it on your own since it comes with a manual containing instructions on how to install it. These advantages mean less hassle for you and for your company and it also means that you’ll be able to experience what this product could do for you in the shortest amount of time. It also only needs around four square feet of floor space which means that it will not take a lot of space in your home.

Just like any other water softener, the price of the Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand could be quite hefty especially for those who are looking for a cheap model for a water softener. In addition, while it has many advanced features that allow the user to fully control their usage, the user needs to have some technical know-how so that he or she could be able to use the water softener more efficiently.


Even though water softeners like the Northstar NST45UD1 Ultra Demand could be costly and need some technical qualifications, it brings a lot of great benefits to a household. For one, the chemicals from hard water could accumulate in drains and pipes, which could cause major problems later on. In addition, hard water cannot be used for things like washing dishes, washing clothes, and even drinking and cooking.

Therefore, water softeners make our lives easier by making water more portable and usable. These tools also help us prevent any other problems in our drainage system that hard water could cause if untreated. This model has many amazing features and technologies that will make your life better, so it is still highly recommended to buy this product when you have the chance. Visit for more information.

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