How an Alkaline Water Purifier Machine Works: Learn about the Benefits of Drinking Smart

The Alkaline Water Purifier Machine is one of the newest and most innovative products on the market today. It is a device that filters your tap water, making it more alkaline with an increased pH level.

This machine has been shown to have many benefits for those who drink it regularly, including better digestion, higher energy levels, and improved skin clarity!

How an Alkaline Water Purifier Machine Works

The History of Water Ionizers

The interest in water ionizers originated from the mysteries surrounding how natives living in secluded, harsh parts of the world can still enjoy longevity and good health. All this despite difficult living conditions they find themselves in.

This is a potential explanation for the high prevalence of longevity among natives.

This study looked into another possible contributing factor: inhabitants’ drinking water. To understand how that might affect their health, researchers examined all their drinking water sources and discovered they have access to natural glacier water. This specific type of water is naturally alkaline when it originates from a natural glacier.

The history of water ionizers dates back to Japan in the early 1930s where it was originally called the “shin’nooru solution” or “synnohl liquid. However, the process of drinking and consuming alkaline water only became popular in 1950.

So What Is Ionized Water?

Purified water is ionized using a chemical process involving running an electric current through it.

Alkaline water is water with a pH level of 7 or higher. An alkaline water purifier machine uses electrolysis to change the pH level of whatever liquid you put into it.

Ionized water is not alkaline water, but it’s the next best thing. Some might say that an alkaline water purifier machine is better than natural alkaline water since it can include extra minerals, nutrients, and hydrogens (depending on the ionizer you buy).

Finding and purchasing a great alkaline water purifier machine for your home can give you high-quality ionized alkaline water wherever you want it, whenever.

How Does An Alkaline Water Purifier Work?

Like many devices on the market, the average alkaline water purifier machine (also known as a water ionizer) has two fundamental stages.

Step 1

The first stage filters and eliminates the unwanted contaminants from your water.

Before using a water ionizer, the water is first purified to remove any harmful contaminants. The machine then adds alkaline minerals to neutralize some of the acidic properties in the water.

Furthermore, tap water (though generally reasonably safe to drink) has a gross taste that can not be cleared just by altering the pH level of the water.

A water filter that purifies tap water to taste even better than regular filtered drinking water.

The highest quality machines will clean all the contaminants that can be found in tap water.

For example, Tyent machines are effective at treating chemicals and toxins like sediments, phenols, chlorine, organic waste, odor, lead, and bacteria

Step 2

An alkaline water purifier changes the pH of the purified water through electrolysis.

After cleaning and filtering contaminated water, the machine tints it with an alkaline solution to balance its pH.

The machine plates are where the process of electrolysis takes place. Electrolysis is a process that involves a specific low-voltage electric current, which causes soluble minerals to separate from water.

The machine will convert all the water to either an acid or alkaline state, depending on your input.

You will want to know that a water ionizer can create both acid water and alkaline water.

Do Alkaline Water Purifier Machines Really Work?

Alkaline water purifiers are both effective and affordable.

Alkaline water purifiers work by making the pH of contaminated water more alkaline through electrolysis, which separates minerals from the liquid to balance its pH level.

The machine then tints the purified water with an acid or alkaline solution to increase its natural mineral content for a healthy drink that is free of bacteria and other contaminants.

Alkaline water purifiers can also be used to make iced tea and coffee as well, eliminating the need for adding powdered acid or alkaline additives to your beverage before you drink it.

Benefits of Alkalized Water:

Many benefits come from drinking purified alkalized water such as healthier skin, increased energy levels, and more.

Through electrolysis and other purification methods, the water is then tinted with a solution for flavor or an acid/alkaline additive to increase its natural mineral content. These advantages are available in both bottle-fed alkalizes as well as filtered machines that use filters like coconut shells, coal, and more.

Are Water Ionizer Filters Effective?

Water Ionizer filters can be effective, but their performance does vary depending on the quality of the machine.

Lesser quality machines will use a slow and ineffective filter, while high-end ionizers are equipped to handle anything.

However, the quality of the filters is important. A machine can be great if it has good-quality filters and a low energy consumption level, as well as other features like an LED display or handle to pack it with more easily on travel.

An example of a good filter water purifier comes from Tyent UCE-11 and the Tyent ACE-13 water purifiers. These 2 units consistently perform and come highly rated.

Not only do these ionizers treat 99% of the common contaminants, but they also filter out pharmaceuticals and lead. Although most whole house filters can’t even filter these items, they still cost more!

So What is Anti Oxidizing Water?

Alkaline water has an antioxidant potential that helps the body fight free radical damage. Alkaline water can donate extra electrons, which have a negative ORP value.

In recent years we have rediscovered the importance of drinking water that is high quality and free from contaminants. And as a result, everyone from health-conscious individuals to hospitals is turning to alkaline water ionizers for their needs.

One byproduct this increased demand for cleaner water has created is that it can be hard to identify what makes an alkaline water machine the best choice.

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