Best Countertop Water Filters: {Updated May 2024}

The water that you drink and cook with from your faucets or any other source may contain a lot more than you might think. If you had to examine the water that is coming out of your taps, you may discover that each glass that you are drinking is probably harming your health. Some of these pollutants cause disease, illness, and some even lead to death.

A reliable countertop water filter may assist you in solving this problem since these nifty devices are known for doing a great job when it comes to purifying and filtering water.

Countertop Water Filters

They also won’t take up a lot of space in an area like your kitchen. However, there are currently multiple models and brands on offer, along with many acronyms that you may not know about. This can make it a difficult task to find the right one for your needs.

Fortunately, we have done all the homework and research on your behalf, and in each review found below, we have shown which of these models are effective when it comes to ensuring your drinking water is safe to drink.

Countertop Water Filter Types

  • Filter Dispenser

These devices are portable, affordable, and effective and they do not require electricity in order to work. The filter dispensers are a fantastic option for both small and large families.

The standard filter dispenser includes a lower and upper chamber, with a range of different filter elements positioned in the center. This device requires filling the upper chamber with water and waiting for it to pass through all the filters into the lower tank. The entire process usually takes a few hours.

  • Water Distiller

When extreme purity is a requirement, the distillation method seems to be the most popular option. The water distiller boils water where the steam is run through coils which turns into a purified liquid which then drips into a chamber. The contaminants such as heavy metals, most chemicals, and sediments are condensed and left behind in water that is later discarded. Water distillers are generally small and only process a few gallons in one go. They are more suitable for households of 2 to 3 people or individuals.

These devices fall under a more advanced category of water filtration systems. Water ionizers handle water through a process known as electrolysis. During these processes, the positive ions present in the water collect at the “negative electrodes” which creates cathodic water. The negative ions in the water collect at the “positive electrodes” which create oxidized or anodic water. With high anti-oxidating and alkalinity potential, cathodic water is said to have a much “sweeter” taste and is also advertised to increase blood pH. For this reason, it is believed to lower the risks relating to many ailments and diseases, from allergies to cancer and skin irritations.

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filter

The reverse osmosis filtration system is among the most efficient water filters currently available. These systems can handle just about all water pollutants from heavy metals such as mercury and lead to chlorine, fluoride, and sediment. They usually come equipped with a tank and numerous pre-filtration materials in cartridges, which can make the RO systems overwhelming when it comes to size. They are usually installed under sinks or in cabinets, mainly for space-saving and aesthetic reasons. However, in the last few years, countertop RO filters have also become popular due to their simplified installation and more appealing designs.

RO systems are more suitable if you have a spacious kitchen countertop. They are also specifically recommended for properties that are at a higher risk when it comes to exposure to heavy metals and leads such as homes in an area that experiences hard water or old pipelines.

  • Sink-Top Filter

Of every filter, sink tops are perhaps the better option money-wise, space-wise, and time-wise. These simple systems integrate into a faucet system and filter your water before it flows out of your taps. These filter types take up the least space when compared to all the other types of water processors. Filtration is also fast with moderate pressure.

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Review Of The Best Countertop Water Filters

1. Big Berkey Water Filter – Best Countertop Gravity Filter

Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter

Berkey Water Filters are one of the premium names and well-known for producing the top gravity-based water countertop filters currently available. Berkey is one of the few gravity countertop filters that sells an efficient fluoride filter. It is also among the few all-stainless-steel water filters that you can match up to other appliances in your kitchen. The Berkey range of water filtration systems is also available in many sizes, making it a simple task to find the correct one for you and your family.

2. APEX MR-1050 Drinking Water Countertop Filter – Best Overall

APEX MR-1050 Drinking Water Countertop Filter

The MR-1050 by Apex doesn’t only remove harmful particles out of your water it also helps to balance your pH levels. This filter is also effective at removing chlorine, microorganisms, and heavy metals, leaving behind clean, healthy, and pure water. It also adds important minerals back to your water, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

It is also easy to assemble this model since it fits most standard taps. You should have your unit up and ready for use within minutes. However, it might take a bit of practice and experimentation to get everything screwed on just right since it will spring a leak when it is not perfectly threaded. This is one of the best water filters for countertops that we have found and it deserves a place on this list.


  • Helps balance pH levels
  • Removes microorganisms, heavy metals, and chlorine
  • Easy to install
  • Adds essential minerals back into your water
  • Fits most standard taps


  • Will leak when not threaded properly

3. Brondell H630 Water Filter Countertop System – Premium Choice

Brondell H630 Water Filter Countertop System

This model looks similar to an elegant and compact desktop computer rather than just a plain old water filter. These units use a 3-step Nanotrap filtration system made to remove most microorganisms and reduce turbidity. These systems are also effective when it comes to filtering out a few viruses. The ability of this system to screen out most undesirable particles is what puts this model in competition with many under-cabinet, larger systems.

Even though the components are sophisticated, it is really easy to assemble and use, just like any other countertop model. All that is really required is to screw the device onto a tap, followed by pressing a button whenever you would like a glass of filtered water. Changing out a filter is also relatively simple.


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Simple to assemble and maintain
  • Screens out many viruses
  • Uses a 3-step filtration system


  • Expensive

4. Aquasana AQ-4000W Water Filter Countertop System

Aquasana AQ-4000W Water Filter Countertop

This unit might not be the most stylish or appealing countertop water filter system, but the premium performance overtakes this unassuming package. It is one of the best options to remove chlorine from water, offering a 97% success rate. It also decreases 76 other such as contaminants, such as pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, and heavy metals.

The up-front costs are not that cheap, but the capacity is tremendous which makes it one of the better bargains in the long run. You also won’t be replacing the filters as often with this particular model. If you care about the environment you will probably appreciate not having to replace the filters as often which translates into less waste.

This unit does come with a few flaws. It is prone to leaking slightly, and the replacement filters are relatively expensive. Unscrewing the filters also requires a moderate amount of strength, especially when you have not changed them out for many months.


  • Environmentally-friendly design
  • Excellent at filtering out chlorine
  • Impressive capacity
  • Removes pharmaceutical drugs and pesticides


  • Prone to leaking
  • Pricey upfront
  • The filters require a bit of strength to replace

5. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Water Filtration Countertop System

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Water Filtration Countertop

If you are not keen on investing in the next latest gadget that is going to take up even more space in your kitchen, then the Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 might be the right choice for you. This is a discreet countertop system that won’t dominate the space. It is also easy and compact enough to take it along with you to the office or your next vacation.

Even though it has a diminutive stature, it is very capable of eliminating most of the unwanted contaminants in your H20, since it can filter out up to 93% of chemicals, including chlorine. It also includes 5-micron disks that stop sediment and fine particles from floating around in your water.

It won’t do much when it comes to changing the taste of your water, so if the water that is supplying your home has a metallic or foul taste, we recommend choosing another model. While the installation process is relatively simple, these units are quite sensitive, which means if it is not positioned perfectly, water might spray everywhere.


  • Portable
  • 5-micron disks that lower sediment
  • Space-saving design


  • Won’t change the taste of your water
  • Sensitive to install
  • May end up spraying water everywhere

6. iSpring CKC1C Water Countertop Filter

iSpring CKC1C Water Countertop Filter

This is a basic unit at a very competitive price, which makes it the ideal option for users that value basic functions over flash. It is not that aesthetically appealing with a basic white base and blue housing, and the stainless-steel spigot. However, under the blue housing is a 5-micron carbon-block cartridge that removes up to 95% of harmful contaminants, especially those nasty volatile organic compounds. The iSpring CKC1C also supports many other filter brands which makes it a highly versatile option.

It is quite compact, which makes it the best option for small and cramped kitchens. This also means that it can only filter limited amounts at one time. These units are also known for leaking and it also lets air bubbles into the housing which can cause a sputtering noise as the water comes out. This is one of the better bare-bone options, but when you are looking for a more reliable and serious water processing system, we advise that you carry on your search.


  • Ideal for small and cramped kitchens
  • Supports filters from other brands
  • Great value for money


  • The trapped air bubbles can cause a sputtering noise when the water comes out
  • Prone to drips and leaks
  • Filters only limited amounts at one time

7. AmazonBasics AMZB-G30CW Water Countertop Filter

AmazonBasics AMZB-G30CW Water Countertop Filter

To keep up with the ethos of this brand, the AmazonBasics AMZB-G30CW is relatively basic. It features a stainless-steel spout and a plain white canister. However, the 30,000-gallon capacity is pretty impressive, which provides a lot of value considering the price. These units also come with diverter valves, which means you can save your filtered water to drink and use the other water for other stuff.

There are also no filters that require replacing, which is very convenient but also means that you will have to replace the entire unit as soon as your filter runs out. This can add more hassle and extra expense. If your home is subjected to particularly hard water, this system may struggle and the overall flow rate will more than likely drop. The water is also known for leaving residue in the containers that you use for cooking.

The AmazonBasics AMZB-G30CW may be a great choice when your primary concern is capacity, but for those that are looking for more features in a water filter, this model will most likely not provide it.


  • You won’t have to replace the filter
  • Impressive 30K gallon capacity


  • Not suitable for hard water
  • The entire unit requires replacing when the filter is old
  • Leaves a residue in the containers that you cook in
  • The flow rate is not consistent

8. Lake Industries Water Countertop Filter

Lake Industries Water Countertop Filter

This unit will certainly add a modern appeal to your countertop, but the overall performance doesn’t quite match up to its appearance. It is also not that easy to set up, while the manufacturer also doesn’t provide much assistance in this regard. These units can filter around 1,000 gallons per filter (good but not great), The water line is also long giving you enough slack while you are installing the unit, but this also slows down the flow rate.

These units are also prone to dripping allowing water to escape for around a minute even after shutting the unit off. Perhaps the worst part about this filter is the fact that it leaves behind a plastic taste. Your water might be clean, but it will taste like you are eating plastic soda bottles.


  • Includes a filter wrench
  • Attractive appearance


  • Leaves plastic aftertaste
  • Not that easy to install
  • Instructions are useless
  • Long waterline slows down the flow rate

9. iFilters Countertop Water Filter

iFilters Countertop Water Filter

With a bright and attractive purple hue, this water filter will really stand out in your kitchen, but it might just be good for attracting attention. The faucet adapters on these units are very flimsy (meaning they might not even survive the initial installation process). Replacing this part with something that is a bit more durable shouldn’t be difficult, yet this is an issue that should not be your problem to solve.

With only a 750-gallon capacity, you can expect to change out the filters a lot more often when compared to most of the other models. This also increases the costs to run one of these filters, which wasn’t even that affordable to start with.

Perhaps the largest drawback about this unit is the plastic tasting water, which is something you probably won’t be wanting from the water that you drink. On the other hand, this unit does feature a robust .5 micron filter, which means it should be effective and removing most contaminants in the water that supplies your home, but this still won’t mean you will be happy to drink this type of water.


  • Extremely attractive design


  • Limited capacity
  • The faucet adapter is extremely flimsy
  • Plastic tasting water
  • Expensive

10. SimPure C1 Water Countertop Filter

SimPure C1 Water Countertop Filter

This unit features a double-outlet design making it simple to change between unfiltered and filtered water, which can reduce how much clean water you are wasting. However, the rough threads on the adapter can make it hard to securely attach to a faucet.

This filter also works slowly, which means you may need to keep an eye on how much-filtered water you are using. This can limit its uses for an application such as cooking that often requires larger quantities of H20. It also leaves behind a fair amount of chlorine unless you have thoroughly flushed your unit before you start using it. The simple C1 may offer an innovative and stylish design, but the flaws have made it close to impossible to recommend.


  • Innovative double-outlet design


  • Requires thorough flushing in order to remove chlorine
  • The filter operates very slowly
  • Threading the unit onto a faucet is difficult
  • Not suitable for cooking

11. Ecosoft Water Filter Countertop System – Best Value

Ecosoft Water Filter Countertop System

Even if you are on a tight budget, it shouldn’t limit you when it comes to enjoying pure, clean water. This model is both high-quality and affordable, which is why we have chosen this unit as the best value for money. These filters last between 3 to 6 months and the unit uses coconut-based activated carbon shells which ensures no stray BPAs can enter your drinking water.

These units are simple to install and you won’t have to alter or deface a countertop to install the machine. However, there are a few drawbacks when it comes to this product. The line is rigid and short, which can limit your placement options.


  • Great value for money
  • Drill-free, easy installation
  • Coconut-based filter that removes BPAs
  • Long-lasting filter


  • The line is rigid and short
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Top Buying Considerations

Purchasing a countertop water filtration system should not have to be complicated. However, there are some important considerations you need to keep in mind to make sure one of these units is the right choice for you and your family. There are other types of water processing systems that may turn out to be a much better choice for you:

  • Space

The first and most important consideration is to make sure you have ample room to accommodate a countertop water filter. If you don’t have enough space you could always go for one of the under-the-sink filtration systems.

  • Household Size

Water filters come in various sizes and you need to decide what size suits your needs based on your average daily consumption. At the same time, if you plan to use your water filter all the time, the filters will need to be changed out more regularly.

  • Specific Water Treatment Required

Depending on the reasons as to why you want a countertop water filtration system, you may require different filtration levels. For instance, if the water supply is contaminated, reverse osmosis units are best. If you only have slightly hard water, the gravity filters will suffice. If there is a lot of fluoride in the water, you should consider buying extra fluoride filters that usually come with many of these systems.

  • Your Budget

The countertop water filtrations systems typically begin at around $75 and obviously increase in price from there. If you are on a limited budget, then one of the basic water filter pitches will also work well.

Final Thoughts

One of the main reasons that many people invest in countertop water filters, rather than other models of filtration systems is to remind them to keep hydrated (drink more water). Countertop water filters usually occupy more visual space when compared to other models such as the whole house or under sink filters. Keep in mind “out of sight is out of mind”, so when you have your water filter directly on a countertop you no longer have a valid reason not to drink enough water.

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