AquaBliss Shower Filter Review {Updated April 2024}

It is very important to bathe in water that has been purified. This is true whether you take a bath every day or if you are using the shower. In particular, if you are showering every day, your body could be exposed to many different contaminants.

These can seep into your skin, causing skin problems, which can easily be avoided by using a filtration system. For those that do not want to filter all of the water coming into their home, they can instead install a shower filter that will only filter that water.

By removing these contaminants, some of which may include chlorine and sediment, you can improve the condition of your skin dramatically. Here is our overview of the AquaBliss high output shower filter that you should read if you are interested in protecting your skin.

AquaBliss High Output Shower Filter

Overview Of This Shower Filter

There are many benefits to using this particular shower filter. First of all, you are certainly going to notice this with your hair. Chlorine can cause your hair to become very dry and brittle. If you are showering every day, even if you are using conditioner, this can cause many problems.

Additionally, too much chlorine on your skin, especially your face, can cause your skin to dry out. To avoid this, you need to filter out as much chlorine as possible. In urban areas, high chlorine content is very common.

However, the same is true in certain rural areas. This particular shower filter can be installed in a matter of minutes. It uses a unique 12 stage filtration system. Even though it will filter your water effectively, removing heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and chlorine, it will still be an affordable solution for you and your family.

Additionally, if you have noticed that the water coming out of your shower has a bad smell, this will also be dramatically reduced. It is very affordable, costing no more than $0.10 a day to run even with a large family, making it one of the most cost-effective water filtration systems for the shower on the market.

Top Features Of This Filter System

Some of the best features include the shower filter unit itself. It is easy to install, place directly between the shower head and the pipe. It is designed to work with virtually any water pipe, or any shower head, making it easy for even a novice to install. This will include fixed showerheads, rain showerheads, and those that use a handheld design.

Overview Of The Filter Cartridge

This cartridge uses a unique 12 stage filtration system. It is perfectly contained within the casing of the shower filter unit. You will get access to 13 cartridge that will filter thousands of gallons of water for you. With regular use, it will last up to six months.

Although it will continue to work, the water flow will diminish significantly as it begins to fill with the contaminants. That’s why it’s important to have additional filter cartridges to maintain the clarity of the water you are using and you are showering at your household.

What You Need To Install This?

If you would like to install this water filter, you can do this on your own, even if you have no prior plumbing experience. In fact, all of the tools that you will need are included in the package that you will receive. With minimal plumbing experience, and with simple DIY skills, you will be using this minutes after it arrives.

Even if you need additional help, that is also provided. Installation guidelines, as well as a user manual, will be in the box. It will also discuss other aspects of the water filter itself, providing you with much-needed information.

What Type Of Performance Can It Provide?

The performance of this shower filter is exceptional. It is regarded as one of the most powerful water filtration systems for a showerhead that you can buy. It is because of the 12 stage filtration process that will also help with water softening, plus it can trap sediment, remove chlorine, and works perfectly with hot or cold water.

This will also help prevent scaling which is very common with hard water that contains substantial amounts of calcium or magnesium. Over the course of filtering up to 12,000 gallons of water during a six-month period of time, you will save your pipes, and your skin, by removing unwanted contaminants.

At a cost of around $15 for every replacement cartridge, you can see how inexpensive it is to use. Changing out the filter is very easy, something that can be done in just a few minutes, allowing you to enjoy fully filter water using this unique system.

Main Benefits Of Using This Shower Filtration System

Shower filtration systems are capable of removing a large amount of material from water. This particular system is very complex and comprehensive. It is able to remove sediment, chlorine, THM’s, boost negative ions, increase oxygen levels, and can also release revitalizing minerals that can be very helpful for your hair and skin.

This can be done through the use of different types of filtration processes, all of which are contained in that one filter. That’s why this is one of the best systems on the market today that is not only comprehensive but extremely affordable.

How Much Maintenance Does It Require?

The amount of maintenance that it requires includes only changing out the filter. Once you have installed it, there is nothing else that needs to be done. There is no need for hiring a professional to examine your handiwork. It is designed for the average person to install in just minutes.

In fact, the preinstalled filter eliminates the need of even opening the container up. You simply twisted on, put your showerhead at the bottom, and you are ready to go. Six months later, it will take you just five minutes to do the only maintenance that is needed which is replacing the filtration cartridge which has filtered thousands of gallons of water.

An In-Depth Look At The Water Filter Itself

The reason that this is called a 12 stage water filtration system is that it has a prefilter system that first filters the sediment. Stages three through five are where the activated carbon begins to do its work. It is able to remove chlorine, along with the calcium sulfite and redox media included with the filter.

Stages six through 10 are designed to increase overall oxygen levels, and at the same time, essential minerals and vitamin C will be added to the mix.

Finally, the last two stages of the filter system will capture the remaining contaminants, leaving you with pristine water that you can shower with. All of this happens in the span of just a few seconds, yet it will provide you with the best shower that you have had in years.

At a cost of only $15 a cartridge, it’s hard to imagine that there are better filtration systems out there that can offer you higher quality filtration effects. Although all of this sounds promising, you may wonder if there are any drawbacks to using this showerhead water filter.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using The System?

The primary drawback of this system is one that is common with any water filtration system on the market. The amount of water pressure that you had prior to the water being filtered is always going to be stronger than when it is forced through a filter system.

The showerhead water pressure will not be that noticeable, however, and you will quickly become accustomed to the new level. You may want to consider adding a different showerhead that can focus jets of water if you prefer a stronger flow or stream of water hitting your body, or if you need it because you have extremely thick hair. Other than that, there is no drawback to installing this system in your shower, especially when you consider the low cost.

That being said, you should also realize that there are far more benefits associated with this showerhead water filter system than many of the others at similar price points. In fact, you may have to pay more than double for the quality of the water that you will get access to using this showerhead filtration system.

AquaBliss is one of the best water filter companies in the world. Their showerhead filter is also one of the best. If you would like to take advantage of this low-cost system for filtering the water in your shower, you should consider getting this today. Once it arrives, within minutes, you can be enjoying filtered water that is extremely pure and beneficial for your skin and hair.

Find out more today about this outstanding water filtration system designed to work with most showerheads on the market today. In the span of a few weeks, you will start to notice dramatic differences in the condition of your hair and also the condition of your skin. This reliable and affordable shower filter system is one that you should own and use on a daily basis.

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