Northstar NSC15ED Water Softener Review {Updated May 2024}

Northstar NSC15ED Electronic Demand Water Conditioning Systems

The filtration of the water that you use and drink every day is vitally important. It’s not just about your health, but the health of others and the condition of your appliances and pipes. Mineral buildup can occur very easily if you are using well water or any type of source water that is heavily mineralized. Many sources for water will have high amounts of calcium and magnesium, as well as iron and other materials that can hold a charge. It is because they can hold a charge that it is possible to recondition hard water into soft water. One of the best ways is to use a Northstar NSC15ED water filtration system.

Northstar NSC15ED

Why Water Softening Units Are Important

When you have water that is delivered from a well, you can almost guarantee that you are going to have hard water. This is another name for water that has high mineral content. It is something that is a natural process of extracting it from the ground. The problem with having high mineral content in the water is that they can form a charge which can cause them to stick to the inside of pipes. This calcium, magnesium, and even iron buildup can cause problems with your pipes leading to expensive repairs later on. Additionally, you can also have problems with your major appliances. That’s why you need to have one of these installed.

An Overview Of The System

The Northstar NSC15ED is a water softening system that is well known in the industry. It has a very high rated capacity, as well as a high weighted efficiency level, capable of helping to filter all of the water coming into your home. The specific reason that you would use this system is that you definitively have hard water problems. The system uses a mineral tank, complete with a control valve, utilizing a twin tank system. It uses something called a reverse flow generation process which can be very efficient when it comes to using the salt that is part of this process. They are very easy to use, as well as inexpensive, making them one of the more popular items that people will use when searching for on-demand electronic water softening systems.

How Does It Work?

The Northstar NSC15ED uses what is called a salt water-based softening process. The salt is going to have ions. The ions are going to affect the condition of the minerals in the water. This will change their polarity, making it difficult for them to attach themselves to the interior of your appliances and pipes. This is why many people that have well water will use the systems. Hard water is simply another name for water that is heavily mineralized. This particular system is one of the few that is extremely easy to use, install, and will provide you with thousands of gallons of soft water with very little maintenance.

Drawbacks To This Particular System

One of the drawbacks to the Northstar NSC15ED is that it is designed for filtering water at only specific locations. If you are looking for a whole-house system, you will have to get a much larger filtration system that can handle tens of thousands of gallons of water. However, this particular model produces this water on demand. It can help prevent corrosion, premature malfunction of equipment that uses water, and will also reduce mineral deposits from occurring. It utilizes a nearly 16,000-grain capacity system and is capable of calculating the exact amount of salt that will be necessary in order to achieve this final result.

Why You Should Consider Getting This

The main reason that you should consider obtaining the Northstar NSC15ED water filtration system and softener is that it is designed to install within an hour. Even if you have no prior understanding of how to do plumbing, the directions will allow you to install this small unit very quickly. It should be noted that it can be extremely heavy. Some of them can weigh as much as 100 pounds. Also, remember that the flow rate is right around 9 gallons per minute. These are specifications that you need to consider before getting this particular model.

Although this company has produced many other water filtration systems before, the Northstar NSC15ED electronic on-demand system is one of the best. Not only is it affordable, but it is simple to install and use, making it one of the more popular items that they have ever put on the market. It is vitally important that you use systems that can protect you and your family from heavy amounts of minerals in the water. It is also going to help extend the life of your major appliances, and also prevent the buildup of minerals inside of your pipes, using this easy to use water softening system. Check out the Water Softener Solutions home page for the latest reviews.

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