GreenWave Salt Free Water Conditioner Review {Updated June 2024}

The GreenWave Salt Free Water Conditioner is an environmentally friendly water softening system, which guarantees around 97% effectiveness against hard water without the need for salt. The system is particularly ideal for large households. The system spoils you for choice since you can choose from four versions: 10, 15, 20, and 25 GPM. The outlet and inlet can be either ¾ inch or 1 inch. 

Greenwave Salt Free Water Conditioner

Distinctive Factor
Unlike traditional salt-based water softeners, the GreenWave does not remove minerals present in water rendering it hard. Instead, GreenWave neutralizes and transforms the minerals through a process known as Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC). As a result, the minerals do not adhere to surfaces, which effectively prevents the undesirable effects of hard water. That means GreenWave is perfect for you if you live in an area where water softeners are restricted, not to mention that you wouldn’t have to add salt to the water. 

Despite the initial price tag, you will soon realize how worthy of an investment the system is. Besides saving money you would otherwise spend on maintaining pipes, you also save on cleaning water appliances. 

Pros of the System
• It produces no water waste
• 97% effectiveness
• No use of electricity
• Variety of sizes for all your needs
• Requires very little maintenance

• Higher initial cost than other alternatives in the market
• It does not eliminate scale entirely
• No sediment pre-filter included

How GreenWave Salt Free Water Conditioner Works

As we have mentioned earlier, the GreenWave Conditioner is not your typical water softener since it does not get rid of the minerals in the water. It utilizes the Filter SP 3 Media by Watch Water, which performs the Nucleation Assisted Crystallization. 

The hard water passes in an up-flow manner through a pressure vessel. As it passes through, the calcium bicarbonate transforms into the aragonite form (calcium carbonate crystals), which are totally harmless. 

Besides, the GreenWave Salt Free Water Conditioner is manufactured in the USA by top-of-the-range engineers, guaranteeing durability. You can expect the anti-scale media in the GreenWave conditioner to last anywhere between 4 to 6 years, which is good value for your money. 

System Installation

You will notice that the GreenWave Conditioner exhibits a relatively simple design. Basically, the system includes a tank, Vortech plate, bypass valve, and anti-scale media. That makes it relatively easy to install. Even better, you don’t have to worry much about it after installation since it doesn’t require additional chemicals to get the job done. 

Once you buy this saltless system, you will find an installation menu, which outlines the installation steps in a straightforward manner. You can further get installation assistance from online platforms, such as YouTube, should you run into any problems. As a last resort, you can contact a professional plumber if you still have a problem getting the conditioner up and running. 

One of the possible problems you might run into during installation is fitting the system into the available space. If this is the case, you can always return it for a smaller version or alter the area to accommodate it. 

Performance Review

It is safe to say that the GreenWave Conditioner passes the performance test. After being tested by an independent party (the University of Arizona), the verdict was that the technology employed by GreenWave is the most effective in preventing the effects associated with hard water. 

You will notice that GreenWave systems are considerably small, yet that does not compromise the performance. The system can treat 12 gallons of water every minute on average. If you do the math, that translates to 17,000 gallons a day. Therefore, if you run a big household, your needs are well catered for. 

Besides, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty (100%). In the fourth and fifth years, the warranty drops to 50%, which is still considered fair. 

System Maintenance

We mentioned earlier that the system does not call for intensive maintenance. The only maintenance it will need is changing the filter cartridges. The system comes with filter cartridges, commonly referred to as Dual Stage Carbon Pre-Filters, which require a change at least once a year. The good thing is that these filter cartridges come with a lifetime warranty, albeit limited. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I tell if my GreenWave Salt Free Water Conditioner Actually Works?

You don’t have to do some detailed tests to see whether your GreenWave water conditioner is working. The evidence will be in your water appliances. Once you start using the conditioner, you should notice a significant drop in the scale build-up. The best time to start looking for proof would be a week into using it. 

Is the Water from the GreenWave Conditioner Safe for Drinking?

The GreenWave water conditioner has been subjected to numerous independent tests, showed no evidence of causing harm. Therefore, you can safely drink the water from the system without worrying about your health. 

What’s the Ideal Place to Install my Water Conditioner?

That will mostly depend on the plumbing layout of your home. The layout determines your main water supply source, which is usually the best place to install your water conditioner. If you have a separate water source for other buildings, which are part of the home, you might need to get them separate water conditioners. 

What do I Stand to Gain by Installing a Salt-Free Water Conditioner?

The primary benefit is the significant decrease in the hardness level of your water. Consequently, your water appliances will not need frequent cleaning, not to mention the benefits on your skin and hair. Besides, the GreenWave water conditioner does not run on electricity, which is a huge relief. 

What Makes Salt-Free Water Conditioners Environmentally Friendly?

There are many reasons that render the GreenWave salt-free water conditioner environmentally friendly. Top of that list is the fact that it does not run on electricity, so it’s safer for the environment. Besides, the system does not go through renewal cycles. Therefore, there is zero water waste. 

The Verdict

Evidently, the GreenWave salt-free water conditioner is worth your money if you are on a hunt for a system that will effectively reduce limescale build-up. The cheap maintenance is an irresistible perk, given that changing pre-filters is all you need to do. 

Another perk you cannot miss is the 100% warranty of 3 years and the 50% warranty on the fourth and fifth years. 

However, like any other system, it has a downside. The major downside is that the system does not get rid of the minerals that make the water hard but instead neutralizes them. Therefore, if you are looking for a system that removes these minerals, the GreenWave salt-free water conditioner is not your best bargain. 

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