How To Bypass a Water Softener

If you currently have a water softener installed at your home, you may wonder why it would ever be necessary to turn it off. It is important to have soft water if you are doing things inside of your home, such as running appliances that need to use water. However, just because you have water outside of your place of residence, it doesn’t mean that you need to soften that as well. You can use what is called a bypass valve that can allow you to avoid repair issues that could be caused without this type of component.

What Exactly Is A Bypass Valve?

This is something that is often used with water softener because it lets you direct water away from your main system. If you have one of these active, you can turn the water soften are off, but you are still going to have soft water in your home.

You can easily determine if it is functioning or not. Initially, you will need to look for the pipes that it would be connected to. There is going to be one pipe that will have the softened water. The other water, that which will be softened, will be funneled through that system. The next thing you need to do is look for a tertiary pipe that will have both outlets and inlets leading to the bypass valve. There should be a knob, or perhaps the handle, that will allow you to control it.

If you do have any difficulties at all controlling this, you will be able to find a diagram specifically for EcoWater bypass valves. If it is open, all you have to do is turn the other handles, or knobs if you have them, and it will activate the system.

Why You Should Bypass Your Water Softener

There are a couple different reasons why this is a good idea. For example, during the summer, this is a fantastic tool that will help your water softener work better. Instead of treating every ounce of water that you have coming in, you can save money and only use water in your house that is softened. You don’t really need to soften the water if you are doing yard work or landscaping, and this bypass system can help you also can serve water that you are using.

It is important to have plenty of water for your trees, plants, and your grass, and you can turn this on with the bypass valve. Once you’re done, just turn it back so that the water is only going to be softened inside of your house. It is a very easy thing to install, and once it is fully functional, your water softening unit will become much more efficient. You should also consider using a bypass valve if you are doing any type of repairs.

If you think that it’s not working properly, you can simply turn the water off, preventing it from going in the system. By doing so, the water in your home will it softened once you are done with the repairs. This can help you prevent problems from getting out of control. You can even find leaks by using this apparatus. You can direct the water away from the unit, and this will allow you to have time to fix any problems that you may have.

Indy Soft Water Repairs

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