Best Electronic Water Scalers for Your Home

Hard water is one of the most common types of problems to affect your home water supply and can create a number of issues with your use of water in the home. Because this problem is so common and also very pervasive, as it touches many aspects of your home life and water usage, many home and property owners will seek to remedy the issue with a suitable water softener or water descaler.

In the following article we would like to share with you some expertise on the matter and introduce you to these fine water treatment options. We will also provide copious information on the very best options you will find on the market and how these will benefit your home’s water supplies.

Our Top Pick for 2020

Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System 

Yarna has been providing a wide variety of systems for purifying your water for many years. This particular unit is very easy to install. Essentially, the system itself looks like a handle, and the bottom is installed around your pipes, delivering the electricity through the pipe itself. It uses what is called an impulse system. It is specifically designed to affect different minerals like magnesium and calcium. It can cause them to bond together, thus preventing them from building up inside of any of the pipes in your home. 

What are Electronic Water Descalers and Water Softeners?

The problem with hard water begins far below the ground in the massive subterranean aquifers that provide most of the world’s population and industry with water. Down in these caverns the water is allowed to collect and carry a high content of minerals that can cause the water to have some unpleasant effects.

If you have noticed that the soaps you use to wash your hands and possibly your laundry are not lathering up properly, this could be due to the high-mineral content in your water. Another way hard water makes itself evident is in a scaly calcium buildup you can find inside of your electric water heater, coffee maker, espresso machine, tea kettle and along the tiles and porcelain surfaces of your bathroom.

If you have noticed any of these qualities in your home water usage, a water softener may be the solution to providing a higher quality water supply.

The Best 5 Electronic Water Scalers for Your Home

1. Yarna Capacitive Electronic Descaler:

This impressive unit from Yarna treats hard water with electric impulses controlled by a microchip. The connecting coils are attached directly to the pipe being treated and transmits the electric charge to the water within.

This ensures that the mineral elements in the water do not form build ups and even begins to loosens scale buildup that is already there.

If your home’s water supply has been obstructed by mineral build ups or collected rust stains in sinks, tubs and toilet bowls, this unit can help reverse the damage and ensure no buildup

According to the reviewers, this model will even improve the experience of washing hair in the shower and reduce the presence of soap scum.

Note that the effects may take some time to come to reach their full development.

Features of the Yarna Capacitive Electronic Descaler

Capacity – this unit provides a decent output for an average sized home with 3500liters of water per hour. The flow rate is also very high with 15.4 Gallons of water descaled each minute.

Installation – as with most electronic descalers you will be able to install this device yourself. You will need 10 inches of pipe at least 2 inches in diameter. Just follow the simple instructions included and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Warranty – the warranty is very favorable with 100% percent cash back if you are not completely satisfied within the first year.

Power consumption – this device will need to be hooked up to an electrical outlet but consumes only 4 watts, making it an energy saver.

Weight – at only 2.23 pounds this is light and easy for anyone to set up. It is also an especially high-performance option too.

2. HQUA 5000E

The HQUA 5000EHQUA applies a frequency-modulated electromagnetic wave system to reverse the effects of hard water in a water supply. This precision frequency resonance is delivered through two cables that you can connect to your incoming water supply very easily. This option is especially effective against calcium and magnesium buildups.

This potent electronic descaler is capable of descaling water with 25 GPG hardness rating. You can also count on the same capacity to remove rusty staining that can affect your most private amenities and clothing. Furthermore, all of your appliances will function with greater efficiency. 

Features of the HQUA 5000EHQUA

Power consumption – This system only consumes 4-watt energy, so it will only cost you 5-7 dollars per year in terms of electricity bills.

Light indicator – this easy to use water scaler has three lights that indicate the operations are running optimally. One is for the power and the other will hold the information on operations (see owner’s manual). If all lights are off, it is because the unit is not connected to the power sources.

Capacity – this high capacity option will serve a large family of up to 7 people.

Weight – small and light-weight, under 2 pounds.

3. ScaleWatcher

ScaleWatcher is a smaller option that uses electromagnetic waves to charge the water and keep minerals suspended there from collecting in thick deposits. The beneficial effects of the ScaleWatcher begin once you complete the very simple installation process.

Features of the ScaleWatcher

Light Indicator – this electronic descaler has a green LED light indicator that represents everything is in working order, if the light flashes red, it is no longer operating properly.

Technical Support – Even though the installation process is very simple and the instructions clear. We are happy to report this product is backed by an excellent customer support service.

Warranty – the ScaleWatcher comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and a warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects for up to 10 years.

4. Eddy Electronic Descaler

The Eddy Electronic Descaler is another especially simple to use option that applies electromagnetic waves to removing the buildup caused by hard water.

 In addition to protecting your appliances and devices from future buildups, it also works to dislodge those that have already taken form.

The Eddy is capable of working on all types of water pipes and can handle water as hard as 20 GPG.

Warranty – the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler comes with a full year money back guarantee should the item not function as intended. Any repairs and replacements are covered for a lifetime.

Power consumption – this option consumes only 5 watts of energy so it won’t be a major addition to your energy bills.

Weight – this potent water descaler only weighs a pound and a half.

5. iSpring ED2000

This system features a more sophisticated computer that controls the hardness removal and emits complex electronic waves that are more effective at targeting scale deposits. This functions to increase the solubility of water and protects against future build ups and eliminates those that have already formed. The iSpring ED2000 can effectively descale water with a hardness level of 19 GPG.

Customer service, – the setup is fairly easy, but in case you have any issues with your installation work, you can call the very helpful customer support team.

Warranty – you can expect a full year of use to make sure this product works well, or return it for a full money back guarantee.

Weight – the iSpring is light and small, only 2 pounds in weight! Still it is powerful enough to serve a medium sized house.

Capacity – the planning will take some consideration as this descaler is only effective within 50 ft. of the device.

Hard Water Problems

When hard water is heated it allows the minerals in the water to reassemble themselves into the scale that you will find on the interior of pipes and water appliances. This can affect the performance of these important appliances and increase the need for repairs and replacements over a lifetime.

Highly mineralized water can also make skin and hair dry and unmanageable. According to studies by the US Geological Survey, over 83% of Americans have issues with hard water in their homes.

Testing for Hard Water

As mentioned, hard water is that which is taken from underground reservoirs that have filled with water that trickles through the Earth’s mantle. This fills the water with a variety of minerals and metals, including calcium and manganese. These minerals collect in the water in any degree of density and give the water it’s decidedly “hard” quality. The level of water hardness can be measured in grains per gallon (GPG) or by parts per million (PPM).

Hard water is water that has more than one grain of dissolved mineral hardness per every gallon of water, or 1 GPG. Even though that is considered hard water, water up to 3.5 GPG still retains all the attributes of soft water. Water with more than 10 GPG is noticeably hard and unpleasant. To find out how many GPGs your home water has, you can purchase a good testing kit online for a moderate price. But, if you will be investing in a water softener or electronic water descale, you will definitely want to know what effects it is having and a testing kit will show you what value you are receiving for your investment.

Solving Hard Water Problems – Water Descalers

One of the major problems with hard water is that it tends to build up in scale deposits. One of the ways that this can be addressed is with an electronic water descaler. This device works to electronically address one of the major problems with hard water

How the Electronic Water Descaler Works

As mentioned, hard water has a large quantity of minerals it has picked up from the ground. Under normal circumstances, these particles will gather together to form scale deposits. But, with an electronic descaler, the water is charged and this prevents these particles from gathering together and forming deposits.

Because these mineral deposits can be harmful to boilers, costly bathroom equipment, washing machines and other appliances, an electronic descaler can address some of the damages caused by hard water before they are even given a chance to form. Furthermore, these devices have also been effective at removing scale deposits from the walls of pipes already encrusted with minerals.

Now we understand a little more about the problem and one of the effective solutions to protecting pips, water storage units and certain appliances from hard water. It is time to take a closer look at some of the best electronic water descalers on the markets today. This can serve as a good benchmark for making these investments for your own specific needs.

Final Notes on Electronic Water Descalers

Electronic water descalers are great for keeping your pipes, appliances and even your tubs and sinks safe from nasty buildup. But, they do not actually make hard water soften like a water softener will. This is because the electronic descaler only prevents build ups and it does not remove the minerals from the water.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for something to protect plumbing and fixtures in the long term, the electronic water descaler is the option for you

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