Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

What You Need To Know About Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Morton Potassium Chloride Water-Softener Pellets are formulated specially to be 99% sodium-free. They work with softeners to improve and enhance water quality in homes.

Reasons To Trust Water Softener Solutions

Water Softener Solutions is a company that knows all about water filters and how they can make a difference in your life. They only recommend products that are not only affordable and easy to use, but also ensure you are only drinking the healthiest water. Water is not only more healthy for you once it is filtered, but also offers health benefits for your hair and your skin. You can rely on Water Softener Solutions to provide you with the best solutions when it comes to filtration and water softener products.

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

What Is Potassium Chloride?

Potassium chloride is one of the naturally occurring minerals that is mainly used in agriculture. It also works in a softener in a similar way to sodium chloride, but it rather replaces the minerals that cause hard water with potassium rather than sodium. Potassium chloride is also one of the essential nutrients required for health in humans and also plays a significant role when it comes to how the muscles, nerves, and organs function.

Potassium chloride is found in many food types such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy products. It also plays a role in the growth of healthy plants. Since it costs more to extract potassium chloride when compared to mining a mineral like sodium chloride, in general, potassium chloride costs more.

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets are described as a 99% sodium-free option for water softeners. This product is one of the natural solutions for many homes that have problems with hard water while providing a range of other benefits.

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets Benefits

This brand of potassium chloride pellets provides a way to reduce the buildup that hard water often caused in appliances and pipes. It also makes dishes and laundry much easier to wash and keep clean, while leaving skin and hair feeling softer.

To experience the full benefits of Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets, the manufacturer suggests adding two to four bags every two months, according to how many people live in your home. The 40 lb. bags come with easy-tear openings and a plastic handle to make pouring and carrying easier.

Potassium chloride pellets are ideal for homeowners that prefer an alternative to sodium chloride. If you are concerned about your sodium intake, potassium pellets are a great alternative. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets also offer a range of other benefits when compared to standard sodium salt. Potassium is not only healthy for you but is also kind to the environment. This also means you can provide your plants and your lawn with high-quality water.

These pellets also help to stop build-ups in your pipes and water heater and reduces the likelihood of hard water stains in your sinks and bathroom. These bags of pellets feature a pretty design and are easy to carry.


  • Keeps hair, skin, and laundry feeling softer
  • 99% sodium-free
  • Prevents hard water stains and spots on your tiles, and faucets
  • Lowers buildup in pipes, appliances, and water heaters
  • This product is compatible with all types of water softeners
  • Improves the taste of your drinking water
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Better than sodium chloride


  • Potassium chloride is a mineral that costs more to extract from the earth when compared to mining sodium

Final Thoughts

Today, there are many brands that produce water-softener salts. But these products are not created equally. After our analysis, self-testing, and research we can highly recommend Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets. If you are already concerned about your health and you don’t mind paying a bit more for a quality product, this is what you should be using in your water softener.

These potassium pellets not only offer many benefits for your softener, appliances, and pipes in your home, but they also help to improve the taste of your drinking water

Potassium Chloride Pellets by Morton are the best alternative if you prefer not to use sodium salts in your water softener. This product is not harmful to the environment and is actually good for your health. Customers have also mentioned that their water tastes even better since they have switched over to potassium chloride pellets. One of the only drawbacks of this product is the fact that it costs close to double the price when compared to regular brands of water softening salts. However, if the price is not an issue to you, and you are looking for a safe, reliable, and premium product that is good for your health, your appliances, pipes, and your garden, then potassium chloride pellets may be the best option for your water softener and your home.

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