Electronic Water Conditioning System {Updated April 2024}

What is an Electronic Water Conditioner and Do They Work?

If you have been looking intently into a glass of water from your taps and wondering what other ingredients beyond pure H2O might be found therein, you have come to the right spot. Hard water is the term given to water that is heavily laden with mineral, chemical, and even heavy metal content and this affects its performance in our bodies and countless other water-related activities.

Following is what you need to know about Electronic Water conditioning and how it can be used to improve your home’s water supply.

Electronic Water Conditioning System

Electronic Water Conditioners

If you have been looking for a way to improve the quality of water brought into your home you have probably heard about the wonders of Electronic Water Conditioners. These items are also called magnetic water descalers or electronic water softeners and apply an electro-magnetic action to purify the water supply for your home.

Of course, the big question on everyone’s mind is, “But do they work?” The answer will depend on a variety of factors including who you are asking and which products you are asking about. So, before you go out and make any long-term investments, let’s take a look at what the electronic water conditioner is and what it is supposed to do.

What is an Electronic Water Conditioner?

The effect that we hope to accomplish by “softening” the water of your home is to also eliminate the problem with scaly-limestone deposits that can build up over time. The electronic water conditioner attempts to handle this task electronically.

This is accomplished through the generation of a magnetic field around the incoming flow of water. This is not actually that complicated and can have a number of good effects. Here is how it works:

The most common types of electronic water conditioner will typically have a box that sits around the entry point of water to your home. Actually, it will be installed as close as it can to the main water pipes that enter the home and typically just after the primary valve. This is called a POE or Point-of-Entry system and ensures that the entire home is provided with conditioned water.

This device will be installed onto the pipes and features two important wires or cables that will be wrapped around the pipes in a coil-like fashion. Other devices do not use this coil system and attach a clamp onto the pipes instead.

Next, water is passed through the pipes as it normally would. The special wires or clamps applied to these pipes will then pass an electrical charge through the pipes water is passing through to arrive at your home through taps. The magnetic field generated by these electronic devices will then affect chemical changes in the water.

What are the Problems electronic Water Conditioners Are They Trying to Solve?

At Water Softener Solutions, we have spoken about scaling and limestone deposits, but what exactly are these occurrences, and what is the problem that they can cause. Scaling is the natural occurrence of highly mineralized water leaving behind small mineral deposits wherever they go. This could be in unsightly water drops left on your windows, glasses, and floors after the water has dried. It can also cause thicker deposits to grow on the inside of pipes and within water containing appliances like radiators, water heaters, coffee makers, and more.

The tiles and grout in your bathrooms, laundry areas, and poolside will also be greatly affected by this high level of minerals and chemicals. Shower stalls especially will need to be deep cleaned and scrubbed with an appropriate cleaning agent to remove scum and scaly deposits at least once every couple of months or more.

Scaling is not just an unsightly problem either as it can lead to the malfunction of appliances and plumbing fixtures of all types. When the water heater begins to work less efficiently due to mineral deposits, you will also be spending more to heat water in your home.

Furthermore, “hard” water can provide a very different effect when it is applied to a wide variety of uses. For example, hard water does not produce a rich full lather when it is used to wash hair and bodies. The same is true when being used to wash dishes, cars, and household items. Even after rinsing thoroughly, hard water will tend to leave behind little drop marks filled with minerals.

Final Notes on Electronic Water Softeners

The solution to water containing unwanted minerals, metals, and chemicals is a top-notch electronic water conditioner. You will be able to enjoy pure clean water for your home and family. Water that has been cleaned and purified has a far better effect on the human body inside and out. Furthermore, your electronic water conditioner can be supplemented with a variety of other water treatment solutions to ensure that nothing but the most sparkling clean elixir is delivered to your home and loved ones. There are other water softener alternative solutions you can look into as well.

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