Our Aquasana EQ-1000 Review

In recent years, the idea of cleaning water through the use of whole house water filter systems has achieved worldwide recognition. Water quality has become an important topic as research on tap water reveals more and more water contaminants, such as chlorine, heavy metals, dirt, and overall low water quality. Luckily, there is an easy solution.

One water system, in particular The Aquasana EQ-1000 1,000,000 gallon whole house Rhino, has received many awards for providing direct water filtration to thousands of homes. Since Charles Strand first founded the company in 1998, the disposal of impurities and harmful microorganisms has never been smoother, revolutionizing drinking and bathing faucet water forever through the use of a whole house filter.

The benefits of purified water have been controversial for some: People around the globe have often wondered if the substances in water harm health before purification, or if we lose valuable elements when they get removed from the water we drink. Water quality is important, as is the system you choose to achieve clean water. Keep reading our Aquasana review to find out how purifying your water can benefit you and your overall health.

Why Should You Purify Your Water Beyond "Point of Use"?

At Water Softener Solutions we are advocates of Purified Water. As a matter of principle, we're cleaning up the water we drink. The water in our home needs extra purification because 99 percent of the lead and 76 other contaminants are present in the water that we use to drink, cook, and clean with.

Issues also arise when you have hard water in your house. Hard water is responsible for physical issues, such as dry skin and hard hair, and it can be damaging to use over long periods. Additionally, hard water can also ruin clothes, as well as the appliances that water runs through. Using a whole house water filter can save your skin and hair, as well as thousands of dollars on new appliances that can breakdown from hard water.

What Are A and B Cartridges, and How Do A and B Cartridges Work in the Aquasana EQ-1000?

The "A" cartridge initially filters sediment and turbidity. These are microscopic particles that can make the water transparent and make it unpleasant to smell and taste. Our domestic water is chlorine-filtered, which is the most concentrated and diffused chemical. As a result, subsequent processes in the 'B' cartridge focus on the most challenging contaminants, such as plumage and synthetic chemicals.

The 'B' cartridge addresses the final filtration stage. The lead content filters out by an ion exchange process. It replaces lead ions with potassium ions, a highly efficient process that improves the balance of natural minerals in the water. The 'B' cartridge is also a 0.5-micron mechanical filter that filters chlorine-resistant microscopic organisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

Potassium mineral gives a spring water flavor and a natural pH. These are common parasites that develop and live in water and can cause symptoms of flu in adults and are much more severe in young children and older people.

The filtering process allows clean water to move from the membrane to what would naturally take place in the opposite direction. A layer that collects everything because the mesh in each filter is tiny and therefore filters all kinds of materials then returns virtually pure water, stopping harmful minerals, organic and inorganic molecules, and even the bacteria.

A filter cartridge

  • Reduces microparticles
  • Sediment & Turbidity
  • Makes water taste better
  • Reduces chlorine odor significantly.
  • Chlorine is the most concentrated and highly qualified chemical found in tap water. Chlorine is the most compelling of these. The filters consist of chloramine.
  • Chloramine is an alternative combination of chlorine and ammonium to chlorine.

B filter cartridge
• Mercury
• Lead and pH maintenance
• Sample upgrade.
• Herbicides
• Industrial solvents Absolute 5-Micron filtration
• Water cyst removal
• Synthetic chemical filters

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Filter Features

The 1 million gallon home water filter supplies all the faucets in your home without chemical molecules, as well as to provide the energy needed to make everyday life function correctly.

The system has plastic fittings, which allow filter cartridges to last longer over the entire filtration line thanks to a unique patented bacteriostatic effect technology.

The first cartridge is 20," and the UV Filter cartridge is protected. Without frequent contact with large sedimentary particles, bacteria, and viruses without loss of flow and blocking, this offers excellent quality water filtration for a reasonable amount of time.

The cartridge system design is for final microfiltration to replace unwanted chemical molecules and maintain the health of living organisms. It is so advanced you only have to replace the cartridge once a year. That's an excellent feature because experts have to dismantle, disassemble, and reassemble the transparent tanks routinely.

Even older-model cartridges have an upgraded 3 to 6-month lifespan with a pre-filtration of up to 1 micrometer. New models can enhance bacteriostatic action from the onset of filtration for much longer. Rhino technology even prevents bacteria from spreading in the container and from migrating to the next filter cartridge. Among other molecules Filtered by the system: chlorine and derivatives, pesticides, residues of drugs, hormones, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, detergents, cosmetics, etc.

Aquasana EQ-1000 Adsorption Capacity

This method makes use of new activated charcoal powder technology. Its design holds compressed coal in a humid state. This equipment allows you to combine the two carbon block properties for very deep microfiltration while maintaining a high water consumption throughout the year. Activated charcoal has the highest abilities to adsorb of known natural or synthetic material.

The activated carbon surface layer may well exceed 1000 m2/g. That means 3 g of activated carbon treated soil will cover the surface. Thus, the water released from the chemical molecules is ready to be recharged to return it to its full vital potential, leading to excellent benefits for you and your family.

The whole house water systems of Aquasana are also very affordable. After two years, one replaced cartridge, or 200 m3 of water, only costs about $167. Depending on where you buy, it is even cheaper.

The third cartridge is a module for structuring / energizing/informing flowing water based on a set of high vibration active principles and resonance with four elements.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 whole house water filter systems allow us to benefit from all of the 'vital' properties of water. When water is in contact with the elements of this module, it is favorable for growth and the recovery of all living organisms (plants, pets, humans). Having a whole house water filter affects everything you use water for in your home. Ceramics and activated silicone play the role of geological mineral layers in the underwater flow, the outflow dynamics create a harmonious movement for nature, and the plasma water triplex increases consistency. In this way, the minerals that were initially in your sink water are naturally absorbed by using a whole house water filter that can filter over a million gallons per year. 

The 4 Elements of the Aquasana EQ-1000 System

The Earth element: The alchemy of beneficial microorganisms helps galvanize structures of ceramic pipes.

The fire element: Copper-zinc-iron triplex comes in the form of plasma water for increased vibration levels.

The water element: Silicon beads provide information on the frequency of the calcareous water.

The air element: Soft water limits the use of detergents and industrial solvents.

This water structure module helps to increase the level of coherent water oscillations, enabling natural living conditions to be restored favorably for the recovery and growth of living organisms (plants, animals, and humans) when using a water filter system.

The entire system installs successfully when the water enters the house (an Aquasana specialist does the installation, or you can download the installation instructions for the whole house filter yourself). For easy replacement, the cartridges are 70 cm wide and 80 cm wide and 20 cm thick. Since Aquasana-1000 is so popular, it won't be hard for you to find replacement filters for the 1000 model.

Chemical legislation shows that solvents (in this case, water) tend to be concentrated, starting with a less concentrated solution if the membrane is semi-permeable. It's what you want to do with water because it's about sending salts from the point where they're most concentrated to the point where they're less concentrated (a tap).

Also, once you have installed a whole house filter system, Aquasana customer support technicians will always be available to you. But don't worry about anything unless you encounter noticeable issues. Aquasana reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and they have great customer service. The Whole Home System comes with four pre-filtered cartridges and two main filter cartridges, allowing for at least four years of autonomy.

Here are the major benefits of choosing Aquasana:

  • The average cost of replacing two cartridges after four years is $100/year. You save tons of money, even when filtering over a million gallons annually.
  • All the equipment guarantees over five years of pristine service, and the service life of the filter holders is at least 15 years.
  • Payment is free 6 or 12 times.1% of your order goes to water cartridges.

Other Benefits of Using the Aquasana EQ-1000 System

We also supply specialists with other models such as catering, agriculture, agro-industrial complexes, buildings.

This system includes a silver impregnated filter holder thanks to a unique patented bacteriostatic effect technology for the entire filter body, which allows a long service life of the filter cartridge. This mechanism ensures filtration accuracy of up to 0.3 microns.

This kit allows the filtering of all chemical molecules in the water: pesticides, residues of drugs, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, detergents, cosmetics, chlorine, etc. It removes any substance that delivers a taste and an unpleasant smell to the water. Then, the minerals are initially present in the water that can be assimilated by the body in an attempt to resurrect them in water with active silicone beads.

In addition to the filter holder, the impregnation of silver carbon has a bacteriostatic effect inside the impregnated cartridge. One of the principal factors inhibiting carbon pores is bacterial overgrowth. This problem results in a rapid and substantial reduction in its performance while retaining chemical molecules. Carbon that is free from bacterial and viral issues is one of the well-known filtration media due to the universality of storage of specific synthetic molecules.

Optimized flow (about 10 liters of filtered water in 10 seconds) ensures sufficient contact time with compressed silver carbon to maintain the chemical molecules in the line of water.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 Rhino Water Network

Its filtration provides it with an annual water consumption capacity for common kitchen uses (drinks and cooking preparations, washing of vegetables), taking into account a house of 1 to 5 persons. This water softener system might be the representative of the Aquasana's performance as it can purify over a million gallons per year for your home or business.

The Aquasana whole house system can offer up to 15,000 liters or more of filtered by one-pack. Also, the cartridge needs replacing every year. Active silicone beads go down at the bottom of the filtration vessel, which has a marine Silestone-based release frequency. This frequency is best for a whole host of reasons that help restore all living things. It also allows you to change the calcareous stone naturally.

At the end of the water passage connected to these spheres, the viability of water starts immediately-don't forget that water molecules interact with each other billions of times a second-so there is "LIFE" restored in your water supply. The magic of Aquasana systems is that it improves water right down to the molecular structure for everyday use.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 is Simple to Install

The filter holder shows up under the kitchen sink; for this purpose, all connections provided for assembly and instructions are available to explain the steps.

The sink filtration system includes a silver-impregnated filter holder (more than 15 years of service life) made of the silver-plated carbon filter cartridge (suitable for calcareous frequency activated by sea life).

Aquasana EQ-1000 Water Filter uses four stages of water treatment to purify water, improve taste, and eliminate odors:

  • Carbon active: reduces pesticides, herbicides, COB, and MTBE. Aquasana Water filters reduce odor and ovarian risk.
  • Catalytic carbon: chlorine and chloramine get attacked explicitly for being the most concentrated chemical found in water.
  • Ionic exchange: heavy metals such as mercury filter through a complicated process of ion exchange that replaces potassium with heavy ions. Potassium is one of the pH-stabilizing minerals 7.25 to 8.5, making water a natural taste of mineral water.
  • SKU (reference number) Mechanical filtration 0.5 Sub-Micron: includes two standard waterborne parasites, the remaining microscopic asbestos and chlorine organisms, such as cryptosporidium and giardia; multi-phase filtration.

How Do I Install the Aquasana EQ-1000 with a Table Filter?

The installation instructions for installing the Aquasana underground water filter are simple; you can see the steps to follow in countless videos online. Filter cartridges are replaceable once installed where necessary. You will find a video in the section "A&B Substitute Carrys, Aquasana Table, and Under Table Filters" that explains how to modify it. The service life of even the filter cartridges is 2400 liters, to be replaced every 6 to 9 months. In just a few minutes, the filters will change without needing an expert's help. For simple installation and maintenance, contact an Aquasana specialist.

Are Aquasana Filters Completely Eco-Friendly?

Aquasana filters or replacement cartridges can replace 100% recyclable and biodegradable recycled plastics. All components are replaceable, and the long-lasting factor in the product's lifetime is stainless steel components. To recycle the filters, the plastic ends in the yellow container must separate. When the carbon is rapidly biodegraded, the central portion of the carbon transfers to the compost bin, the garden (the activated carbon is suitable for plants), or the waste container.

Purifying Your Water to Purify Your Energy

The human body consists mainly of water, which is essential to preserve our health and to reduce the occurrence of diseases. Water is the building block of our cells, and it enables us to remove waste. Filtered water generates energy by entering the cells and releases it through our bodies like a hydropower station.

The availability of microbiologically pure water has become popular due to air pollution, acid rain, soil water, and ocean poisoning. Purified water systems are essential for all contaminants, heavy metals, or harmful microorganisms to be removed so that the water we use in the home is not a threat to our health or wellbeing. The implementation of these systems is, therefore, necessary for the whole house or business. This water softener system

Conclusion: How Does the Aquasana EQ-1000 Compare to Other Water Purifying Systems?

The Rhino system is extensive and used for more than just drinking water when hooked up to your main water line. It effectively removes all harmful substances and keeps appliances in top shape. It replaces hard minerals with minerals that are better for you. Other systems can lead to a lack of minerals, and our bodies may be deficient over a long period of exposure.

Additionally, this company backs their product with a 10-year warranty. This 10-year warranty is limited, so be sure to read what is covered and be sure to save all of your installation information that may be needed to redeem the warranty. However, not every home filtration system comes with any warranty at all, so it shows that Aquasana trusts that their product can hold up to their 10-year warranty as a reliable and effective whole house filter, cleansing over a million of gallons per year.

Many machines allow you to choose the amount of salt leftover, but generally, those generic water softener systems are only useful if the water is not drinkable. Aquasana EQ-1000, on the other hand, can significantly improve your water's taste as well as the quality that flows throughout your whole house. If you're looking to improve the water quality in your home, this may be the best whole house system for you.

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