Northstar NST30UD Water Softener Review {Updated May 2024}

It’s not easy finding the right water softener for your house. You need to compare tons of features, look at the pros and cons, and then decide whether it’s suitable for your home or not. Like other appliances, wouldn’t it be great if you could read the reviews of different water softeners? That would help you shortlist the ones within your budget and also take a quick glance at their features. Well, consider your wish granted.

Water Softener Solutions brings to you detailed reviews of the best water softeners in the business. From talking about their unique features to pointing out why you should buy a specific water softener, you get all the information in one site. Today, let’s check out a popular water softener, Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand. Many people say it’s one of the best in the business, but what do the experts suggest? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Northstar NST30UD

Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand

The Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand comes with a Look Ahead technology that makes predictions about the performance of this water softener. Suppose the filters are too dirty. The Look Ahead mechanism would indicate that you need to change the filters because the softener is not working at its optimum level.

Another reason that makes this water softener stand out is it can assess the approximate water quantity that your family needs. It records the average water use every day and accordingly suggests the amount of water required for your family. This helps to save a lot of water as you become aware of the average quantity of water you should use in one day.

In addition to assessing the water consumption and performance determinant, this water softener also allows you to regulate the softening level. This is very helpful in regions where people only get hard water. You can notch the setting to its highest level to make the water soft. But you also need to remember that using the softener at its highest capacity will mean refining a lot of impurities within a short period. You may need to change the filters of the softener in that case.

The design and compact size is another reason why you should consider buying this water softener. It looks small but is capable enough to handle gallons of water without requiring frequent filter changes. The two tanks come with a lining, keeping them firm and stable for years. It also has a diagnosis feature that lets you track the performance of the softener from time to time. You will also see a resin bed in this water softener that constantly moves to keep the filters free from accumulating iron or dirt.

Best features

  1. Look Ahead technology

The Look Ahead technology is like the brain of this water softener. This is North Star’s patented program that monitors the quality of water you use, the quantity of water you use, and then determines the time to regenerate the softener.

  1. Counter current regeneration

This is another unique feature of the Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand. It draws brine water into the bottom of the resin tank that further enhances the regeneration process. This is the ideal method to soften water that only a handful of brands follow.

  1. Double-lined reinforced mineral tank

The double lining provides strength and durability to the tanks that in turn ensure that the water softener lasts for years.

  1. Resin bed agitator

The Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand uses water pressure to agitate the resin bed, thus keeping the bed free from dirt, iron, and other particles. This allows the softener to work at its peak efficiency and capacity.

  1. High capacity resin

The resin bed is the heart of this water softener. It prevents the filters from accumulating dirt too fast. This means you can change the filters only when the Look Ahead features tells you to.


• Its compact design makes it suitable both for residential and commercial properties.
• The diagnosis feature gives the Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand an edge over other water softeners. There is hardly any softener that assesses the quantity of water you use every day and tells you the average amount of water you should use, thus saving water significantly.
• Its resin bed prevents dirt, iron, and other particles to accumulate on the filters.


• The price is slightly on the higher side, especially when you compare it with other water softeners within this range.

Overall verdict

The Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand is a must-buy if you live in a region that primarily supplies hard water. If you can look past the price tag, this water softener is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. From build quality to performance, the Northstar NST30UD Ultra Demand aces every category. It gets a 4.5-star rating out of 5 from the experts.

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