Berkey Travel Water Filter Review {Updated May 2024}

Drinking water is so important to our survival and ability to stay healthy. When we have good clean drinking water, we are grateful that we do. If there is a time when that is not possible, people have to think of other things that they can do. In most cases, they lean towards getting a water filtration system.

Sometimes, these can be very expensive and complicated. Many people are looking into the Berkey Travel Water Filter. It makes a lot of sense to them because it’s portable and they can take it anywhere with them in order to get the clean water that they need to drink.

Travel Berkey

No Matter Where – Clean Water To Drink

People will find that with the Berkey Travel Water Filter, they will be able to get clean water wherever there is a water source for them to use. It’s simple for them to use and they are more than happy that they can provide clean drinking water for themselves and their families at any given time.

Natural Disasters Can Cause A Lack Of Safe Drinking Water

When there is a natural disaster, people can find themselves without safe drinking water. They may be expected to boil water for a long period of time.

When they have the Berkey Travel Water Filter, they will be able to make safe drinking water for themselves and their families in no time at all. The water filter is easy to use and it doesn’t take a lot of time to get the water that is necessary for survival.

When The Shelves For Bottled Water Are Empty

Many people find that when they are in need of bottled water for whatever reason, the shelves at the grocery stores are almost empty. That’s because so many people are trying to stock up on bottled water when there is a problem in their area’s water supply.

Since this can happen at any time, it’s always a good idea to have the Berkey Travel Water Filter on hand. With this product, people know that they will be able to get water in some way that is safe for them to drink and cook with. They will also want to brush their teeth with clean and filtered water to be on the safe side so that they don’t get sick from the unclean and unsafe water.

People Can Get Sick From Unsafe Water

If they drink unsafe water, they may have vomiting, cramping, and diarrhea. In worst-case scenarios, they can develop dysentery, polio, chorea, and more. They need to make sure that the water that they are using is safe.

When someone knows that the water is unsafe for drinking, they should let their local authorities know that there is a problem. It’s also important that they let the other people in their household know too.

It can make a difference so that they don’t use the water for drinking, cooking, or brushing their teeth. They will want to get bottled water or use a water purifier like the Berkey Travel Water Filter.

Berkey Travel Water Filter Review

People that want to have clean drinking water will want to look into getting the Berkey Travel Water Filter. It will be a good purchase that they will find will provide them with the good taste of water that is healthy for them.

In order to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the water filter, they will want to look at the specifications of the product. Here is the information that they will need in order to make a decision on whether or not to purchase it:

  1. Size

The size of the Berkey Travel Water Filter is between 19 inches and 31 inches. People will need to find a place in their kitchen where they will be able to open the top chamber. It’s important that a person find a place to put it even in a small kitchen. The top chamber is where the water goes in so that it can be purified.

  1. Lightweight

The water filter is lightweight and this makes it easy to carry from place to place. Since it’s so portable, people like to take it on trips that they go on both far away and close to home. Most people will have no problem carrying the product.

  1. Black Berkey Filters

After the water is poured into the upper chamber, it goes through Black Berkey Filters and then goes into the bottom chamber. This is when people can take the water in order to drink with it, cook with or brush their teeth. The filters take out chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and more from the water so that it has a better taste and is safer to drink.

  1. Easy To Care For

This is a product that is easy to care for. People will simply need to follow the instructions for how to clean it. When they are not using it, they will want to store it in a closet that will keep it dry and safe. When traveling, it’s easy to put into a car or an RV for traveling to various locations. People take it with them everywhere so that they can get a great supply of water whenever they need it.

  1. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity for the Berkey Travel Water Filter is 1.5 gallons. This is plenty for 2 adults to use the water for drinking, cooking, and brushing their teeth. There are a total of 5 sizes in the Berkey lineup and people that have more people will want to get the larger sizes so that they have a much larger amount of purified water to deal with.

  1. Safe To Use

People find that the product is very safe to use. They don’t worry that something will go wrong with it because it’s made to the highest quality standards and the company stands behind its products. They are more than satisfied with their purchase and they really appreciate that they can have the water that they want even when the water supply in a certain area has been compromised.

  1. Time

The Berkey Travel Water Filter takes a little while to create fantastic drinking water. It puts out 2.75 gallons per hour. Some people may think that is a little long but if they are patient, they will get the best tasting water that they ever had. The Berkey Travel Water Filter can be used with any water source in order to purify the water to make it healthy for them to drink.

  1. Costs

When people are looking into purchasing the Berkey Travel Water Filter, they will find that the original price may be a bit high. They will need to budget for the expense. The Black Berkey Filters are $130 each and they work well in order to keep people with clean drinking water when they need it.

  1. Great Customer Service

The company encourages its customers to contact them if they have any questions about the use of the product. They will answer their questions in the best way possible. They also handle any problems or issues in a quick and efficient manner. They are also very concerned with customer satisfaction and they want to make sure that their customers let other people know how much they love the Berkey Travel Water Filter.

  1. Makes A Nice Gift

People that receive the Berkey Travel Water Filter as a gift for a holiday, birthday, or any other special occasion throughout the year are very happy with the gift. They are pleased that they will be able to make the clean water that they need wherever they might go. The person that gives it to them as a gift may want to tell the person how to use it correctly and give them any tips that might help them as they begin to use the Berkey Travel Water Filter.

The Berkey Travel Water Filter is an excellent purchase for people that are worried about purifying their water for their health. They will be able to drink the water, cook with it and brush their teeth when they use this water filter. It will work so well for them and the people that live with them.

They will want to teach other people in the household how to use it too so that it stays in good working order for a long time to come. This is a purchase that proves to produce good results for the people that get it.

They are more than pleased with the company and are also happy with the price. Since they know that drinking water is very important, they believe in investing in their health even it may cost a bit more than other water filter systems. When they look at all the pros of getting the Berkey Travel Water Filter, they know that they are getting a product that will work extremely well for them and the people that live with them.

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