Clearly Filtered Pitcher Review {Updated May 2024}

Welcome to our Clearly Filtered Pitcher review. Apart from keeping your water tasty and safe, water filter jugs can also help to reduce your use of plastic bottles.

A filter will help you save money in the long run while doing your part for the environment. However, with more and more filters available, it may be rather challenging to identify which one to purchase. Fortunately, you can use this review on Clearly Filtered Pitcher.

You might have been wondering if there is any difference between them? Generally speaking, you will find some water filters to be more superior to others. Some jugs are perfect for some people, but they might not be the best choice for another person. And this is the reason behind this review on Clearly Filtered Pitcher.

With this comprehensive review, you’ll learn everything you have to know regarding this filter before you decide to buy it. Read on to understand more why you require a filter for your home and several reasons why you should go for this water pitcher.

About Clearly Filtered

Essentially, Clearly Filtered is a one-product company. As of now, their pitcher jug is actually the main product that they sell. Nonetheless, they also manufactured under-sink filtration systems, in-built refrigerator filters, shower water filters, and portable water filter bottles.

The company was founded back in 2011 to deal with the pollution present in most tap water. Typically, the company implements its filtration system known as Affinity Filtration. This is dual-technology that can get rid of an astonishing 99.7% of pollutants. Quite frankly, one of the best filters you can find on the market today is their filter.

Let’s dive in.


Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher


  • Filter type: Signature Affinity Filter
  • Capacity: 10 cups or 80 oz
  • Materials: medical-grade Tritan materials (100% BPA free)
  • Dimensions: 11.1×10.9×5.5 inches
  • Contaminants eliminated: more than 232, or 99.7% on average
  • Filter lifespan: 4 months or 100 gallons


One of the reasons why the Clearly Filtered Pitcher jug is popular is because of its high-functioning filtration system. The best part is that the company claims it eliminates more contaminants compared to its top three competitors combined. Clearly Filtered was recently updated and advanced with the introduction of this new, in-built filter technology known as “Affinity”.

Apart from the outstanding filter, this jug possesses some more intriguing properties. The following is just a brief list of some of these properties.

  • In-house water dam technology is responsible for preventing the unfiltered water from intermixing with your filtered water.
  • Since it is made with Tristan plastic, the jug tends to be more durable and safe.
  • The lifespan of this Clearly Filtered Pitcher is at 100 gallons, which lasts about 2-3 times as long as its competitors.

As if all those features were not good enough, try this – their products have an extremely high satisfaction rating of 92%. As of now, you must be excited to imagine when you are going to get your hands on the product.

Let’s look at more of these features.

The Affinity Filter

Quite frankly, the most appealing and unique part when it comes to this pitcher is its filter. You guessed it! The Affinity Filter is a somewhat new addition when it comes to the Clearly Filtered company. And, genuinely speaking, the filter is a game-changer. But how?

Let’s see.

The filter claims to eliminate 232+ contaminants, such as benzene, microplastics, mercury, chlorine, bacteria and cysts, pesticides, prescription drugs, BPA, glyphosate, PFOA/PFAS, arsenic, chromium-6, lead, and fluoride.

You can try and compare this incredible list to a few market competitors out there. BRITA filters insist that they remove only two, while PUR filters insist that they only remove six of those contaminants.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that this filter is generally the best option for tackling contaminants in your tap water. By using the jug, you can tell the difference in terms of taste that a superior filter can make.

This filter is uniquely made to offer water that’s truly clean and safe. It implements a dual-technology strategy, putting together magnet-like chemical absorption with a distinct physical structure.

For starters, the water moves via a filter built with many twists and turns. Water usually travels in a straight line in other filters. This design enables the water to spend a considerably longer period in contact with the filter, which means the contaminant magnets will have more time to remove the bad stuff. Although this procedure makes the filter a bit slow, the outcome is worth the wait. Besides, you only realize that it’s slow the first time of filling it. In case you continue topping it up, the filter’s speed is a non-factor.

Quality Aspects of the Pitcher Material

In general, one of the fears that often disturbs the minds of health-conscious customers when it comes to water pitchers is that of probable plastic contamination.

If you choose the Clearly Filtered pitcher, you’ll have peace of mind that there is no phthalate, BPA/BPS, or any other chemical that’s getting into your water. This is mainly because its water basin is made using Medical Grade Tritan Plastic.

It’s actually one of the few, reliable filtration products made in the U.S. No artificial or foul taste in your water, no odors, all you get is water that will taste like nothing else but pure water!

Water Jug Design

Let’s explore the design of this jug. This is another important feature of this item. Although this water jug appears stylish with its clean and clear design, it is often understated. You could easily keep this jug on the kitchen table without being worried about it distracting from your aesthetic or even being too eye-catchy. The jug is also compact enough, which means it will fit perfectly into your fridge.

Since the Clearly Filtered Pitcher is clear, you can also see exactly the amount of water you got in each jug compartment at all times. Typically, the well-shaped spout prevents accidental spillages. Thanks to the advanced water dam technology, you can actually pour filtered water into a bottle or cup while the water jug progresses to filter tap water in its top section.

Therefore, apart from the first time where you wait for your water to filter at the bottom, it is pretty straightforward to refill and use the pitcher. Just use tap water to fill the tap compartment, before or after pouring a glass of water, then pop it in your fridge and leave it to do its thing.

Filter Longevity & Replacement

Best for critical contaminant removal, the Clearly Filtered pitcher possesses a fairly decent filter life as well. An average water pitcher filter can last for about 3 months; however, the filter life of cartridges from Clearly Filtered is about 4 months. As of now, you cannot get much better than this when it comes to a pitcher filter. The only ones who have managed to beat this with a 6-month lifespan are Brita’s Longlast filters.

You will require to replace the filters after 100 gallons of tap water filtering. Since these are top-quality filters, you’ll need to make the most out of them before they require replacing. However, if you are utilizing the pitcher for a large family, or your water has a relatively higher than average saturation, you might have to replace them regularly.



There are many pros to this filter. Some of these include:

  • Ergonomic and stylish design
  • The outstanding contaminant removal rate of 99.7%
  • Water dam technology that allows convenient pouring
  • Top-quality plastic materials used


However, much like everything else in life, there are a few cons too:

  • More costly than some options available for sale
  • Does not remove viruses

Who Is This Pitcher For?

Quite frankly, just about anyone! Yes, you can use this Clearly Filtered Pitcher and its filter. You will surely love it. When it comes to purifying water, this water jug goes above and beyond with its advanced technology. What’s more, its sleek and understated design simply means that it will look appealing in whatever kitchen.

What Do You Look For In a Filter Pitcher?

You might be wondering what makes another jug better? And what aspects should you look out for?

Although the design is vital, good filtration should be the #1 thing to look for. It would be best to opt for an effective filter that can eliminate a wide variety of contaminants. Ensure that you also look out for the filter’s certifications. Since most companies carry out tests on their filters, you might also compare different test results from different companies.

If you already know that your water has a particular contaminant in it, ensure that you confirm whether that filter eliminates that contaminant. For example, some filters only eliminate chlorine. That means that if there are bacteria traces in your water, they will most likely not be the best option for you.

Last Word

There is nothing like the Clearly Filtered pitcher in the water filtration industry. Thanks to its highly effective technology, you’ll have peace of mind that your water is clean and safe to consume.

Hopefully, this review has assisted you to determine if this filter is the right one for you.

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