Nuvo Water Softeners Reviews and Buyer's Guide

In this extensive product review, we're discussing three of the best water softeners on the market. The water softening systems that we're proud to present to you are from a brand called Nuvo H2O, whose headquarters is in Utah. Nuvo H2O has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for their customer service and distribution of salt-free water softening systems.

Since we've recently updated our water filtration system at our home, we spent a lot of time digging deep into what makes a good water softening system. We've talked with experts in the field in order to understand which features are necessary to improve the quality of drinking water, so we've decided to share some of our most exciting research with you in this comprehensive product review.

Get ready to learn how to improve the quality of your tap with a water softening system from Nuvo H2O.

Nuvo Studio SystemNuvo Studio System

Our Top Pick for 2020

Nuvo Studio System

This reliable water softening system comes with a five year warranty. It's backed by the FDA, and it has been tested by an independent products testing company. The Nuvo H2O Studio water softening system is perfect if you're living by yourself.

Nuvo H2O Water Softening System Comparison & Buyer's Guide

Find the Right Size Water Softening System for Your Situation

Having a reliable water softening system will do wonders for your lifestyle. You'll feel better about drinking the water that comes from your tap, so you'll make an effort to drink more water each day. One of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is keeping your body hydrated, but it's nearly impossible to keep hydrated when your home doesn't have good quality water coming through the pipes.

If you're relying on an outdated water softening system, you are disregarding the health of your entire household. A good water softening system puts you in control of the pH levels of the water that comes from your tap. A softening system from Nuvo H2O is better for the health of your family, and these systems are actually beneficial for the health of your pipes. The pipes in your home and the appliances that are connected to the tap are proven to last longer when they are receiving a better quality of water.

What Does a Water Softening System Do?

If you're new to water softening systems, you might be interested in finding out exactly what a water softener from Nuvo H2O will do for your home. Some of the old-fashioned water softening systems rely upon salt to improve the quality of water, and this leaves a bad taste in the drinking water. However, Nuvo H2O softens the water without using salt or electricity.

Nuvo H2O water softening systems incorporate a fantastic technology called CitraCharge. This state-of-the-art water softening technology is designed to lower the overall pH level of the water that comes from your faucet. The benefit of lowering the pH of your water is that it will actually reduce the amount of mineral build-up.

Which Filter Is Right for Your Needs?

Now that you understand the purpose of these systems, let's examine which system is right for your home. There are plenty of reasons to select one model of this filtration system over another; usually, people have a preference that's based upon the number of occupants inside of their home.

Before we dive into the in-depth review of Nuvo H2O's three top-selling water softening systems, let's go over a few basic parameters for determining which size system you should choose.


First of all, find a system that will work with the other water filtration products that you're using for your home. You may rely upon a filter for well water, or you may have an additional filter to cleanse city water before it leaves your tap. Nuvo H2O provides recommendations on the types of filters that are compatible with their systems. You may need to speak to a customer care representative if you are unsure about intermingling your current system with this softener.

Some houses use an electro-magnetic softening system from another company that can be installed in conjunction with Nuvo's offering. However, you should install Nuvo's system first to make the plumbing run more efficiently.

Water Pressure:

These water softening systems are rated to give off between 8 and 15 gallons of water every minute. These figures are used to precisely determine the amount of water you use on any given day.

In order to get that estimate, you'll need to consider the types of uses for water in your home. If you wash laundry, those machines use roughly 2 gallons per minute of use.

Lifetime of Individual Filter:

It's important that you analyze how much water is used in your household because you will need to figure out how many filters to order for your home.

You will be able to estimate the total volume of water that is used for your household by multiplying the number of people in your house by 80 gallons; that's the average amount of water that a typical individual uses on an average day.

Filters from Nuvo H2O last for about 35,000 gallons of water. At a normal rate, a household with one individual living in it will need a new filter every 14.5 months in order to continue experiencing good quality drinking water.

If you need further assistance in selecting one of these quality filters from Nuvo H2O, take a look at the buyer’s guide that's at the end of this article.

Nuvo H2O Water Softening System Comparison

1. Nuvo H2O Studio Water Softening System

Getting Started:

This reliable water softening system comes with a five year warranty. It's backed by the FDA, and it has been tested by an independent products testing company. Nuvo H2O's studio-sized water softening system is perfect if you're living by yourself.
Unique Specifications:

Small Size: This system is compact. It only weighs 4.5 pounds.

Water Flow and Capacity: The flow of water from this amazing system is around 13.5 gallons per minute (GPM). The filtration cartridge lasts for 20,000 gallons of water.


Great Value Purchase: You get a great deal when you buy this studio-sized system because the life of its filters will last as long as the medium-sized model sold by Nuvo H2O.

Too Small for Big Households: If you have more people living in your home, you shouldn't try to use a small unit like this one. You'll end up changing filters all the time. Take a look at the manor-size model if you have a large household.
Quick Summary:

The studio-size water softening system from Nuvo H2O is perfect if you are living by yourself. This product is FDA-approved, and it comes with a great warranty.

2. Nuvo H2O Home Water Softening System

Getting Started:

Each system from Nuvo H2O comes with the parts you'll need to get started, including mounting brackets. This system is designed for a medium-sized household. It also comes with a filtration cartridge, and there's a housing wrench to help you when it's time to change the filter.

Unique Specifications:

Size of Household: This filtration system is perfect for households of two or three people.

Size of Unit: Nuvo H2O’s home system is smaller than the manor model, and it's a little bigger than the studio model. It weighs 7 pounds.

Water Flow: The flow rate for Nuvo H2O's home water softening system averages 13.5 GPM. This particular type of filtration system has a cartridge that lasts for 20,000 gallons of water.

Help With Installation: If you are having an issue installing this system on your own, you could get a Nuvo H2O certified technician to help with the entire process. Nuvo H2O technicians are located throughout the country, but you'll need to check whether one is available in your area. If they don't service your town, you can contact Nuvo H2O's customer support line. This company has a great reputation for dealing with customer care issues.

Certified by NAF: It appears that all of the products from Nuvo H2O are certified by the Public Health and Safety Organization. In case you were wondering what the NSF does, from their website. When you see a company claim that their products are NSF certified, this means that the product has been thoroughly tested by one of the largest authorities in independent product testing. Therefore, you should feel safe installing these water softening systems around your loved ones.

Same Lifetime as Smaller Model: The only real downside for purchasing this filtration system is that the filter used in the home water softening model is slightly larger than the studio's cartridge; however, both cartridges are rated to have the same lifetime of 20,000 gallons. Meanwhile, the lifetime of the filtration cartridges for the manor water softening systems are rated much higher (50,000 gallons).
Quick Summary:

Nuvo H2O's home water softening system has been inspected by a legitimate, independent company. This product is designed for small households with two or three residents, and filtration cartridges will last for 20,000 gallons. You should be able to install it on your own; however, there are several ways to get help from an expert technician.

3. Nuvo H2O Manor Water Softening System

Getting Started:

In case you were wondering how these water softening cartridges work, they are operating on the scientific principle of chelation. Here's some information about how this process works. Basically, the FDA-approved formula within Nuvo H2O's cartridges bonds to metal ions in order to create fresh water.

Unique Specifications:

Huge System: The Nuvo H2O Manor water softening system is their largest system. It is massive in physical size, weighing approximately 14 pounds.

Flow and Capacity: The manor-size water softening system is rated to flow at approximately 13.5 GPM. The lifetime of its filtration cartridge (also known as capacity) is roughly 50,000 gallons.

Larger Filter for Large Households: In order to supply 50,000 gallons of clean water, you'll need to make sure that you buy the correct replacement filtration cartridges. Nuvo H2O sells each size on their website, and this filter won’t function properly with the wrong size cartridge. This system is ideal for households with four or more residents. It can produce 18 to 20 gallons of water per minute.


FDA Approval: While the scientific methods that are incorporated into this design are impressive, consumers will be able to rest at night without worrying about this process. Knowing that these filters are FDA-approved will relieve you of a considerable amount of stress.

Great for Large Households: Since this water softening system produces over 18 GPM, it should yield enough water to keep up with large households of people. If you are constantly running appliances that use water, you need a water softener that will keep up with your family's needs.


Forgetting to Change the Filter: The lifetime of the filtration cartridge should last a long while, so you might forget to change it. Make sure to put a note on your calendar on the approximate day that the filter should be changed. The filter will last for around six months (or 35,000 gallons) before it needs to be swapped out for a new one.

Quick Summary:

This manor-size water softening solution is perfect for households with four or more people. You shouldn't be using a small water softening system for a large household. Use this size model if you want to keep your water pressure running smoothly. This FDA-approved water softening system is the largest filter made by this company.

Buyer's Guide for Nuvo H2O Water Softening Systems

What Are People Saying About Nuvo H2O?

It's important to do your due diligence before purchasing a product that you're going to rely upon for the essential function of improving the quality of your water. Nuvo H2O has an outstanding rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Although they've had their share of complaints, there were an overwhelming number of satisfied customers that had positive results to report.

According to their profile on the BBB's website, Nuvo H2O had received complaints from customers that claimed their systems were giving them problems. Since they sell several of these products to homeowners across the US, it's not surprising that some people have reported issues. However, it's quite a surprise to see that Nuvo H2O has made a serious effort to respond to any complaints from customers. In many cases, customers were using their systems incorrectly. Fortunately, Nuvo H2O's impressive customer service team was able to guide each customer.

Fortunately, there are many more positive reviews on their BBB profile. In fact, Nuvo H2O has received a four out of five star rating from customers. Many customers have raved about Nuvo H2O's responsive customer service. Customers are enjoying the products that Nuvo H2O has created to improve the quality of water in their homes. Additionally, some customers have claimed that their replacement cartridges have arrived in a timely manner.

It's refreshing to see a company that responds to its customers' concerns, and there are plenty of satisfied consumers talking about Nuvo H2O's customer care.


All of the water softening systems sold by Nuvo H2O come with the same guarantee. Each system has a warranty that lasts for five years from the date of purchase.

Although, it's important to make sure that you don't install your water softening system in an area that's in the sun. Also, it shouldn't be left out in an area where it could get damaged by the elements. These are two of the stipulations that will void any warranty offered by Nuvo H2O.

Enjoying a Better Quality of Water

It's time to commit to making a decision about which water softening system is right for your family. Take time to consider how much water your family is using on a daily basis, and estimate how much your household will use in a year. This information will help you realize which size system is right for your family's needs.

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