iSpring DF2 Faucet Water Filter Review {Updated May 2024}

If you are thinking about purchasing the iSpring DF2 faucet water filter, it’s important to know a little bit about this product before you obtain it. It may not be the best choice for everyone, but it is certainly one of the best water filters on the market today. There are many benefits, and just a few drawbacks, regarding this very well-designed water filtration product. If you are looking for a water filter that has an impressive flow rate and can provide you with the best quality water at a low price, you can’t go wrong with the iSpring DF2 faucet water filter.

iSpring DF2

An Overview Of The iSpring DF2

The iSpring DF2 is a water filter that will mount on your faucet. It has a lifespan of about 500 gallons. The flow rate is 1.5 GPM. This filter is capable of reducing both chloramine and chlorine in the water, both of which can affect the odor of the water and its overall taste. Additionally, it can filter out E. coli bacteria, as well as other forms of bacteria and the very detrimental mineral lead. The removal of hydrogen sulfide is also possible with this water filter that works so well. One of the reasons that people will consider getting this filter is because it fits right on the faucet making it very easy to install. It also comes from a company with a reputation for only producing reliable and quality products. Through regular usage, you can use it for up to eight months, and this is a very good value by comparison to others that will only last a maximum of three months. To install it, everything that you will need is provided, allowing you to install this on a wide range of standard faucets.

Features Of The iSpring DF2

The best features of this water faucet will include its filter housing unit, the universal adapter, and the instructions that are provided. The housing unit is not made of flimsy plastic, but from solid chrome, allowing it to blend in naturally with any standard kitchen faucet that you may have. It will also not crack over time, nor will it easily break, as you often experience with water filtration systems that are not made with quality materials. The universal adapter is perhaps the best aspect of this system, other than the filter, because of how it allows you to easily install these units. Although there is a small probability that your particular unique faucet may not fit easily, for most faucets, this will only take a few minutes.

The Performance Of The iSpring DF2

The performance of this water faucet filter is exceptional. It is one of the main reasons that people will opt for this particular system. Lasting up to eight months, it allows you to save money, yet at the same time access the best tasting and safest water that any water filter can provide. The speed at which it can filter the water is also exceptional. In terms of water bottles, you can fill out 10 of them in the span of 60 seconds. At a speed of 1.5 GPM, this will allow you to filter your water, and get access to it, as quickly as possible. This is exceptional due to the number of contaminants that it can remove. As mentioned before, chloramine, lead, chlorine, irritable metals, VOCs, and cysts can easily be removed. It also filters bacteria out of the water, such as E. coli bacteria, something that most of the water filtration filters are not capable of doing.

iSpring DF2 Installation And Maintenance

This is one of the easiest water filters to install on a kitchen faucet. In fact, you can install this on most standard faucets in general. It comes with up to six adapters, allowing you to use them to connect the filter, and through the process of elimination you can connect your water filter in a matter of minutes. There are some faucets that it cannot connect to including those that are sprayer faucets, or those that are equipped with a high tech sensor. For the average person, it should take no more than 15 minutes to do a full installation. If you do have a faucet with external threading, you must remove the aerator before the installation can proceed. As for those with internal threading, this should work perfectly even without a washer. In regard to maintenance, the only maintenance you will ever do is changing the filter once every eight months. As you can see, it’s very easy to not only install, but to maintain, using this water filtration system that is very inexpensive.

Pros And Cons Of The iSpring DF2

There are many benefits associated with using this water filtration system. However, there are just a few drawbacks that you will need to consider. The benefits will include the 500 gallon filtration rate. This is a very high rate for the cost of the system. Another benefit is the ability to filter hot water as well is called water. This is something that may damage other filter systems. The reduction of chloramines and chlorine, along with bacteria and cysts, makes this one of the most useful water filters on the market. Therefore, you will have access to a substantial amount of clean and uncontaminated water using this simple system. The drawbacks include the fact that it will not remove TDS, and it will not fit on every single faucet on the market. Other than those two drawbacks, it is clearly a great investment if you are interested in obtaining a very affordable and efficient water filtration system that can attach to your faucets.

FAQs Regarding The ISpring DF2 Faucet

There are several common questions that you may have thought of regarding this water filter. These are questions that are bound to arise regarding any of these systems. One of the most commonly asked questions is will it remove sediment. You may have a water source, such as a well, that will have an abundance of sediment. This filtration system will remove small amounts of sediment, but this is not designed for people that are in the country and get well water for their home. Another question is in regard to what the filter is made of. It is a standard carbon block design. The micron rating on the filter does not exist. This is instead represented by the many different layers of media that comprise the carbon block. There is also a simple handle that you can move to disconnect the filtered water system so you can simply run standard tapwater when you are doing your dishes. When you receive the filter system, it does come with one filter cartridge. This will get you started, but after eight months, you will have to buy a new one. These are the basic questions that people tend to ask prior to making a decision to purchase this water filtration system.

Is This A Good Investment?

When you compare the cost of purchasing bottled water at a local store to filtering your own using this water filter, it is clear that the iSpring DF2 is going to be much more affordable. If you are purchasing water bottles every day, you will not have to do this using this water filtration system. You can use it for up to eight months, filling what could be hundreds of bottles of water, which can save you a substantial amount of money. In regard to comparing this to a professional filtration system that is installed for you, it is also a much more cost-effective choice. Finally, it is simply a good idea to filter the water coming into your household if you do a lot of cooking, or if you want to wash your face and hands, with purified water that will have no contaminants.

Who Will Benefit The Most From This Filtration System?

Those that tend to benefit the most are those in urban areas. The primary reason is because of the types of contaminants that it will remove. As mentioned earlier, if you happen to get well water, which will have a substantial amount of sediment, this may not be the best option because it is not designed for this purpose. However, if you are in the city, using water filled with chlorine and other contaminants, it’s going to work perfectly. As long as what you are removing is microscopic in size, it’s going to easily filter viruses, bacteria, and chlorine.

In conclusion, this review of the iSpring DF2 water filter system should assist you in making the right decision. If you do have water that is contaminated by many of the contaminants that have been presented, you will certainly benefit from this water filter. By removing chlorine, bacteria, and lead from the water, your simply drinking healthier water. Finally, it is one of the most affordable and comprehensive water filter systems on the market. If you want to start drinking filtered water, at a low cost, consider getting the iSpring DF2 water filter system.

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