Why Are You Required To Bypass Your Water Softener?

In case you already have a water softener installed in your home, you might not feel the need to turn it off and keep the softener on at all times. No doubt soft water is excellent for your indoor household tasks as it helps in the smooth functioning of some appliances but this does not imply that you should be utilizing soft water for outdoor chores too. This is where bypass valve comes into picture. Let’s understand more about it.

What is a bypass valve?

Most of the top water softeners are equipped with a bypass valve to help you direct the water away from your system. In case your water softener unit has such a device in place, you can simply turn your softener off without causing any disruption to the water flow in your house.

Utilizing a bypass valve is quite easy when you are aware of what you need to check. At first, you are required to consider the set of pipes that are connected to your water softener- one pipe is used for bringing water into the unit to soften it and the other pipe sends the soft water into your house. Then, you need to trace the third pipe that is situated between the inlet and the outlet pipes. This third pipe is your bypass valve. The valve needs to have a handle or a knob that you can easily twist in order to open the bypass setting. In case you face issues locating the bypass valve, you can consider a diagram of such a valve online and the process will become super easy for you. When the bypass valve is open, simply turn off the two other knobs on your inlet and outlet pass. This allows the water to ‘bypass’ your unit till you turn the valves back to their normal positions.

Bypassing your water softener implies that you are diverting water from flowing through the water softener. The water will just flow from the ingoing pipe directly to your outgoing pipe.  A range of water softeners have one lever or knob to bypass the system but others are equipped with two knobs. You can check you User Manual to find out about the same. Since a majority of water softeners meter your usage of water to find out when they are required to regenerate, setting up your system in bypass mode will halt your water softener from metering any water and thus the system won’t regenerate unless there is a feature for override.

A good number of digital water softeners are equipped with an override feature so that even if you do not make use of any water, the water softener system will regenerate when a particular amount of time has passed. The feature will assist you in keeping your water softener resin clean when there is no water or very little amount of water being used. A lot of digital systems are equipped with this ‘override’ feature and it can also be shut off pretty easily in case you are going to be away for a good amount of time. Go through the User Manual to know more about it or you can also get in touch with your water treatment professionals to get information.

Reasons behind bypassing your water softener

There are innumerable reasons for using the bypass valve of your water softener unit. The bypass valve can be a superb tool for making your water softener more efficient during the summer months. In case your unit treats all incoming water, you get to save some money on softener salt by utilizing the bypass valve. As you do not necessarily need to utilize soft water for your yard work and landscaping, the bypass setting offers your system a break without restricting your usage of water.   

You would still have all the water that you need for the purpose of watering your plants, lawns, trees and other things in your garden when you open your bypass valve. You just need to put the valves in their original position once you are finished so that you indoor water stays soft. Utilizing softener salt only when you need it can be a great trick for improving the efficiency of your water softener. If you don’t want to use salt check out one of the highly recommended saltless water softener in our guide.

One more reason to make use of your bypass valve is for the repair services of your water softener. In case you find your unit acting up and you do not know why, you are not required to go directly to your main water line. All you got to do is utilize your bypass valve. This way you can still get water into your house. The significance of the bypass valve lies in the fact that it can prevent problems from becoming worse, especially when it comes to leaks. In case you direct water away from your unit, then you can assist in keeping issues under check until a water softener professional can help you out. 

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